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I'm about to get high as fuck right now.
What is the trippiest anime I can watch.
Boku no pico
Fooly Cooly for sure
I fapped to Sailor Moon when I was high once. Would do again.
That is a very good suggestion indeed.
You should watch philosophical anime like GitS or Haibane Renmei.

You probably shouldn't watch Haibane Renmei though because you'll probably fap to that scene with the twitching wings.
Seen FLCL too many times
I was thinking maybe LOGH
Damn dude, you gotta go for the Masaaki Yuasa. Try Mind Game or Kemonozume, even Kaiba.

I sometimes go for comedy too, I love Cromartie High School or Nichijou. I just love watching anime stoned, basically.
>not watching k-on! while high.
If you haven't seen the monogatari series already see it. start out with bakemonogatari. it's so much better high, I mean, every thing is, but this series, specifically bake, is intensified so much while high. Probably with the perception of time and being able to focus better, but all the backgrounds, everything makes it a doozy while high. Like I said every show of anime I have seen has been while high, but not were best while high then the monogatari series. Jojo being a close second.

Also monogatari isn't my favorite series, one of them though, I don't think it's the best series ever. That being said, definitely my most enjoyable show to watch while high. Expect LOTS of dialogue.

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