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Well that was one fucked up past. Izumo is best girl and I hope Shima dies.
shima is just keikaku dooriing
I need to catch up. Did she ever get a real love interest? I kinda liked her best out of the female cast starting around the time they learned who Rin was.
>Did she ever get a real love interest?
I hope not. I don't see how she could fall in love with him after what he did. But of course we're probably gonna have the inevitable 'i had to do this for blah and blah plz forgive me izumo". And she does and they magical fall in love because manga.
Shima was basically forgiven this chapter.

He'll have an edgier story than Izumo.
I watched the anime of this,but i only watched until episode 17 because the rest was original content.
In what Manga Chapter i need to pick up this?
Chapter 14, and I recommend going to Mangafox if you're reading it online. Batoto's chapters got taken down, and Mangapark is way behind.

Izumo has always been best girl. Glad she finally got on the latest volume cover.
Thanks,i'm gonna read it in Kissmanga
Well it's obvious Shima has some super plan to kill the org because they fucked him over some way.
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Bleh I really hope they don't go that route. I mean she already had issues regarding people she trusted.

Now she gets stabbed in the back by one of them. They better fucking not make up after that.

Shima would be better off disappearing for a couple ten chapters and then coming back to repent WITHOUT the fucking forgiveness

But of course... Rin.
Nigger this is shounen.

Izumo will want to fuck Shima no matter what fucking thing he does if he keikakus

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