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File: kiss_image.jpg (55 KB, 580x249)
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Any of you /a/ssholes ever watch Transformers? Guess not, not enough loli for you guys eh? Well, let me tell you a little something...

>Kiss Players (キスぷれ, Kisu Pure) is a Japanese Transformers toy franchise which began in 2006.
>The series derives its name from its (controversial) gimmick, which involves Transformers getting "power-ups" when they are kissed by human girls - the eponymous "Kiss Players" - who fuse with the robots and share their adventures. Although this plotline may seem like a shift in demographics to little girls, it is said that this line was aimed at a much older (and creepier) adult male audience. Indeed, the toys bear an "ages 15 and up" warning, and the subject matter of the accompanying manga is far from child-friendly.
>When the basic concept of Kiss Players—"toys with figures of cute girls"—first surfaced, the reaction from the Western fan community was generally unremarkable, amounting to little more than a bit of good-natured eye-rolling and mutterings of "Those wacky Japanese...but if that's what it takes to sell the toys...", understanding that there is a certain subset of collector who enjoys such things.

It does not end here, there is MORE to come.
How is this related to /a/ you might ask?
Well...there was a manga you see.
I'll tell you a little about it in the next post.
File: 1204575544189.jpg (73 KB, 282x379)
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NOW we get to the /a/ related part. Read it and....enjoy:

>This reaction took a sharp turn, however, with the unveiling of the Dengeki Daioh manga. Although not featuring any explicit nudity or sexual content, the comic consists of a virtually unhalting stream of imagery that evokes various violent sexual situations, from the endless streams of viscous, white liquid that frequently splatter over the scantily-clad-to-nude cast members, to cowering, flush-faced, teary-eyed girls pressed against walls with their hips raised into the air, to the most (in)famous of all, the distinctive image of the Legion's blatant penis-tongue, leaking goo from a goddamn urethra. Putting the cherry on this sundae of depravity, the manga employs an art style that uses proportions specifically and deliberately designed to make the vast majority of its female characters appear as though they are underage (despite the fiction identifying them as being at least old enough to drive).
Sounds like Idolmaster failanime to me.
Transformers was always /a/ related.
File: 1204575623932.jpg (124 KB, 389x600)
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124 KB JPG
And at last, but NOT least we have the official website: http://www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/TF/kiss/index.html

PLUS this little image here that is taken directly from the manga. Apparently Starscream fused with a 14 year old on the bathroom, then went around walking without pulling his panties up, he didn't realized that humans didn't wear them like that
>Starscream fused with a 14 year old on the bathroom
>getting "power-ups" when they are kissed by human girls

Oh I get it.
Very clever.
I see what you did there.
>went around walking without pulling his panties up

Starscream just made me hard.

>the manga employs an art style that uses proportions specifically and deliberately designed to make the vast majority of its female characters appear as though they are underage (despite the fiction identifying them as being at least old enough to drive).
I've seen the manga and read translations of the audio dramas.

It really is fucking horrible.
Apparently, not everyone's heard of it since it doesn't get reposted every day.
Now you must give me the translated manga.
File: 1204576421563.jpg (135 KB, 515x800)
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135 KB JPG

"Oh, Convoy! Your shift lever is dirty," Marissa exclaims. "It must be from when I spilled soft serve ice cream on you before. I will wipe it clean for you now."

She giggles as Convoy gasps and moans. "It t-t-tickles!" he says.

"Is this the right spot?" Marissa playfully asks as he begs her to stop.

Convoy changes the subject and announces that they have reached the usual place. The truck rolls to a stop."

I wish I was making this shit up.
is he eating her?
I don't know if I should facepalm or lulz
Why am I getting hard......
just why....

When I think Transformers, Optimus Prime getting jerked off by a little girl is what comes to mind.

What the fuck is wrong with Japan?
File: 1204577304972.jpg (150 KB, 585x800)
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150 KB JPG
File: 1204577361446.jpg (205 KB, 874x650)
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205 KB JPG

That girl is supposed to be 20, by the way.
and Konata's 17
She reminds me of Darry.
That looks awesome; I would totally watch a loli transformers anime and I'm not even really into loli or transformers.
Me too.
I'm into both though.

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