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This dude named Swaggins his only wish is to become a Pimp-Star, so he will do whatever it takes to gather all of the 7 crystals scattered around Jafrica States that represent a different element (fire,water,wind,earth,darkness,light,swag) if he gathers all of them he will gain untold swag.
All these crystals are in pimp rings, the main problem is that Swaggins is white(that will be the main feels element), but he is the biggest nigger ever inside, however he is constantly put down by pimps in his neighborhood so he leaves and gathers 3 hoes to be his bitches, this is basically a spin on the whole harem comedy romance shit, also he bangs a trap.
They do have problems though, Clarissa, Swaggins main hoe, is addicted to crack she is also his biggest earner, but he suspects that she is pocketing some of the cash she makes for herself she has a mouth that works like a vacuum cleaner. Sugar is Swaggins 2nd best she has no talent or skills whatsoever, but she has big tits, and that’s all you really need. Cinnamon-chan has the greatest idea ever, but as she has no skills and no breasts she is the bottom bitch, therefore she is constantly ignored, so she huffs glue to make herself feel better.
At the end of the series when Swaggins has gathered all the crystals and becomes a Suppa Giga Nigga, he opens the door gets on the floor and realizes that he is actually Chinese. The door he had previously opened is actually a portal to the Kawaii-Nigga dimension which has the technology to make Swaggins dick bigger and not Chinese.
But then DIO-UCHIHA-DEATH-OMEGA-SUPREME-OVERLORD-OF-OVERLOAD-GATERBELT appears pulls out his dick and challenges Swaggins to a dick off, Swaggins proceeds to pull out his .32 shoots DIO-UCHIHA-DEATH-OMEGA-SUPREME-OVERLORD-OF-OVERLOAD-GATERBELT and teabags his corpse, than he wakes up and everything that happened was all in the future.
I oh Based god, I have goofed so hard. Leave this mispost to die in shame.

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