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i was intrested in the idea of younger people (highschool students) having strong powers and responcibilty, they pretty much ran the world correcting the majoir paranormal mistakes (witches) and they had uniqe ways to kill with swords i think a bow and most importantly thoes godamn GUNS!! man she had kewl powers. the twist endinng really was odd, something that wouldnt have crossed my mined no matter how long i would of thought, the idea of a speschial human born in the normal world, being normal for as long as they had no contact with the wiches or the side affects then after that first time they must continue until they die, but the thing that really got me liking it is that after there charm is rotten they become exactly what they have been fighting against to save so many people.at the end were i learnd the one person (sorry i forgot all but one name) repeated seeing her best friend being murderd by a breath taking huge monster, im so pissed i want to punch the wall!!! FUCK QUBIE, overall for me anime is japaneese cartoon teenage superheros (or uniqe in fields like sharpshooter or swords, like H.O.T.D btw it sucks) that dont were tights makeing them look like some trap, and a very emotionall storyline that you really feel for (im not kidding i cryed a bit when madoku magika ended
Are you having a stroke?
Y-you too.

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