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>popular anime sold well
>never gets a second season

>unpopular anime sold like crap
>got a second/third season
Be patient OP. soon.
But /a/ taught me that Japan has shit taste so that must always be a good thing.
You have to factor things in like the amount of source material they could cover and such.
Like Chuunibyo
>Glorious anime gets a second season
>It's by a different studio, who turns it into complete shit
Animu adaptions for existing material are usually made to promote the source material and increase sales thereof. Unless the animu sells a metric fuckton and is pretty profitable by itself, a publisher will think as follows:

1. Yay, the animu is received well and novel/manga sales increased notably. Mission accomplished. No need to make more animu.

2. Shucks, animu is doing so-so and novel&manga sales only increased a bit. Better make more seasons, we might still win the sheep over.

I'd love for more Hataraku Maou to get made, but I suspect that the producers don't see the need to make more, because the novels are popular now.
>popular anime sold well
>gets a second season

Waiting for the third season of infinite stratos, maybe even a movie or two
>I'd love for more Hataraku Maou to get made

But it gets progressively worse as goes.
What is Symphogear?
>How do I into committees with different preferences and profit thresholds?
I'm willing to take that risk.
You mean Phi Brain?
3 fucking seasons about pazuru
>Semi-popular anime get second season
>Never get third season

Pic unrelated anyway, just in case some dumbfuck think it was.
Yeah, this.

If it's an anime with a really compelling plot, but gets completely finished, all ends wrapped up, etc. Then there's nothing a studio can do.

But if they're just shitting material along as they go, or if it's an ongoing thing that can't really end because it's so mundane, they'll keep producing as long as they keep selling merch.

The lesson here is don't support crap.
If it makes you feel any better, the anime in the OP becomes shit in the LN's so it ended at a good spot.
It's not a risk, it's set in stone.
Technically it wasn't even 2nd season, just 2nd half/cour.
Popular, sold well and actually good.
I heard he has a baby with the bitch, right?
How bad was the series doing?
Slightly above SAO tier writing. We're talking Accel World level.

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