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File: tutu1.jpg (81 KB, 492x457)
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So I just finished watching the first 13 episodes of Princess Tutu, after hearing /a/ spamming nothing but good things about this show.
Seriously, what is this shit?
I don't get it, what's so good about this show?
It's horribly cliché and boring, it has no special message or meaning, it's just random girls and fags dancing ballet and talking about love and hearts.
Not to mention the rest of the series will consist of only 10-minutes long episodes which I'm not too sure I will watch.
What does Anonymous see in this crap anyway?
File: 1204573057877.jpg (19 KB, 320x240)
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what do you expect from a show named 'princess tutu'?
File: 1204573177443.jpg (36 KB, 512x384)
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You're a fool if you don't watch the second half.

Awesome begins HERE.
>the first 13 episodes
>it has no special message or meaning

How can you discern this without finishing the work?
Becuase I heard the first part is the only good and because the rest consists of 10-minute shorties?
File: 1204573365673.jpg (245 KB, 700x962)
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245 KB JPG
Something beautiful.

Picture related.
Princess Tutu is shit, you just fell for a largely elaborated trolling.
>It's horribly cliché and boring, it has no special message or meaning, it's just random girls and fags dancing ballet and talking about love and hearts.

I don't think you watched Princess Tutu, enjoy your cartoons.
i watched because of duck.

duck is moe.

she is cute.

i did not really appreciate her end.

it was not as anticipated.

i loved the twist in the plot.

and i also loved HOOOOOOOOOLLLLD ME
second half is far superior. There are a couple more fillers in the early part of the second half though, so be prepared.

You heard it wrong, true they are about 10 minutes but they are the best.
If you can't appreciate Princess Tutu for what it is so far I doubt you'll like the rest. Different tastes I guess.

Personally I loved it, but I know it's not the kind of anime many people would like.
thats like reading the introduction of a book and then drop it because nothing has happened yet
You're not forced to like it, that's the beauty of being an individual.
Second half starts out bad, but it becomes much more awesome than the first part halfway through.

watch it through fag, it is FAR from cliché. i did NOT expect the ending....
Well, if you're not liking it so far, then don't watch it.

Also, I hardly think no message or meaning is a valid criticism. How many anime actually have that? The lack of that would mean it's not absolutely amazing, but it's not like you need something to be incredible to watch it.
File: 1204573918752.jpg (64 KB, 560x462)
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If it makes you feel any better, they're not ten minute episodes. They're twenty minute episodes cut in half.
Each 10 minute episode is one half of a full episode. Why is this hard for people to understand?

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