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Hey /a/
I'm looking for anime series, or a movie, in the vein of the work of studio ghibli, specifically Spirited Away.
I don't know how exactly to word it, but I'm looking for stuff with an extremely surreal style, characterised by non-human characters and architecturally interesting fantasy worlds. Ghibli does this kind of style of supernatural "magical" anime quite well, but I'm looking for something at least somewhat similar.
Thanks in advance
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
wow thanks for ALL the responses you fuckwits
this isn't an anime board, it's a glorified autism support group
It's quite hard to find an anime that will meet your rather strict criteria, but I would advise you to try out Bible Black or Triangle Blue.
You're welcome.

Now fuck off to >>>/r/
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fucking mods deleting my disney thread
Space Dandy.
Have you tried プリンセッス♥ケニー?
Google: the animation feature
I can't say you'll like this one, as it's a big hit or miss for most people. You'll either really like it or really hate it, but it does meet the criteria you've described.
Give Boku no Pico a few episodes.
at least this rec thread isnt some kid straight from /v/ looking for more shows like klk. this guy actually knows what he wants
OP here. Just stuck a giant dildo up my asshole while watching the Muppets. Ignore this thread.
You're saying that like we should care.

A rec thread is a rec thread no matter who makes it

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