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File: EG_01_01.png (418.28 KB, 500x709)
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First chapter of the Ender's Game manga by Shuho Sato dropped today. It's free, and can be read on his online reader or downloaded if you know enough Japanese to make an account.


Anyway, when is this baby gonna be translated?
File: EG_01_02.png (459.34 KB, 506x711)
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Well considering someone did Say Hello of their own accord, it would be done eventually without intervention I assume.

I don't know if normal manga translators would actually pick this up.

Also, drop the name faggot.
File: EG_01_03.png (439.87 KB, 500x711)
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>Also, drop the name faggot.
File: EG_01_04.png (375.18 KB, 503x710)
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>Last Page
>My name is Ender
>Translator note: one who ends
File: EG_01_05.png (395.28 KB, 503x710)
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>promotion for the film and not a real adaptation of the book

File: EG_01_06.png (396.09 KB, 505x710)
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>They reveal the big secret of Ender's Game on the very first page of the manga

Wow, totally fucked up the plot there...
File: EG_01_07.png (428.81 KB, 501x710)
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>>They reveal the big secret of Ender's Game on the very first page of the manga
>Wow, totally fucked up the plot there...
Can you elaborate? I can't read Japanese.
File: EG_01_08.png (497.24 KB, 507x711)
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497.24 KB PNG
They're talking about how he's the only one who can save the world...
File: EG_01_09.png (390.79 KB, 498x711)
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390.79 KB PNG
>They're talking about how he's the only one who can save the world...
That's not exactly a spoiler. The movie even opens with a discussion of his awesomeness.

The spoiler is that they're gonna pretend to be training him while actually using him to commit mass genocide.
File: EG_01_10.png (354.86 KB, 510x708)
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This feels more like some shit HS bullying manga than Ender.
File: EG_01_11.png (814.63 KB, 1004x708)
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File: EG_01_12.png (379.92 KB, 508x710)
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Well, I can't remember exactly what happened in the book. I seem to recall him being a genius and they made him go to military school. No talk of him being "the one" or anything.
File: EG_01_13.png (405.85 KB, 496x710)
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405.85 KB PNG
Don't you remember something along the lines of making him "the new Napoleon"
File: EG_01_14.png (436 KB, 503x709)
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436 KB PNG
I think that's just code for "I'm gonna take liberties. They may include giant robots. And yuri. And Ender fighting robot ninjas with a sword made from the soul of the Bugger Queen."
We're one step closer to an Ender's Game anime. HOLD ME, /a/!
How popular is Ender's Game in Japan? I constantly hear "Oh, X anime took influence from EG". I'm just curious how well this manga and the movie are going to do.
I've only heard there's one bad official Japanese translation of the book. I just don't see it being very popular, but I'm just guessing here.
>I've only heard there's one bad official Japanese translation of the book.
I heard a new translation is being released to go with the movie.
File: EG_01_15.png (449.33 KB, 500x709)
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File: EG_01_16.png (407.82 KB, 507x707)
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File: EG_01_17.png (418.65 KB, 496x707)
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File: EG_01_18.png (421.58 KB, 506x709)
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File: EG_01_19.png (435.04 KB, 499x709)
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File: EG_01_20.png (452.46 KB, 499x710)
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File: EG_01_21.png (395.36 KB, 506x710)
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File: EG_01_22.png (396.67 KB, 457x709)
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And that's the last page. Hopefully this will turn into a proper series and not just a one shot.

Google translate:
"Now Shuhokaku Sato's is that I also comics TV anime movies not watch, but, in fact, I was reading only sequel novel" Game of Ender "in high school (laughs). "Game of Ender" was affecting the creator to read this time original is I will see really. The feeling that I wanna be a little messing around I got to. Because would say I'm "rip-off" even though affected, and it is hard, but the medium each word (laughs).
"Game of Ender" movie interesting video or sound if there is a powerful it is, of course, the story was also attractive to me. I am drawn without cutting corners in the growth story of the hero. I so love to be in fine ordinary people make an effort, we can hope to both the "!'ll Try to hold on without bothering because I'm great" in the Ender (laughs).
Peter Wiggin was the true winner of the Ender's Game.

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