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File: Surviveisland[1].jpg (131.10 KB, 328x455)
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Please tell me I'm not the only one who has seen this show. This show really should be more popular.
Feels so alone
It's decent, but nothing to get overly excited about, there's too much whining, art is mediocre.
>there's too much whining
Only in the beginning, lets not forget how old they are.
>art is mediocre.
Meh, not a big deal
To be honest I don't think you'll get too many replies, the series was never popular around here and most people can't remember shows from last season, let alone something that aired ten years ago.
I watched the whole show on Animax. It was decent.
>To be honest I don't think you'll get too many replies
I don't think i will either, last time I did this like a year ago I didn't get anybody
It was ok. I remember it was really long and the ending left me wanting to know a bit more about the characters.
TMS' A-Unit was doing this when their Low-Tier units/subcontractors were doing Sonic X.

It's why Sonic X was such a mess (Yuji Naka was running it & it was during Sonic's dark age), but Mujin Wakusei Survive was a co-production with Madhouse (have no idea what Madhouse's main focus was at that time) and some of the later episodes were done in Korea by DR Movie (Moi also work on this show, but not to the same point as DR Movie)

In the end, TMS needed to just work on Justice League instead, it will have been better for them in the end.
Why did you want to know more about the characters?
Black haired dude was edgy as fuck. Not that i dislike him though he taps MC at the end.
>Black haired dude was edgy as fuck.
>Not that i dislike him though he taps MC at the end.
I forgot how the love interests worked out. Did the big guy go for orange or kim
It's totally implied that Luna hooks up with Bell in the last episode.

There wasn't really much of anything on the romance side though. There were implications here and there but they only really brought it up directly in one episode, where Luna said something like "We don't have time for that right now" which I think was great, romance really wouldn't have worked with the setting at all.
>It's totally implied that Luna hooks up with Bell in the last episode.
I don't remember that, how was it implied?
File: 122807[1].jpg (24.97 KB, 225x349)
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>Black haired dude was edgy as fuck
Can you believe the same guy who plays him is Kon the stuffed animal from Bleach
I thought it was pretty nice and liked it.

I saw it a long time ago on TV in spanish dub
They flash-forward a few years and show you what all the characters are doing, and Bell says he's gonna come see Luna soon, who's doing her thing on Earth.

I guess it might be a bit of a stretch but that was what I gathered from it, given that Bell was the one who confessed to her in the other episode I mentioned.
I really enjoyed it. Maybe it wasn't incredible, but it was a good watch and a few times it managed to throw me for a loop when I expected something really predictable to happen. Like with the old mechanic guy, I was expecting him to die in the crash with the others, and when he didn't I was pretty surprised. Then I watched the next episode and he died anyway, but in a completely different way than I had expected.
The show was pretty intense while Howard and Sharla were brainwashed or whatever, so the conflict of the final few episodes after that felt a bit meh. The ending itself was still pretty good though, and I left feeling satisfied but also really sad that I had to say goodbye to the characters.

Also check out this super neat shot that for some reason looks like a bad vector trace, circa 2003. It's the weirdest thing.
If you need to know what TMS' A-unit was doing during the 2000s, heres a list (going by release date).

2000:Batman Beyond Return Of The Joker
2001:Nothing major.
2002:Secret Of Cerulean Sand.
2003:Mujin Wakusei Survive (with Madhouse)
Sonic X (help with some episodes)
2004:Futakoi (first series)
2005:Tide Line Blue
2006:Ramen Fighter Miki
2007:Lupin III Elusiveness Of The Fog
2008:The Daughter Of 20 Faces (with Bones)
2009:Green Lantern First Flight

Secret Of Cerulean Sand is another TMS effort that needs to be talk about here, I think Cerulean Sand is great, we all know their 70s, 80s & 90s efforts so I don't need to go into that.
>Howard and Sharla were brainwashed or whatever
Damn I need to rewatch this show, it's been forever and I don't remember everything
>Also check out this super neat shot that for some reason looks like a bad vector trace, circa 2003. It's the weirdest thing.
>first 20 eps

also, FUCK glasses' voice

Fuck it to hell
File: 29033[1].jpg (33.69 KB, 225x350)
33.69 KB
33.69 KB JPG
But shes pretty?
The show didn't have much in terms of "sakuga" but it did have some fun cartoony stuff.
OH MAN the mechanich guy ;_;. When they changed the opening because of him, manly tears were shed.
If you mean "what is vector tracing" it's tracing a regular image and making it into a vector image that can be scaled to any resolution without looking shitty. It doesn't always work out very well, though, and if you use an automated tool to do it things can get really messy.

The reason it's weird is because it makes no fucking sense that it's in the show at all, especially given that the show was made in 2003 and vector tracing was barely even a thing.
TMS was always know for cartoony stuff, Lupin special 2012 had more effort into it then the Telecom ran 2011 special, and Telecom (TMS' A-unit) only had a few people on the 2012 special (the 2012 special as a Main-TMS effort).
This nigga
File: 477px-coach-z.png (83.78 KB, 477x599)
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83.78 KB PNG
< That a Girl Luna.
I really love that orange hair
If I remember well, the last episode had a timeskip. So I got curious about their stories and relationships till that point and onward. But to be honest I can't remember that much now.
and she sounds like a office lady milf, not a fucking kid

every time she opened her mouth all I could think of was a really old lady
File: mws-smile.gif (856.21 KB, 500x375)
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856.21 KB GIF
Luna was a cutie.

I always keep an eye on the anime NHK picks up. They may be the PBS of Japan, but they've aired some really good stuff that sometimes flies right under the radar.

Also I don't know if you've noticed but you've got a little Mujin Wakusei Survive stuck on your name field.
I wasn't too fond of her voice either but I didn't really hate it.

I really liked Luna's voice though. It's a shame that this show, Detective Conan, and a bunch of hentai are pretty much all she's ever worked on.
File: June-Foray.jpg (15.98 KB, 310x310)
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15.98 KB JPG
They needed to get June Foray instead.

Except that she can't speak Japanese.
You are cute OP, now I am gonna check it out.
>Also I don't know if you've noticed but you've got a little Mujin Wakusei Survive stuck on your name field.
haha I noticed, it's too late to stop using it. Also nice .gif thanks
Good, join the smallest club on Earth
This series was alright, though Howard will always be a dick.
Yeah he was pretty insufferable. He got a bit more tolerable as the show went on though. Mostly.
>have no idea what Madhouse's main focus was at that time
A-teams of MADHOUSE were doing "Gunslinger Girl" and "Gungrave" at that time (October 2003).
That shit pissed me off, he was such an asshole and kept fucking things up for everybody.
I watched this show back when it looked like this.
Yet now you can get it looking like this.

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