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I'm thinking of marathoning pokemon, starting from the beginning.

Which groups sub it?
4Kids. Wait...what?
Read the manga you fucking faggot.
Are you suicidal?
People are having sex loudly in the flat above mine, its annoying me. Their bed is so creaky.
oh, sorry mate.
Alright, this calls for ME.
Should have about all of the episodes and movies of Pokemon, unfortunately most of them if not all are not translated due to how fast 4kids can become butthurt and send you a S&D letter, so try to handle with that.
Don't worry though, the Jap is so basic that if you studied enough Japanese and know a little, you'll be able to get it.

Good luck, it gets boring pretty fast.
How will that make Pokeman magically cool? Answer: It won't, yo.
Also, who the fuck reads anymore? I thought books were outlawed when the patriot act came out.
Obvious troll is obvious but, still I will explain why the manga is awesome.

The manga, unlike the anime, follows the game closely and the main character IS NOT a complete faggot. He even captures pokemon and (gasp!) he even lets them evolve! Pokemon get hurt, trainers sometimes try to kill other trainers and did I mention the protagonist is not a complete faggot?
I actually am not trolling, just calling a terrible anime that has no character development and is meant for 8 years olds a terrible anime. Also, being more like a video game is a bad thing. Watch something good like Kino's Journey, for Christsake. Christ, even Yugioh has more character development.

Awesome, I've always wanted to see the first season subbed.
if you are going to watch it starting from the beginning, read the ash ketchum document first
it will make pokemon awesome and ;_;

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