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File: 1388306522984.png (314.62 KB, 350x350)
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>character knows something, feels something, or has an important revelation
>when questioned, responds with "No, it's nothing."
>main character trips and "accidently" grabs a handful of tits
File: 1387186226814.gif (986.84 KB, 500x452)
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>I'll have to use... "that"!
This thread again.
It can't be helped, I'll have to post that.

it`s never like

>oh i just thought i heard a possible murderer hiding in those bushes right there, i`m sure it's nothing but i might as well mention it so you people take care.
File: s.png (1.33 MB, 1055x857)
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>MC comes home
>Goes to his room
>Finds main girl in his room most likely undressing or caught her coming out of the shower.
>In no fucking way is this the MC's fault for this honest accident
>MC has no sexual or perverted motives; simply wanted to go to his room for the evening

File: SHIT.png (207.99 KB, 780x343)
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207.99 KB PNG
>I guess it can't be helped.

also it's never the bitchs's fault for undressing at mc's room, without telling, and with the door unlocked
Welcome to dealing with women.
File: cockhatEtna.jpg (19.44 KB, 200x200)
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>responds with physical violence
>the magnitude of her embarrassment coupled with the fact she has no way out of this gives her the physical power to one hand slap MC out of his own room and likely down a flight of stairs
>She still acts all haughty
>MC takes it upon himself to accept the blame or brushes it off as nothing
Anime women though
In real life if something like this happens (and everyone's sober) it's usually just a "woah! Sorry!" By the offending side and a "ah its fine!" By the other

Source: experience
>not being a loser NEET who's never experienced social contact
g-g-get o-out of my /a/ y-you n-n-normalfag....
every to love ru ever
Rito is actually a master sexual harasser that masks his perversion behind a thin veneer of innocence and clumsiness. To avoid getting killed of course.
No, you speak no such ill words to the master who is also best girl

how much stuff is he working on anyways?
there's alicization, which is actually finished so it's just an editing work, and progressive, so is he working on something else that i'm forgetting or he's just really slow?
>implying that's not a fuck awesome cliche

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