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Your plot must be good.

Shits-and-giggles-tier: make it as edgy as possible. According to your own personal definition of 'edgy' since there isn't just one idea of what the word really means.
loli sanitation service
A lolicon accidentally gets sent to a prison for little girls.
File: 1351553320902.png (93.52 KB, 275x260)
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93.52 KB PNG
>MC moves to a new town and starts at a new school
>(un)fortunately for the MC his last name is the same as that of a large, well known yakuza family in the area
>this is played for laughs at first, with students assuming that he's the heir to the family and the MC plays along more out of bad luck than anything else, with no one giving him a chance to explain that it's a coincidence
>eventually the yakuza get word that there's someone new in town and he's supposedly part of their family, and they send guys to pick him up
>misunderstandings continue when he's brought before the boss of the family in the town, and in order to keep himself from being killed for impersonating a family member, the MC has to pretend that he really is a part of the mob
>through sheer luck he manages to satisfy their questions about how he is related to them and they welcome him as one of their own
>as the show goes on, he becomes more involved in the yakuza operations and ends up being the thing he was only pretending to be

>the family is tightly woven into the fabric of the town where they are thought of more highly than government and police both
>as such, he earns a great deal of respect (rather than scorn) for being a gang member
>but when corrupt cops decide that the mob hasn't been paying them enough, they try to bring down the family that has lined their pockets and replace them with one they can control
>using underhanded and downright illegal tactics, the police fabricate evidence, pose as yakuza and perpetrate crimes, and do a myriad of other things to spoil the yakuza in the eyes of the townfolk

>despite the fact that he is pretending, and despite the fact that the MC doesn't really have much good to say about gang members, he finds himself oddly attached to his new town and his new 'family', and wholeheartedly takes up their quest to keep the town peaceful, even dirtying his own hands to protect the people who look up to the mob for help
Jesus returns to earth... as a loli.
>the son of a famous vampire hunter becomes the blood servant of the First vampire - a mid-teen qt who saved his life on a whim when he was hit by a car
>shenanigans ensue as he attempts to keep his true relationship with her a secret, tries to keep her from killing his father, and tries to keep his father from figuring out that she's a vampire
File: 1347669560096.png (558.79 KB, 673x1000)
558.79 KB
558.79 KB PNG
would into loli rape sim.
File: jesusdesu.png (266.93 KB, 500x376)
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266.93 KB PNG
Fucks sake. I was waiting for a thread like this yesterday when I thought of something good but forgot it. Should've written it down.
a guy who's able to steal memories. every time he does so, he kills the person he stole from and becomes more powerfull and shit. add some fanservice. there ya go.
Drakengard: The Anime
>Your plot must be good

Sasuga /a/.
Do it better you triple nigga
>This One Girl Can't Be My Whole Harem!

>when MC-kun was little, he was best friends with FMC-chan, his neighbour
>they were friends 4eva
>she was a tsundere
>until her parents died
>having no other relatives in Japan, she moved in with MC-kun for a while
>being a year younger than him, she was kind of like his tsundere osananajimi not-blood-related doting imouto
>then her overseas relatives were able to jump through the red tape and adopt her, so she moved to sweden to be with them
>years later, MC-kun is your average high school student
>when his tsundere osananajimi not-blood-related doting imouto moves back to nippon
>she skipped a grade in sweden and is now in MC-kun's class
>and she has become a little more gentle and feminine than she was so she is now his tsundere osananajimi not-blood-related doting imouto kind transfer student
>but she's still and overachiever and her popularity rockets her into the student council president positiong
>so she's now his tsundere osananajimi not-blood-related doting imouto kind transfer student strict seitokaichou
>turns out her overseas family were rich as shit and they sent her back home with plenty of money to keep her afloat, and she's learned to be a bit posh too
>so now she's his tsundere osananajimi not-blood-related doting imouto kind transfer student strict seitokaichou oujo-sama

>with this harem all rolled into one girl, MC-kun must negotiate shenanigans
>K-ON! type slice of life comedy about a bunch of ditzy fun loving high school girls
>They start some after school club like "the cuteness appreciation society" or some shit
>3 episodes of retarded boilerplate moe comedy

>in the 4th episode, there's a power outage during their club activities
>the girls are scared, go wandering around school grounds to find out what happened
>suddenly they get attacked by Lovecraftian horrors
>Cthulu has awakened and transported the city into a non-euclidean space
>the rest of the series is about the girls working together to escape as one by one they fall prey to madness and/or horrific deaths
>also, lots of yuri pandering
There is a war between two warring Alien Robot Factions, and this war drags on to Earth. There a million gimmicks to increase toy sales.
SaG: The Evil guys win, kill all the Good Guy robots, and enslave humanity to rebuild their homeworld.
The firstborn of the great god is back to destroy the world
You have his power and must defeat him
also,civil war
-They say everyone has someone who is their perfect match, true love you could say. But with 6 billion people on this planet, would you ever meet them?

-The MC is an office worker in his mid-late 20's who ponders this as he goes through his daily routines. One day tired of his cyclical life, he quits and decides to travel the world in search of his soulmate.

-Weeks after his departure from Japan, he finds himself at the Sao Paulo Int'l Airport in Brazil depressed, ready to return home after facing the reality that this was a terrible idea.

-Towelhead asks him to take care of his laptop while he "goes to the washroom", it's not until it's too late that he notices the countdown timer

-From the rubble, a Japanese Brazilian woman in her early-mid 20's pulls out the MC and pulls him out and the two escape the area

-She asks the MC if he wants to escape with her, to where? Anywhere, travel the world and find out. With no money, passport, spare clothes, guitar, or translator book (He can only speak Japanese other than the odd English), he decides to tag along with her.

-She reveals that she is the daughter of a rich family and has had a strict and boring life, she's using this opportunity to travel the world and have fun. (She can speak English, Portuguese, and Japanese)

-The story follows the two as they travel, running away from the people hired by the girl's parents, the angry locals they troubled, uncomfortable way of lives, and the MC's failed attempts at finding his true love.

-Emphasis on the relation between the two leads, current issues in the regions they visit, as well as the life of backpacking across the world.
Cute Highschool girls make a club where they eat cakes.

Except the Girls are anthro-cakes, and the cakes are actual little girls.
>jap man finds qt hueland jap girl
nigga i'm already sold,someone fund this shit

Would watch
File: edgy.jpg (27.89 KB, 186x203)
27.89 KB
27.89 KB JPG
Edgy. huh?

I got this.

Main character's first day in high school, when a cute girl falls out of the ceiling and lands on him. Together they explore the secrets of the school together and solve "mysteries." The final mystery is who ceiling girl likes. MC finds out that ceiling girl fell for him (heh heh heh) and so he then brutally murders and rapes her, because MC was bullied by girls during middle school and thought that she was just gonna pick on him. He visits her parents home (after successfully getting away with his crime) and sees a photo album with pictures of him and ceiling girl together. He then figures out that she really did love him, and he gets depressed. In his depression he stumbles upon blog on the internet, and before you know it, he's into black magic and the occult. He then begins killing the family members of ceiling girl as sacrifices to resurrect her. And it works. She rises from the dead and un-dies. First, a gash grows upon her dead corpse and maggots and shit pours out. Then when whe's totally unrecognizable as human, she is reborn from the dust. When ceiling girl finds out that MC murdered her family, she freaks out and tries to kill him. She is overpowered by the MC, however, and is brutally raped as her new form crumbles into dust. The End.
>mc is girl
>gets inserted into some guy's harem
>she's tsundere
A group of girls girls go to military boot camp and fight a space war against giant bugs. Basically Starship Troopers but with school moe SOL stuff.
The protagonist is an orphan, his parents were brutally murdered by a maniac wearing a mask made of human skin who escaped from a mental hospital.
In the orphanage he has a friend how grows up with, she dies. The day after that he is adopted. The orphanage myseriosuly burns to the ground shortly after, killing all the people inside.

Years later he lives in a nice neighborhood and has loving parents and even a typical childhood friend.
MC has a gay neighbor with some mental problems who likes to cut himself like an emo fag and enjoys killing small animals.

The gay emo has a crush on MC for whatever reason and confesses, MC rejects him telling that he's not gay. The gay emo believes that the childhood friend seduced him and MC's parents brainwashed him too. He kills them all with a rifle.

When MC finds out and blinded by rage, some dark and deadly ability awakens within him, and brutally murders gay emo leaving nothing but unrecognizable flesh and blood.

Then he escapes and hides somewhere but a group of cientist catch him, break his will, brainwash him and start using him as a weapon to destroy other agencies and bloodthirsty aliens who start invading the earth.
I prefer this one:

>a meek and mild Japanese salaryman named Waku who works for a giant corporate candy company fucks up somehow
>As punishment, he gets shipped to their cocoa processing facility in Brazil, where he acquires the brownest harem in anime history
>Title: Waku Wada and the Chocolate Factory
File: 180px-HulkTheWorld.jpg (16.06 KB, 180x274)
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16.06 KB JPG
This dude named Swaggins his only wish is to become a Pimp-Star, so he will do whatever it takes to gather all of the 7 crystals scattered around Jafrica States that represent a different element (fire,water,wind,earth,darkness,light,swag) if he gathers all of them he will gain untold swag.
All these crystals are in pimp rings, the main problem is that Swaggins is white(that will be the main feels element), but he is the biggest nigger ever inside, however he is constantly put down by pimps in his neighborhood so he leaves and gathers 3 hoes to be his bitches, this is basically a spin on the whole harem comedy romance shit, also he bangs a trap.
They do have problems though, Clarissa, Swaggins main hoe, is addicted to crack she is also his biggest earner, but he suspects that she is pocketing some of the cash she makes for herself she has a mouth that works like a vacuum cleaner. Sugar is Swaggins 2nd best she has no talent or skills whatsoever, but she has big tits, and that’s all you really need. Cinnamon-chan has the greatest idea ever, but as she has no skills and no breasts she is the bottom bitch, therefore she is constantly ignored, so she huffs glue to make herself feel better.
At the end of the series when Swaggins has gathered all the crystals and becomes a Suppa Giga Nigga, he opens the door gets on the floor and realizes that he is actually Chinese. The door he had previously opened is actually a portal to the Kawaii-Nigga dimension which has the technology to make Swaggins dick bigger and not Chinese.
But then DIO-UCHIHA-DEATH-OMEGA-SUPREME-OVERLORD-OF-OVERLOAD-GATERBELT appears pulls out his dick and challenges Swaggins to a dick off, Swaggins proceeds to pull out his .32 shoots DIO-UCHIHA-DEATH-OMEGA-SUPREME-OVERLORD-OF-OVERLOAD-GATERBELT and teabags his corpse, than he wakes up and everything that happened was all in the future.

You shall dearly love regret those words OP.

I daresay none in all of fanfic could forge a sharper blade.

The story centers solely around 2 near identical twins with blue and red eyes respectively, these twins are part of a prophecy to decide the future of a dying world where one philosophy will become truth, the hero is a noble idealist who believes in peace and harmony, the rival however is a sadistic cynic who believes that nothing can be gained without sacrifice or destruction and while he does all he can to break the hero and force him into his mindset in order to realize his vision the hero does all he can to try and redeem him, while all this goes on a sinister being appears who aims to use both of them and their powers to his own ends along with a sadistic exiled omnicidal who wants nothing more than to destroy what little of hope and the world remains for his own sick amusement.

The ultimate battle of ideals is about to begin.

The twins are named Akira and Arika respectively, both use bladed hovercycles, both carry around customized futuristic gunswords with their own deep personality reflected in their design, have wild spiky hair, wear a huge fucking longcoat that blows in the wind with flair when they fight, and finally they're not even related despite being twins, they're meant to represent both sides of the same coin with the main character being determined by YOUR OWN FUCKING PERSPECTIVE AND VIEW ON LIFE

To top it all off, in the dub Akira is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch while Arika is voiced by Brad Swaile.

TL;DR Lelouch and Light screaming at each other for 26 straight episodes while fighting with gunswords on motorcycles and acrobatics

Cross X Chaos
Every male on the planet becomes cute girls. Now everyone has to deal with the fallout as the world descends into confusion and chaos. Wars fought with little girls killing each other in hails of gun fire, male dominated societies in third world countries fall into confusion, sexist old men have to deal with being adorable little girls, women miss hot dickings etc.
So, Ender's Game with more lolis?
>story centers around the Mayor of a small town
>big neighboring cities are cyberpunk dystopias, but this town has resisted change because of the Mayor's hard work
>Mayor is loved by everyone, and since its a small town everybody knows him on a personal level

>Mayor falls in love with a loli
>at first he tries to hide it but he can't bear the burden of lying to his constituents
>he resigns, and reveals that he is a paedophile

>goes into depression
>town hates him
>totalitarian government from nearby city is hunting him down
>he runs away to a an isolated shack somewhere in the forest

>after a while he realizes that the loli and the town never really existed
>an hero
>OP is in hue speak by angra
all of my hue money
God damn man. Even the title is edgy as edge itself and I'd watch it, if nothing else, for kicks.
male protag with nothing special about him aside from his disdain against something who has severe family issues being thrust into a special position where only he and a few other random people have power, has to fight against people with similar power, has psychological plot twists and some kind of horror elements, etc
Not mine:

MC is a blacksmith in training in feudal Japan, his goal is to become the best blacksmith in Japan who holds the title of "Edgemaster". His father was the previous Edgemaster who held the title for the longest time before anyone else, but one day his father was defeated by a young upcoming blacksmith who stole the title from him and put his father into a deep state of depression. Now seeking revenge for his father's humiliation, MC searches for the new Edgemaster and hopes to best him to regain the title and his family's honor. In order to do this, he must be the best weapons and utilities he can using his skills, but because resources are scarce and the fact that he is traveling while on the look out for the new Edgemaster, he resorts to crafting blades out of non-metal material such as bark.

Armed with only his essential tools for blacksmithing, he crafts the best weapons out of wood, stone, dirt; you name it he'll make it, he searches for the one who overtook his father and longs to prove that his family is the best at bladesmithing.
So, we've got a guy. His home burns down, and his parents die. Real sad. Then, he's adopted by a wizard guy. He learns some basic magic and stuff, but never really learns the fundamentals. Then, years later, there'll be this big magic battle royale that he accidentally gets himself into. Now he's gotta fight other magic users, even though he doesn't really know much of anything.

Boom. Print. Send to publisher. Don't consult lawyers. Let's go.
>super robot show
>MC is an underage beta faggot
>estranged father runs a paramilitary organization that built titular robot
>robot must fight huge ass monsters
>MC pilots robot for contrived reasons
>MC defeats monsters of the week
>rival pilots robot alongside him
>for a twist, rival is female, much relationship-tease occurs
>MC copes with angst and gains confidence as series goes on
>symbolism used to make show appear more thoughtful and deep than it is
>father's organization involved in sinister conspiracy that is gradually revealed
>increasingly tough monster fights take their toll
>MCs forced to fight friend who pilots a super prototype
>MC and many supporting characters issues get worse, major characters die or go crazy
>series ends in an ambiguous unsatisfying way
>not actually real ending
>real ending is a mind-screw full of horror and despair
>otakus get mad
>buy my shit anyway
>discuss/debate my show for years
>I can now live comfortably on butthurt nerd's money
would watch
File: 1387209596645.jpg (215.81 KB, 685x639)
215.81 KB
215.81 KB JPG
It starts as a painfully generic slice of life anime, however, one of the girls has a strange feeling of having done all that before, 4 episodes in she somehow realizes that she has been doing the same shit over and over again for a long time, and realizes that everything resets after some time passes, erasing everyone's memories and changing their physical appearance, she starts panicking and trying to find a way to stop the cycle, at first no one believes her, but the other characters start remembering their past lives, so they all try to find a way to stop whatever is happening.
By episode 12 they are totally hopeless, knowing that the end is near and that there's nothing they can do about it or why its even happening, so they all brace for impact or try to leave a message to their future selves or something dramatic like that.
The after credits scene of episode 13 is a fake ad for a new anime series, showing that they have changed into something else.
If there is a second season they will still try to find why everything is so fucked up.
File: 1349476762448.jpg (8.71 KB, 302x225)
8.71 KB
8.71 KB JPG
Write your own, damn it.
>harem anime
>mc is a whiney bitch surrounded by hot women that want his cock badly
>he'd rather hang out with his feminine friend and have near gay experiences all the time
>always running from sexual situations with the girls, terrified

>at the end of the series he picks the bland bitchy tsundere girl no one likes despite getting along better with one or two of the other more likable girls

Anno pls
would watch
File: clarity-candle-label.jpg (139.62 KB, 300x450)
139.62 KB
139.62 KB JPG
File: SnoopDizzleGrizzle.jpg (85.37 KB, 590x820)
85.37 KB
85.37 KB JPG
A SoL hip-hop anime about a your rap star based heavily on Snoop Dogg smoking weed errryday.
a woman has 32 hours to sail around the world
only to find out she has 31 hours to live
a demon king comes out of the sea halfway through
he's a good character
"why bother? you're going to die soon anyways" he says to the woman
"because" she replies "because it's all i have!!"

season 3 first episode
woman lying on boat, dry heaving because she is sea sick
"oh god, that demon king cured all my diseases but couldn't help a girl out with a little sea sickness!" she yells funnily at the vast sea ahead of her
File: Spoiler Image (311.93 KB, 1680x1050)
311.93 KB
311.93 KB JPG
>Second season is about a new boy into the grup of girls
>His name is walker
Why not just have him turn out full-gay?
Does the tsundere ever really win in a harem series where the tsundere isn't established as the eventual victor from episode one?
Young rap star, even.
>anime plot
>must be good
>Ender's Game
Starhip Troopers came first and is better.
>cyberpunk yakuza


>with lolis

That's the point. No one wins in these types of anime. You don't get the obvious gay ending and he doesn't end up with the obvious best girl.

It's blueballs the anime for everyone.
11/9 would watch
That if I like the tsundere?
Powerlevels based on how high your blood pressure is. When the fighters get cut in battle, they explode due to the high blood pressure.
Thanks, I tried my best.

If it's any consolation the show would clearly take itself way too seriously and either narrator alone or the OST would hopefully send /a/ the message that it's self-aware of it's own shit factor.

Meanwhile I make millions off pretentious idiot soul searching 12-18 year olds who actually think it's good and it develops a cult following worldwide just like Toradora because the IRC won't stop shitposting and /a/ grows to love hating it.

All of this happens while I sit on my ass playing with my Pokemon sipping Juicy Juice in my tricked out winter resort.
>MC is your normal rural boy
>He finds out about that the girl he likes also likes him
>new girl in town also wants the MC D
>He has to fight between the two
So they just pop like balloons? Nice.
9/10 would watch.
1000/10 would absolutely watch hell yeah

>liking an akane

She's the bland one remember?
Shinjiro Waito is a 50 year old brilliant teacher working at a Middle School, he lives a peaceful yet miserable life, having to work at a Car wash to make ends meet, one day however he learns that he has lung cancer and that he has not much time left to live, he is pushed to a life of crime with the help of an ex student (a 12 year old girl linked to the Yakuza) to leave some money for his family.
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi with a SOL beginning
>MC lives in a society where everyone is happy and bad things almost never happen
>Two or three episodes of him and three female love interests exploring old ruins of previous society
>Discovers the dark secret of their world
>All of the suffering in their world is channeled into one monster in an underground prison lab so that it experiences it all instead of the humans
>MC is a pussy so he breaks down and cries because he has to choose to either 1. Leave things be 2. Kill the monster 3. Let it go free to rampage and destroy the city
>The female love interests each try to seduce him into one of the options
Bureikingu Baddo
File: 1318281157196.jpg (54.15 KB, 473x488)
54.15 KB
54.15 KB JPG
An average boy is revealed to be the heir to the demon king's throne. Hell sends a demon to retrieve him who is naturally a cute girl. Heaven sees this as an opportunity to stop the next demon king and sends an angel, also a cute girl, to capture him. However he wins both of them over to hsi side and the three of them declare war on both heaven and hell, in hopes to get the two sides to work together and stop their war.
>cuberpunk dystopian future
>mc is a criminal punk and a sexist prick
>get's fucked over royally in an attempt to steal valuable information for a corporation
>body is beyond fucked
>has his brain transplanted to the body of a powerful, experimental cyber loli
>has to learn the meaning of love and friendship while working with a terrorist group opposing the vile corporations choking the city to death.
File: 1386009778996.png (35.97 KB, 250x250)
35.97 KB
35.97 KB PNG
Why am I so pumped for something that will never exist? It's fucking perfect.
>MC is a student at a magician academy
>He's one of the top students in class
>One day completely naked girl falls out of the sky and crashes on top of him
>He takes her in and tries to figure out who she is but she has no memory prior to falling on him
>He goes to the store for awhile and comes back home to find her captured by the magician task force
>It's revealed that this mysterious girl is an angel from heaven

Thus begins the MC's adventure in protecting this girl while trying to recover her memories. Oh, and the MC specializes in Dark Magic so the series gets edgy later.

>Main girl NTRs him
>MC takes the power of the dark knight
>MC rapes this one girl (literally)
>MC kills the guy who fucked his waifu
>Plot eventually leads up to the apocalypse

EDGY enough for you?
Is that how it happened?

I just thought that the Italians really, really loved Toradora. And then other people did.
An SoL series that takes place at an international school based in Japan.
>An extremely nondescript Japanese self-insert
>Misha, a Russian kid who always wears an Ushanka and gets angry whenever someone says Misha is a girl's name.
>An American from the deep south who's the wisecracking comic relief.
>An extremely handsome Italian Casanova that always fails to get girls due to his social awkwardness.
>A pompous French student whose parents own the school.
Basically, sort of like Hetalia but not as shitty.

that's it

just 13 episodes of rape
>4 man squad is send to find a missing loli in the middle of a russian-neo japan empire that has conquer all of the asian countries and china
>Protag is a heroine in training.
>Wakes up one day to notice all the bullshit their feeding her.
>Discovers every lame trope ever is being forcefed into her hero school, making weak, ineffectual rape-bait heroines.
>Cue freakout.
>Mental breakdown.
>Classmates start to shun.
>Councilors start to try to "fix" her.
>She starts to fight.
>Falls into every male-protag trope.
>starts to break the show itself.
>Fights against the creators, acting against God.
>Gets written in as a villain.
>plots to destroy the world, capture princesses/heroines.
>Series ends with her dying to a hero.
>Tears fall.
>No Happy Ending.
So an adaptation of Wolf Guy?
Well, props for using the phrase 'terrorist group' rather than 'anti-establishment freedom force that sticks up to the man'
>TL;DR Lelouch and Light screaming at each other for 26 straight episodes while fighting with gunswords on motorcycles and acrobatics

I need this.
File: vigivigivigivigigoo.png (530 KB, 1024x577)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
...eh. Don't really see it.

Or why it wouldn't be worse than Hetalia BW.
K everyone step back edge master coming through.

First part I'm ripping off demonophobia. Girls use a book and get trapped in hell. Main character is one of said girls, and they slowly start getting killed one by one in horrible ways. The character realizes she becomes stronger whenever someone dies, and later realizes it's because she's unknowingly eating the souls of people who die near her. She finally becomes strong enough to defeat demons after her best friend dies in her arms from poison. She then goes about killing demons until she becomes powerful enough to destroy the established order and becomes queen of hell. fin
A duo protagonist story of a bored salary worker and a little girl who swap minds and inherit some of the memories and abilities of their new body. The show is mostly a thought experiment on the possible differences in things we perceive, (The salary man's eyes would see everything in normal color while the girl's would have them all swapped). While the two never meet, their lives are more closely connect than they might think.

Every 10 seconds will be interrupted with "Raison D'etre" against a black screen.
Character Designs by ABe.

I used to roleplay with someone where the setting was a school filled with various guys from various anime and it was super gay. I played Lelouch as one of my characters and another was Light who was secretly a serial killer.

Over the course of several sessions they battle each other with their wits until finally confronting each other in a dangerous meeting of the minds.

Also there was a lot of gay fucking in it.
A boy is turned into a girl. He freaks out and tries to hide it as he's read a lot of eromanga and is convinced if anyone finds out they will rape him. He gets increasingly more paranoid that anyone will find out. In addition, his body feels alien and wrong, further destabilizing his mental state. Eventually he snaps in class and tries to murder a boy who got too close for "trying to rape him". The police arrive and find out he's a girl. He's taken into custody. His parents are called, but of course say it can't be their child because they have a son. Medical record prove it. MC ends up in a mental institution as a nameless girl suspected of murdering himself.
File: KIRA.jpg (127.12 KB, 1280x720)
127.12 KB
127.12 KB JPG
I got another one.

MC is a high school student that volunteers as a swim coach for the grade school girl's swim team.
However, while doing so, he must avoid the suspicion of his classmates, who don't know where he vanishes to after school.

His plan is to attain a loli harem that he can demonstrate all of his perverted urges on.

Things go on like this for a while until he has a decent harem going.
He then take's the whole goddamn swim team's virginity, starting with the pink-haired loli.

Unforunately, one day, when he's fucking a loli, her older sister walks in.
The cops get involved and he's sent to prison.

End of Season 1.

Season 2.

Ten years have passed and the pink-haired loli (not a loli anymore) is a famous politician. She uses her influence to get

MC out of prison. They get married and have kids.
Then MC does it with the kids.
But alas, pink-hair has turn yandere! MC is kill.

The End.
File: 1346949433076[1].png (125.66 KB, 320x384)
125.66 KB
125.66 KB PNG
The MC is an apprentice to a necromancer. He thinks life is worthless, and is tired of his master doing nothing about it, so he steals his master's necronomicon and begins his evil reign of terror, with the goal of eliminating all life on earth.

He's very successful at first and destroys lots of villages. Early on he even ends up killing the standard teenage adventuring party sent to stop him, but somehow fucks up the reanimation spell, which gives them a small degree of free will. He starts to develop a twisted "friendship" with these particular zombies, including one as a love interest.

About halfway through, his master begins to oppose him (since she's all about balance between life and death). She's an adorable loli, but turns old and decrepit if she uses to much of her power at once. At this point it becomes a giant war between the two, with the remaining living kingdoms forced to rally behind the necromancer loli.

For maximum edge, you'd make it absolutely clear that you're supposed to root for the MC to succeed in his quest, e.g. by demonstrating that humans really are terrible creatures. And you'd keep thing dark, instead of dark comedy.
File: 3252436436457345.jpg (56.29 KB, 710x412)
56.29 KB
56.29 KB JPG
Cat and Mouse

Our protagonist is a detective. 28 years old, tall, tired eyes, a 10 days beard and nicotine patches accompanying him everywhere, hoping to leave his smoking days behind.

He's had a hard past. Bastard son of a prositue, he grew up in an abusive house. He never met his father.

At the age of 16 his mother is murdered by one of his clients. It wasn't the police, but the protagonist alone the one who investigated and caught the criminal. That was when he knew that that was his destiny, to spend his days playing cat and mouse.
He enjoys tailing and cornering the suspect, it's an almost orgasmic experience for him. His one guilty pleasure in life.

So time passes and our protagonist grows up, finishes school and after years of hard work he becomes a detective. He starts working at a small agency at the city's downtown. He's his own boss.

After weeks and weeks of nothing someone knocks the door, it's a highschool girl by her uniform and a desperate one it seems.
Her friend, let's call her Chika, went missing two months ago, and the police ineptitude is clear again, no clues of the girls in all that time.
MC takes the job, and the money too. Though the pay can wait, he's got some fun now and that's more than enough. Let's the game begin, and the Cat is ready.

There will be much more cases, mysteries and the story will manly center on the protagonist and what's going on in his mind, making focus on his obsession with preying on his targets.
> read a lot of eromanga and is convinced if anyone finds out they will rape him

That's a pretty shaky basis for a plot, but I like it
No I'm just talking about how IRC already heavily damaged Space Dandy's reputation before it even aired.

But the sheer stupidity is what would immortalize it.

Can't be worse than Master of Martial Hearts though.
File: sad miku.png (66.42 KB, 376x245)
66.42 KB
66.42 KB PNG
>tfw no Let's go to Prison anime
I gots one.
MC is a smart perfect bishonen but secretly an otaku. He always dreamt of becoming one of those mc's in harem animus but he thinks its impossible for him since hes the complete opposite of it. He says that harem mcs normally lives minutes from school, awaken by his little sister, his mom cooks while his dad reads some newspapers, fetched by his cute neighbor/childhood friend, regarded as a pervert by the entire school and etc. Yet he is loved by the girls due to his gentle heart which he thinks is a complete bs.

since He owns a car, lives 3 hours from his school due to some reasons, though he has an imouto she lives abroad, doesnt know shit about his neighbors and hes loved by the student body.

He tried joining the student council thinking that it might be fun like his anime portrays. But it was a hassle anyways.

One day, he came drunk to his house. Not in his right mind he challenged God to make his life just like in harem animes and fell asleep. Next morning, while sleeping he noticed someone trying to wake him up. to his surprise he saw a girl with a blank face with the words "Little sister" on her face. He thought that was definitely not his little sister. Confused, he punches his "imouto" so hard she died. He then heard some voices downstairs, and rushed to see who it was. He saw a women with the word "mom" on her face and a man reading newspapers with the words "dad" on his face. He then panicked, picked a sharp knife pointed it to them. he questioned them who the hell they are and what are they doing in his houses. They told him that they're his "mom" and "dad". He snapped and killed them both and goes outside the house. He saw his "childhood friend", killed her anyways. He really lost it when he saw his school just beside his house. He lost it and tries to stab himself until some voice tells him to stop.
File: kawaiicucumber.jpg (56.57 KB, 520x260)
56.57 KB
56.57 KB JPG
MC is a small, kawaii sea cucumber living in the depths of the ocean

she goes to school in a little coral formation and is in a lesbian relationship with her classmate, a tsundere starfish

shenanigans occur
Modern day world but with monstergirls.
Then the world ends, and MC and a monstergirl/a monstergirl harem have to survive in this harsh post-apoc world
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.
Robots piloting little girls anime

Seriously, how is this not the greatest idea?

>'Commander, we have successfully infiltrated the school community. They do not seem suspicious of our operation'
>'Job well done. On any abnormalities, engage blush and report rightaway.'
>'Yes, sir.'

>"Your orders are to find the leader among the students and then mark her with a kiss on the cheek. Your unique signature will be used to identify and commandeer her for phase two of the operation."


I'd draw this into a manga if I had the talent.
I like it.
Edgy mode engaged
>A child is born to a pair of LEGENDARY WARRIORS
>He is JESUS ON WHEELS tier at fighting
>On his sixteenth birthday he goes to hunt a dragon since it's all the rage
>On the way there, a rock falls on his head and he's knocked out
>The dragons pick him up, and when he wakes up, he has amnesia
>The dragons raise him as VALON of the BLIZZARD, dracoknight WARRIOR
>Three years later, a large party of humans come to exterminate the dragons
>This is because they are dicks
>Valon stands with the dragons and beats aside the humans because he is one hardcore motherfucker
>Meets his old love interest on the battlefield
>Suddenly remembers his past life
>Must try to make peace between humans and dragons and shit
Battle shounen, where panties shapeshift into cute girls with powers. MC is a lewd man who wears girl panties so is shocked when his panties turn into a little girl. They fight together and shit, and then he wears her afterward.
This could have been better if it was a reasonably typical harem anime except that at the end it was revealed that they were all one MASTER OF DISGUISE who wanted to be sure that the MC would be with her no matter what his tastes were
The MC is a college-age goth girl who happens to be Death's mortal daughter, capable of seeing ans speaking with the dead, as well as being able to tell approximately when someone is going to die. She can't say anyone's name out loud above a whisper, though, or she'll cause them to have a near-death experience or outright kill them. She tries to live as a normal human while helping various spirits she encounters find closure to their previous existences.
I swear this was a movie or something
Every thread huh? Never give up your dream anon. Make it real.
A slice of life anime set in Japan during the second world war, showing 4 young girls living their life despite the impact of the war on the civilian population, even as their city remains relatively untouched by American bombers.
The last episode is set on August 6th, 1945. I shouldn't have to tell you what city it is.
I had this dream a while back.
Always though it was trippy and thought it might make a shitty book or some shit.

>MC wakes up alone
>he's on a 5 star cruiser
>everyone is gone
>no sign of life
>there are small signs of a struggle but overall, nothing has been touched
>MC gets a little freaked out that he's alone and starts looking for people
>no sign on life anywhere on the ship
>go to captains/control deck
>no clue how to operate the ship
>hear weird tipping sound
>think nothing of it and keep exploring the base
>basically decide to just have fun and wait until more people show up or something
>starts having fun eating all the food, playing casino with all the money laying around, dick around at the pool, etc
>start to get tired
>decide to go visit the radio room to see if anything of use, like Morse or something, can be used to make an SoS
>the radio is purposefully destroyed
>Weirded out but doesn't know what to make of it
>no skills in repairs means that MC doesn't know what to do with it
>walks off the deck into his room
>looks towards the sky and sees the sun
>it's still high up, around noon-ish, shining brightly on MC
>go to outdoor pool to relax again looking for people
>relax on a chair,not giving a fuck
>goes inside again, takes a snack at the huge buffet that is laying in the hall
>MC is weirded out that nothing has been touched but the food seemed to have been placed there hours ago
>bring bunch of snack with him outside
>look at the bright sun
>looks at watch
>it's past 10pm
>MC freaks out, looking at the high sun
>thinks his watch is broken
>finds other clocks near the pool
>all of them are not turning
>MC thinks that this is weird as fuck and doesn't know what the fuck is going on and shit is really weird
>decides to check around the ship to see if everyone is truly gone
>tap tap
>MC hear's footsteps
>they're not his
>Did he hear it bellow him or on top of him
>someone is clearly alive with him, on the ship
>doesn't know what to do
>goes to the kitchen to arm himself with a knife
>tap tap
>MC tries to listen to the footsteps while walking around the ship
>it's truly a ghost ship
>go through many rooms that are open
>luggage of family are there
>food, money, pictures, camera, clothes, all are there
>still no sign of what happened on the ship
>the door of the room suddenly closes on the MC
>MC freaks the fuck out, goes outside and starts yelling at whoever is walking to show himself
>no one is in the hall
>tap tap
>MC starts screaming, running in the hall with the knife in his hands, trying to hopefully bump into whomever is walking
>he wants to find someone, anyone, to know who is walking with him on the ship
>MC calms down
>heart is racing
>his head is spinning
>''I have to get out of here, someone is going to kill me''
>MC runs to the captain deck and tries click many buttons but nothing is working
>the FULL SPEED, STOP, HALF WAY, and spinning wheel from some comic he read about pirate doesn't turn
>both are jammed
>MC start to get depressed
>he looks up and sees something from the distance
>it's foggy and far away but he can see a bit of a shadow
>MC notices goggles in the captain deck, picks it up and goes outside
>looks through the goggles and sees a ship
>not just any ship
>it's a luxurious cruise
>another 5 star cruise ship
>it's going the same direction this ship is headed
>from his goggles, MC notices that there is no one one board

>does it mean that whatever happened to this 5 star cruise ship happened to that one?
>MC wants to contact it but doesn't know how
>walks around the ship try to find anything that might help him get the attention of the other ship
>passes lifeboats
>get an idea
>starts unloading the life boat and puts it on the water
>starts slowly rowing towards the other cruise ship
>it's still daytime
>his clock has not moved a single second since the last time he look at it
>MC is alpha as fuck in middle school, capt of the soccer club and popular with the girls
>In the vacations before his first high school year he breaks a leg or something and has to be in bed for months
>Without anything else to do MC starts to get into anime and manga
>By the time the classes start MC's leg has recovered but he's an otaku now

The story follows MC as he tries to live the otaku life without being noticed by his jocks friends, but as the plot advance MC discovers shit about his friends (stuff like one of them being a chuuni and shit), there's a lot of drama, MC get's a love interest and stuff.
By the end of the story MC decides to tell his friends that he has become an otaku the plot twist is that they knew all along
The world is held in place by 4 giant towers. They are growing at a steady rate. Smart people have deduced that they will eventually pop out and the world will flip over or some shit. There is a hammer made by the gods to smack the nails down, but no human can lift it. The towers are guarded by fierce beasts and they are in remote locations hounded by harsh environments.

The world's greatest inventor creates a robot girl who can deal with all of these challenges, but she is not complete. She is missing a general education, is rather emotionless and she is missing parts.

The professor had to run away during the project because the town he was working in was being attacking by religious fanatics who have built a city in the sky and are pillaging everyone until the big flip happens.

Our robot girl awakens and wanders around, meets people and develops a sense of justice. she meets her creator, learns her purpose, gets upgrades and fights giant monsters/ancient guardians/dismantles cults/travels to the four corners of the world and saves the day.
>MC obtains the ability to pause time and move freely about while everyones frozen
>after using this ability to get to school on time every day he discovers he can interact with people and they have no memory of whatever MC did to them
MC mysteriously suddenly gains the power to make anything he writes down happen to whoever reads it. For example, if he decides to kill someone, all he has to do is concentrate and write "you die" on a piece of paper and let the victim read it. The catch is he can't make anything happen to himself.

Eventually, his playing around with the power is noticed by the leader of the paranormal club in his school which happens to be this one girl. She happens to be a genius.

Together, they must fend off against an organization that is after him, and find out how he got his powers and the connection of his family to this secret organization.

Also, when he was young, his mom killed herself. Then the dad left. This happened when he was a kid so he lives with his aunt (dads sister) now and he hates his dad for deserting him. His aunts house also happens to be a chinese restaurant in which the popular gimmick is fortune cookies.

towards the end it turns out his dad left the family and went along with the organizations plans to save his son. Mom didn't commit suicide, she was killed because dad refused the orders. And if he refused more they would use his son instead, who inherited the power. The organization now is after MC-kun because his dad died.

the organization is like the illuminati. they run media and stuff and use the power to control the masses. the power only exists secretly within the male descendants MC-kuns family. Males because of all the old monks that meditated for years to gain this power were all dudes.

epilogue : MC-kun writes a book.
end of season 1
>MC has long history of being sexually abused
>Social perversions make him seem edgy and cool to women
>Harem forms, MC noticably uncomfortable with the ammount of attention placed on him
>Male classmates grow jealous, begin treating him poorly
>Harem's stalker girl follows him home. She confronts him in front of his apartment
>He pushes her away. She stumbles and falls awkwardly, twisting her neck.
>Injuries are severe, she quadriplegic now.
>MC suffers complete fall out. One girl remains from harem and he reluctantly confides in her.
>Relationship continues to develop
>She turns out to have a dick, rapes him repeatedly at knifepoint, stabs him, and runs away.
>MC breaks down bleeding on the ground
>final episodes follow him shooting up high school
the voice asks him why is he killing himself after fulfilling his wish. MC questions who was talking. the voice claims he is god. MC then smiled and told him what took him so long and he is just testing it. the voice said bs, Mc then told him his setting is way too generic and predictable. MC then challenged him to make it more interesting. the voice said he would gain nothing by doing so. MC told him to do a harem set up that was impossible to conquer and will follow the rules of the harem anime. If he manages to get one of the girls while the other girls is satisfied with his decision for the girl he has chosen, he wins and if he loses he will give his soul. The voice said interesting and said it was a deal.

MC then wakes up and said maybe it was a dream. He then opened his curtains and to his surprise he saw a girl in her undies in the neighboring house. MC said it was still predictable. He thought she was out since she is the neighbor girl and never wins, but regarded her as part of his harem. Going to school, He then saw 3 potential candidates in his harem at the same time. It's gonna be easy since all he has to do is aim for the girl that matches the main heroine rules. which are first girl who appears wins, can be a transfer student or not(depends), she must be pettanko or average bust, she must have a long hair, known for being beautiful/perfect and most important of all, a tsundere. He goes to class after that. The teacher then told them theres a transfer student wholl be joining them. To his surprise, its those 3 girls he saw! MC said its okay, it can be just one of them. But he then noticed those 3 girls manages to get the requirements of being the heroine (pettanko, long hair, beautiful). He has no choice but go for the last one, which of them is the tsundere. Turns out all of them are tsundere! Now what will MC do?!
pfft not all harem mcs are puny mind you.
That's one long intro but its okay... I guess?
Girl is a regular high school girl (who sits in MC seat). The first part of the episode is SoL shenanigans which include talking with her friends, talking about boys, sharing food, "Oishii", etc. She goes home and she calls "tadaima" but there is no "Okaeri" from Okaasan. She gets worried and starts looking around. In her mother's room, on the bed there is a cardboard box. She opens the box and it's her mother's severed head.

She goes to the cops, because who wouldn't. After calming her down in the PoPo depo, Chief detec give her phone number saying, "Call if you recall." Chief called her oniichan, and she goes live with him. ep1 end.

Chief go do cop stuff in MCs house, investigating the crime. Weird though, no forced entrance, no steal stuff, no blood anywhere. Call work, "MC Okaasan no come in yesterday" weird. Back to MC, she going to school again after two days, everyone sympathy. MCs crush come up and confess, hurray. MC bittersweet feeling. MC feel something following her around at school. But it's just friend A (Titsmcgee nerd) and friend B (tomboy dyke) coming out of dark places all scary like, from MC perspective. Oniichan picks her up from school. Continues with more murder mystery, knives (for edgy), twists, etc. (Too much to post.)
That would be pretty amazing. You're right, it does seem rather implausible for this to have not happened yet.

Hot blooded mecha sitting in the control cockpit screaming with focus with a dramatic cut away to outside the cockpit where she's trying to seduce sempai or some shit.
>MC is a total westaboo teen
>His biggest dream is to live in New York and work in Marvel comics
>When he turns 20 he travels to New York to accomplish his dream, but when he's there all turns to be nothing but disappointments
>Lives in a shitty place
>Marvel doesn't hire him, because his drawings aren't that good and his use of english is bad
>Only get's a job in a McDonald's
>MC gets a lot of friends with shitty jobs, but plot doesn't develop
>After months in New York MC knows a pretty girl
>Girl turns to be a huge weeb
>Girl teaches MC the good things of superior nippon media
>MC new dream is go back to Japan and work in the Shonen Jump
>In the last episode MC goes back to Japan alongside his American GF
>Family don't accept GF because she's a filthy gaijin and Shonen Jump don't hire MC
>MC suicides

In the end the girl goes back to NY and sell the story to Hollywood, the movie is a blockbuster and the girl becomes millionaire

Setting and Characters:

Magical Girl crossed with Cyberpunk, particularly AKIRA.

MC is an aloof, slightly misanthropic, antisocial, delinequent, motorcycle-riding, longcoat-wearing loner/drifter with darkness-based powers and a black/red outfit. She travels to the city where the anime takes place, fueled by revengeance against an corrupt organization/megacorps. for nearly killing her, and kidnapping her girl friend for their own evul purposes. There she meets and befriends a girl who reminds her of her missing friend. She eventually vows to protect said girl

In her quest for revengeance, she meets and fights other MG's, including her main rival; a typical "FOR GREAT JUSTICE!" MG with light-based powers and a white/blue outfit.

Starts off as a magical girl free-for-all, with all the MG's fighting each other over their differences, and making temporary alliances to fight off the cities law-enforcment, demons from hell unleashed by the megacorps. itself.

All the MG's ride motorcycles.
It's eventually revealed that the megacorps. captured the MC's friend because she possesses a special, holy power that would give them access to a sacred realm and give them godlike power and control over the entire world.

Organization/Megacorps has created clones of MC's friend to use as weapons. It's also revealed that the girl the MC befriended earlier may or may not be one of these clones. OMG SHOCKER

The MG's eventually put aside their differences, with help from girl-who-looks-like-MC's missing friend and form a magical girl bosozoku team and vow to protect girl who may or may not be a clone of the MC's friend, and fight against the organization.

MC's friend is eventually taken away and brainwashed by the megacorps, and becomes a WMG.

Brainwashed friend goes on a rampage and wrecks some serious shit. Eventually turning against her masters and causing major damage to the city.
On their fifteen birthday ( during the festival of rebirth), it is tradition for MC's village that the group of boys born on that day set out past the village walls to learn the secrets of humanity and life. It is rare for even one person to make it back alive and when they do, that person is deemed a "non person", as they are no longer tied by the same desires or ambition that tie other humans down. Nobody knows what happens outside the walls except the non person who makes it back alive, but it makes them mute and disinterested. They are free from any social obligation and are awarded with food and other necessities for life without having to do any job. The nonperson is the symbol of what the village leaders use to show how the world outside is destructive and malicious in order to instill fear of going past the walls.MC is a 14 year old boy whose older brother is most recent in the village to come back alive. No longer speaker or responding to anyone and fading into the shadows almost 15 years ago. MC doesn't know his brother (as he wasn't even born yet) but notices him from time to time, watching him from the shadows, quiet and calm. MC and his best friend are part of the group of boys being sent out the village during the festival of rebirth and the night before they depart at dawn, MC's brother appears out of nowhere, speaking for the first time. But before he can tell MC of the dangers, his brother starts choking like he is being strangled and ends up dying. Village leaders appear few seconds later (who watched the exchange) and clean up the death with no other villagers noticing or caring as MC's brother was a nonperson. Shocked, MC vows to find out the truth of nonpersons and why they are necessary to the village as they carry no role and lack any sort of status. Along with his best friend, MC hopes to avoid the fate of nonperson.

Final fight is all the MG's against the MC's crazed friend. Eventually ending with the MC reverting her back to normal.

The megacorps and law-enforcment realize their mistakes, and what the pursuit of godhood and obsession with control has done to them.

Anime ends with the team riding off into the sunset, with a hopeful tone for the future.
Misc. info:

The being who gave the MC her powers is a loli Satan who's looking out for humanity. The other MG's got their powers from other demonic beings, with exception of the main rival, who got hers from an angelic one.
File: 1388862855545.jpg (104.62 KB, 500x387)
104.62 KB
104.62 KB JPG
File: sdgidgsdfkjl.png (15.28 KB, 985x249)
15.28 KB
15.28 KB PNG
I'd watch this 8/10.
I'm reminded of the Giver somehow. But the premise seems more immediately interesting. Would watch.
Wait all the men die? Won't there just be no men in the village after a couple of years?
But yeah I'd watch.
Every year just a handful of boys are sent, not all of them. Read it properly.
File: Militaria 2.jpg (231.07 KB, 440x695)
231.07 KB
231.07 KB JPG
I post this one from time to time.
>Taisho/Steampunkish setting
>Tomboyish MC with dreams of making her father proud and serving in the military
>Military doesn't allow females so she crops her hair short and impersonates a man to get in with the help of a friend who fakes her medical exams to look like she passed them
>Gets accepted, but her first battle results in her being seriously injured and sent to the hospital
>Wakes up to the nurse discovering her true gender
>Surprisingly, the nurse promises to keep her secret
>Turns out several of the nurses in the facility are men in drag, draft dodgers trying to get out of front-line service
>Series ends up being an action/comedy/romance in this vein
I should probably just go ahead and writefag it sometime.

No, I've never read the Monstrous Regiment, though people tell me I should.
The only boys selected are those born on the day of the festival.
I'd watch these as movies
whoops. sorry.
Would the festival day be a day picked at random every year, or would the boys born on that day know what was ahead of them for their entire lives? Would they be all trained up and stuff or would they just be ordinary people?
In the year 1984, various devices later called as Advent Keys are found in different countries around the world. These mysterious objects become closely guarded secrets, where armies and scientists alike seek to find out its relevance in the world.

Flash forward to 2014. After the discovery of the first Advent Key in the southernmost tip of South America, eighteen countries reveal their newest military technology: Advents, little girls who have developed a certain attunement to certain Advent Keys that allow them to transform into more powerful beings. Among the eighteen Advents is Ume Suzukaze, a 15-year-old girl who despite being a confidential asset to the Japanese military was still given a chance to live a normal life.

During the start of a typical school day, Ume is sidetracked on her way to school when she sees two girls wearing familiar outfits fighting each other—these two are later identified as Belgium's Angelique Leopold and Italy's Gioia Garibaldi.

Basically the story is a magical girl story, but with the girls treated as military assets handled by a country's government. All of the Advents will have surnames based on the names of each country's active navy units.
>Tomboyish MC
I'd watch it.
>Consider adding "If dubs will writefag"
>Nah nobody cares
>Get double doubles
Welp, guess I know what I'm doing this weekend.
Traditional haremshit, but the MC is an outstanding singer while one of the girls is mute. That difference makes them interested in each other, who they are and how they live with their particularity.
Halfway through the plot, though, the MC's voice starts to go to shit, and he loses popularity. Why his singing is getting so bad while it was really top-class is unexplained, and most of his comrages think he's making a terrible joke, or just wants to drop the singing club with a lame excuse or something. Either way, the flock of girls that was around him gets smaller and smaller by the day. Of course, there is one that won't move away from him: the mute girl. It's even the contrary, as she is really intrigued by the way his voice has changed.
One or two episode later, the spectator realises the MC is going deaf at an alarming speed, and already almost is (he'll be totally deaf by the end of the month or earlier). As his new reputation has sent him into solitude, he's still worried about whether he should tell it or not. If he does, he will probably regain a little bit of reputation, but also will be treated with pity, which he does not want. That said, he can't hold the truth much longer, as when he'll be totally deaf he won't be able to keep it a secret.
The girl, who was mute since birth, has always been fascinated by how the voice works, and could see there was something really wrong with how he used his. He hasn't been coming to school for two days now, and she really is curious and worried. Considering her voice won't help her and that text just doesn't cut it, she decides she has to him herself. It's raining heavily, and the MC's house is both open and empty. After hesitating quite a bit, she starts sneezing, and decides to enter. As she enters the house, she sees some torn paper on the ground. Curious, she takes it, and reads the latest diagnosis from MC's doctor.

Continued in a next post.
Anon who wrote the plot here. I imagine the setting to be set in historical times, rather than modern times. The date remains the same each year so the boys would know their whole lives what awaits them. Families raise their child with distance in order to not feel as much pain when the time arrives to let them go. MC's family was just really unlucky that both their children were born on that day but unlike his older brother, they didn't act cold and distant toward him. They believe it is their fate and that it is essential to the village's welfare (ingrained by the village leaders). Also families with children born on that day are awarded, so some even hope that their child is born on that day. The Festival itself is a huge celebration to honor the boy's sacrifice even though only the other villagers participate in the fun while the boys and their families feel dread and try to pretend to be enjoying themselves while awaiting until dawn.

I hope I make sense.
Top fucking kek.
Shocked as she may be, the revelation has only made her desire to know more intense. But as she strenghens her resolution, the thunder takes surprises her. Now that she thinks about it, where's MC? And why was his house open? Does it have something to do with how he's going deaf?
As she wonders, MC comes back home, is surprises and understands suddenly what happens here. That said, he doesn't get mad, and invites her in (even though she's already in). He offers her some hot drink to help the cold she might have gotten under the rain. He explains he had known for two or three months already, but it wasn't too bad until recently. After his singing had gone to shit, he had quickly seen his doctor, who managed to get the very precise diagnosis: he would be nearly totally deaf by midnight, one week away from then. He then asks her to leave, as he'd rather stay alone for that. She looks for a paper and a pen in order to answer, but he quickly changes his mind and grabs her arm. He'd like her to stay, if she can teach him how to use the sign language, and read on lips. After all, she should know. So she does, and so she accepts.
After a few days, about a week, of training, learning and teaching each other (sorry I'm skipping on some drama and relationship-enhancing stuff, I haven't planned this shit out), the girl comes to MC's home with a sad face. Today's the day the doctor indicated. She sneaks on him fairly easily, and tries to make some noise. As she gradually increases the noise, MC still is oblivious to her presence. While she furiously stomps her feet on the ground, she starts crying silently. The doctor had been optimistic, MC was already deaf. It's only because of the vibration caused by her stomping that he realises she's here. He knows why she's crying. Their discussions had been silent, but the silence of yesterday might as well have been a chorus, as compared to today's silence.

End next post.
She wipes off her tears and stares at her feet. He gives a little shout to catch her attention and spells silently "Thank you for everything. I'll be forever in your debt for staying with me this week and helping me this much. I'm prepared to face the world, now.".
She can see he's genuinely happy and thankful, yet she still had a question. "When you got your diagnostic, where did you go, leaving the door open?", she spells. "Finding you, because I knew there would be nobody who would understand me half so well as you", he calmly spells. "T-that's embarassing... But I guess you're right", she silently mumbles. "Yeah... Well, there's that and...", he spells. "And what?", she presses without a word. "And I wanted to ask you to stay with me... for more than a week", he timidly spells. "I-is this a confession?", her lips read. "It is. I love you.", his lips read. And as he finishes spelling it, her lips read his.

Later this day, as the moon raises, they sit near to the window in his room. She is surprised by an howling animal she can't see in the street. He doesn't understand why she got startled, and so she explains. He then nudges her shoulder to grab her attention, and spells a request. She blushes, and tries to silently talk him out of it, but quickly agrees, as after all, this day is special for him. And she starts singing silently the first song he heard him sing. As she finishes, he smiles, teary-eyed, and spells "You're the best singer there is, in my opinion."

That's it. Sorry for the long fanfic-tier shit, I kinda wanted to write it down, so it's good to get it out.
I'd really love to see that kind of story more in animes. I know it's pretty average, but it still touches me, personally.
File: 1376713604330.jpg (40.40 KB, 641x480)
40.40 KB
40.40 KB JPG
>nothing in this thread can take on Cross X Chaos

Just hand me the crown me already faggots.

You can't out edge a former Sasuke and longtime Shadow fan.
So it's pronounced cross cross chaos?
That's pretty damn edgy.
the story of a successful black man who gets lost in the ghetto and has to fight using his new gunslinger power to get home
>a successful black man
>has to fight to get home
So a sports anime that turns into a battle anime?
SoL romcom about a yandere who fell in love with Death.

The yandere keeps killing people just so she could meet with Death every time he goes to Earth to pick up the victim's souls. Death finds her uncomfortable because he's a fucking skeleton so how the fuck are they supposed to work out?

Hijinks ensue, there could be angels and devils and the apocalypse to put in some edge there, maybe Death gets feelings for the girl but then finds out God judged her to death and hell because of all the murders she'd done, so he runs away with the girl to escape God's wrath.

Death must be voiced by Wakamoto.
The X was kind of a play on shipping.

The twins and their clash, futuristic swords everywhere

Apocalypse, Doomsday, war, the true power of the twins if unleashed on each other

Symbolism run fucking rampant in the title alone.

I don't think anyone would ready for how completely ridiculous and shameless this is.

And that was literally just the synopsis faggots.
A scottish semon demon joins a pop band and she trys and get has much dick as possible, in japan.

It shall be called CHVRCHES: The Animation
nah it is a nigga anime cuz dis nigga shit is cash all the foshizzle of time
A demon turns a boy into a girl. To become male again, she'll have to drain the essence of 10 males, which is naturally done by giving them a blowjob. However, transformation changed her body, but not her spirit, which means while she looks like a girl, on a subconscious level people still react to her as a guy. As a result she is unable to get a guy to be interested in her. Worse, girls are still interested in her, and being a main character she naturally attracts a harem who try to further sabotage her efforts.
A 13-episode anime about a cynical, pessimistic girl who has just moved to the town where the story takes place. She decides to pretend to be some kind of manic pixie dream girl to teach the socially retarded, introverted guy in her class about how to improve his life.

Every episode is split into two parts. The first part is told from the point of view of the girl in the form of diary entries. The plot in her part is told mostly in broad strokes, and don't much expand on the details. Her parts contain a lot of monologues about the way the story is going, and dialogues rarely appear (sometimes a character speaks, and there are back and forth between characters, but there's never any with the girl herself). The second part is then told from the POV of MC, and is more details heavy than the girl's parts. In these parts, it is played up how there's something off about the girl, and how she never really lets anyone, even MC, get really close to her.

Eventually though, the girl starts falling for MC. She still tries to keep him at arm's length because she has a terminal disease and she treats herself as already dead but her resistance weakens as she falls for him and around episode 9, she becomes MC's girlfriend. She still keeps most of the details about her life secret from MC, and he lets her be, reasoning to himself that she'll tell him when she's ready.
In episode 12, on the night before her date with MC, she finally decides to tell him about her terminal disease, how she actually moved to the town and away from her parents to numb herself, and that she only decided to help the guy so that she can tell herself when her time comes that her life had worth. She bids her diary goodnight, and part 1 ends. Then part 2 of episode 12 begins, showing MC in a dark room browsing through her diary. He recounts the events that have happened since that last diary entry: how she never arrived on their date, how she wouldn't answer calls, and then how he finally finds out about her death a day later. He is torn over her death and locks himself in his room. He only comes out for her funeral, where the diary is given to him by the girl's parents. He closes her diary, and reflects on all the things she tried to teach him so he could live a fuller life. He then decides to live his fullest for the girl's sake. The episode ends with him opening the door, and the light pouring into his room.

Episode 13 is an epilogue set two years later, with MC just having gotten into college. It is told in a manner similar to the girl's narration in her diaries. MC addresses the diary entry to the girl, and tells her that he has been doing his best to live up to the all the effort the girl went through to teach him. He then proceeds to narrate the rest of his day. It then ends with him standing in front of her grave stone with some flowers. He places the flowers on her grave and then tells her that he'll "see her tomorrow".
The most horrible 13 year old edgemaster the universe has ever seen must go on a journey to collect the 12 magical lolis and save the earth(which he will then destroy because he hates everyone).

As the lolis pile up, their healing nature begins breaking down his shitty character. Time actually warps so that his stupid past is slowly replaced with something else.

At the end, the 12 magical lolis merge into a magical christmas cake and molest the MC.
Oh boy, I'd actually watch that.
GTA San Andreas:The Anime

Can't wait to see some black guy gangbanging ballas
Oh boy. Now I want to watch this shit.
>>after a while he realizes that the loli and the town never really existed
>>an hero
shyamaalsnam pls
A god creates a divine "daughter", and send her to earth, where she has to do miracles to convince people to believe in her father because he's losing a war against another god, and the number of people believing in him is decreasing.

11 episodes of cute girl doing cute things, like defeating monsters, traveling to hell to get a soul back, and being groped by other girls.

Last episode her father calls her, and tells her she did a good job.
She laughs, tells him people don't believe in him, they believe in her, and his last believer is an old man who is going to die now, and she's going to take his place as goddess because she has the power of faith.
I would have gone with names that are impossible for japanese people to pronounce. Since we already have L, Light, L-Elf, and Lelouch in that vain.

Same here

You went overboard dude. What about the psycho killer at the beggining? Was he one of the aliens? Did he make all this happen (even the gay dude)? Think about that.

Would watch huepic/10

Loli an ilussion?

What a twest

A SOL comedy about two rival ramen shops in the same shopping district. They compete over anything and everything from attracting customers to perfecting ramen recipes, to repainting their shop signs and seeing who can open their shop fastest each morning.

Both shops have a new employee, one guy and one girl, who fall in love. Their tale follows the plot structure of Romeo and Juliet complete with all the death and blood that the original story contains.

In the end it takes the deaths of two star cross'd lovers to show the ramen shops that their competition isn't worth the lives of innocents.

Somewhere toward the end, the Prince character would look out over the scene of suicide and tears, then he would look up into a raining night sky and whisper, "With reckless love is this feud undone." and then a single tear would run down his cheek.
loli dragons do cute girl and dragon things, like dancing together and decimating cities to take their gold.
Oh god, this would be magnificent.
I can't fucking breathe.


Shouldn't have laughed.

Did anyway.
I have no image for how hard I'm laughing right now.

> Assuming that people sucking is actually bad

Otherwise would watch 19/10

No bad ending for him or something?

Either way, ww (would watch)
Has there ever been an anime about a foreigner living in Japan?

Pretty good actually. Would observe thorughly.


What else!?!!??! I want to know!!!!!!!!!

What is beyond the walls!? Would contemplate
Would watch with the force of a thousand suns. I would actually pay money for BD's when they came out.
MC is typical japanese high school boy, but with dark past; his twin brother died at birth. As self punishment, MC decided to live out his life as an angsty teen. On a particularly angsty day, a loli appears and informs him he belongs to an extinct race of people who can summon magical weapons, and that he must fight others of his race, who happen to be evil and are killing people.

MC can summon dual swords, called "Hatred" and "Darkness" which are powered by hatred and darkness. Every battle is accompanied by appropriate scremo OST and ends with MC winning. After each victory, MC gives out a speech about how maybe he is the evil one and the world doesn't deserve to be saved, but he ends up slashing the enemy anyway.

One day, a guy with shield appears. Naturally, MC looses but somehow survives. MC sighs at the irony of someone like him being allowed to live, and becomes even angrier. This hatred powers up his sword even more, so he defeats the shield guy. The loli then appears again, and reveals her master plan; the MC was used as a pawn to exterminate the extinct race, who were actually the good guys. MC then kills her in anger and cuts his own wrists.

> Dat ending


Then god-dad kills her instantly for her insolence, absorbs the faith, gets killed because faith/holy bomb prepared for her in this case (gods being sorta omniscient/instinctivelly), god-dad explodes dramatically, other god and his hordes are on their way to invade/crush/conquer Earth. Old man who was about to die gets leftovers of faith power because of believing in god-dad, becomes god-killer, cliffhanger Bolivian Army Ending

The tear forms part of the ultimate ramen plate which is made by the union of both ramen shops

8/10 would appreciate
Rate me /a/:

MC is trapped inside a Virtual Reality MMORPG on the day of it's release. The game is like this: there is a town behind a tall wall and some huge human-like creatures called "Titans" are attacking it. The MC now must slay all the Titans in order to log out...
This is good, would watch.
MC get killed everytime and is aware of his reincarnation. also has memories of his past life.

Now he's struggling to find the reason behind the mystery
Set in a fantasy world where humans are at war with demons, MC is a beta loser whilst his childhood friend is an overpowered mary sue. MC resents his childhood friend and he gets even more irritated when she gets chosen as part of the elite 5, a band of heroes that is destined to take down the demon lord.

So here is the MC feeling sorry for himself when a girl pops up out of nowhere telling him to take revenge on her behalf. She introduces himself as the MC's old imaginary friend, a friend that he had forgotten because of the childhood friend.

The imaginary friend is initially MC's source of inspiration, she helps him win fights he shouldn't have won, she cheers him up whenever he is depressed etc

But as we go on the imaginary friend will the be the villain of the story, she whispers bad shit into MCs ears and he gets more violent, more edgier and more cold. He ends up with the reputation as a brutal underworld killer notorious for his ability to execute anyone at anytime.

and that's when good old demon lord(some loli who's not really that good at her job) contacts the MC to get rid of the elite 5.
12 year old girl gets rewarded by the gods with immortality, agelessness and superhuman strength, on a centuries-spanning quest to find a way to remove that blessing and finally die.
File: all girls are traps.jpg (75.90 KB, 594x609)
75.90 KB
75.90 KB JPG
Do it
Planescape: Torment the anime?
I still wait for the day where they mash up anime.
Asuka meeting Louise. Lain meeting Ginko. Hei meeting Reiji Azuma etc.
In a world where from time to time, supernaturally-powered people appear and tear public order a new one, a man's best friend since university returns from a long work break as a superpowered fuckwit who can mind control people. While trying to figure out what happened and sucking up to his newly god-powered buddy, he learns that Heaven really Is A Place On Earth and that God is a complete moron handing out superpowers like candy to anyone 'willing to work hard enough to ascend into Heaven'.

He thus heads out on his own mission to reach Heaven, to destroy it so that this shit stops happening. Bible references replace any sort of sensible theme, he whores himself out to St. Peter to get into Heaven, Lucifer hangs out with him from time to time and informs him that his job's basically being done for him, both on the fuck-humans part and the destroy-Heaven part.
Also St. Peter is a cute little girl and Lucifer is a milf.
>cute things doing cute girls
Dude, no. How'm I gonna get any sales or create jiffworthy scenes without representing an asexual's horrific experiences sucking dick to get into Heaven?
MC is an immature chunnibyou 29 year old that wholeheartedly believes he'll become a wizard if he hits 30 as a virgin.

Due to circumstances, he ends up temporarily managing a hot spring resort owned by his family.

The resort is staffed by girls that conform to a wide variety of fetishes and they all seem to want his penis.

Hilarity ensues as he tries to make his 30th birthday a virgin to acquire the power of a wizard.

As he gets closer, the girls become tempting and even forceful. Eventually, they give up and try to kill him.

Wizards do exist in this world as evil and sadistic beings who kill for pleasure, corrupted by the influence of magic.

The girls are all apart of a group that attempts to nip a potential wizard in the bud, or kill them before they can change.
10/10 would watch
>cute girls doing cute girls
>MC gets a harem
>MC has sex with his harem
File: 1376508938120.jpg (46.08 KB, 360x360)
46.08 KB
46.08 KB JPG
Would watch.
I created this a while ago on a similar thread.
File: LW399.jpg (215.08 KB, 996x840)
215.08 KB
215.08 KB JPG
Someone needs to make an anime where the MC's only power is that he must walk on ceilings every time he enters a closed structure.

MC's best buddy can only ever stand on walls when inside a closed structure.

MC has fallen in love with a girl who has an irrational fear of being outdoors, so they can never meet or talk normally.

The MC has a childhood friend who loves him deeply, but her secret of having to stand up while sleeping makes it impossible for the two to cuddle tenderly, essentially throwing a wrench into any potential relationship.

MC's rival in love is a guy who can only walk on floors. He's an asshole.

MC's rival has a really rich sister who is the object of worship of every man in the city. However, she only has eyes for the MC, and aspires to one day walk on ceilings with him with suction-cup shoes. She has bolted steel sheets on the ceiling of her home, and has a pair of special magnetic pink slippers for home use.

MC's parents are both astronauts, and regret never being able to spend time with their son because of their work on the moon.

MC's imouto can't walk or stand, but can run just fine. Every morning she helps her onii-chan in a high-paced wake-up routine. She cooks, cleans, washes clothes, and everything a good imouto does... while running. When she goes to school, she can't run in the halls, so everyone thinks she is a cripple when she goes to school in a wheel chair.

MC’s last name is Escher
MC is a quiet shy girl who has a hard time making friends (and her face is never shown/covered). A social and extrovert girl comes along and they become friends and go through the joys and challenges of friendship.

Then, surprise! Turns out the social girl was being her friend as a mean joke or whatnot and MC goes through stages of depression.
She ends up strangling the girl to death and the final episode shows her watching the news report on the death.

Its lame, I know
That's kinda good actually.
MC freshly became a magical girl
She uses her powers to fight crime and evil, eventually meeting another magical girl who helps her.
They fight against an evil criminal overlord, controlling most of the drug trade, human trafficking and so on in their city.
Sometimes his lackeys use magic too, but it's not a rule.
Eventually the girls encounter a woman who easily overpowers them both with her magics, and as per usual tells them that they're still very weak, but it's for their own good - the older a magical girl gets, the stronger she gets, and the stronger she gets the more she changes into a complete psychopath.
Then government agency gets involved and so on.
In a world where high stakes gamblers bet imoutos instead of money, there exists a god of gambling who has won enough Imoutos to form his own city...Imouto City

this is a story about these imoutos, not the god of gambling

sorry I'm typing this on a phone
no brother would bet his imouto
This is a new era of the internet where people can literally share their emotions and thoughts directly. MC's friends and siblings became slowly more addicted to the new web until incidents of people never waking up popped up. MC's little sister was one of the victims and seems to be trapped in the new web indefinitely along with many others across the world.
MC tried to save his little sister but as soon as she showed signs of waking up, it spelled doom for humanity. The collective mind of everyone trapped in the new internet felt threatened to lose a person's thoughts and feelings. The bodies who are trapped in the web are no longer in a coma like state and are acting as a single unit that are now forcing others into their collective thoughts.
Oh damn I'd share my feelings with some people here and hard.
Main protag becomes the unstoppable force when moving
Main girl becomes the immovable object when standing still
Main protag is a total badass who doesn't take shit from anyone, just walks through everyone and traffic because he can't be stopped, things move out of the way for him due to being the unstoppable force.

Then one day, just like any regular day he's walking to school and WHAM, he comes to a dead stop. The girl is standing there looking lost and hasn't even noticed him, because once she stands still she can't be moved.
File: 1377933538316.jpg (54.73 KB, 750x563)
54.73 KB
54.73 KB JPG
>I daresay none in all of fanfic could forge a sharper blade.

Ten out of fucking ten
>3 mythical dragons get super wasted off eating drunk people
>One of them pisses while in midflight
>Man gets hit by piss
>Makes it his mission to piss in that dragon's face in revenge
>Infinite beer commercials to fund the show
>implying the immovable object could stop the unstoppable force

They would go through each other
No they could cancel each other out, well not technically. The unstoppable force would technically still be accelerating but not moving in a 3D space.

No clue how the rest would go though. Maybe the guy is a fucking terrorist to his town and they realize the girl is the only thing that can stop him.
Oh how about this! Because she is immovable, her HEART can't be moved either. She's reluctant to help because she doesn't care.
high school for charming lovable monsters

it will be called x-men
How about a high school for traps, called Ex-Men.
Ordinary, high school MC gets transported to an magical fantasy world and told he is the chosen one with special powers or some shit, has to help restore the throne to the true king and defeat the forces of evil controlling the kingdom ect ect, all standard stuff.

The good news is that MC is very intelligent, a capable fighter with whatever powers he has, charismatic, determined and a good leader generally - all the qualities needed.

The bad news is that MC also happens to be a committed Marxist-Leninist.

A few episodes in, he escapes from his "allies" (who he sees as merely one side of the same monarchist, imperialist coin) into a city which is beginning to experience early industrialization. There, he eagerly begins to preach socialist doctrine to the workers and radicalize them. He ruthlessly expands his power base and agitates the masses - his only guide in this is a copy of Lenin's "What is to be done" that got teleported along with him in his school bag. Eventually he sparks a three-way civil war between the forces of evil, the true heirs to the throne and his own Peoples Liberation Army, eventually emerging victorious over a war-torn and ravaged kingdom, which quickly becomes a Union of socialist republics.

He discovers to his horror that the neighboring kingdom has undergone a similar upheaval, at the hands of another girl from his school who was also transported into the magical realm and has organized society through Fascist ideology. Season 2 is the war between them.
humanity as such has already ceased to exist a long time ago, when people began to transfer their minds into a network similar to the internet. Over virtual bodies in the net and artificial ones in the real word the identity of people still evolves individually and even the creating of new A.I (thus "children") is possible... humanity didn't get destroyed, the biological life just got obsolete... Due to some unknown reason the net access fails and the minds are now not directly connected anymore and limited to their artificial bodies... after the chaos stopped for the most part tensions arise over time as minority wants to stay this way and the others desperately wishes to connect again. The MC investigates the allegations of officials claiming biological fundamentalists want to turn back the current society into its "natural" state, but discovers the preparations for dissolving the minds of mankind into one big unity, fulfilling the obsessive dream of perfect harmony, in the progress
The even worse news is that MC has no powers and everyone is bullshitting him since he has to be seen as a hero to be a fitting sacrifice for the Powers.
10/10 would marathon
Harem anime, except the harem is one girl with multiple personalities disorder. Can the MC court her various split personalities without falling prey to the yandere ones?
Harem anime where the harem consists of a childhood friend, MC's worried elder sister, a tsundere short-haired girl and a complete psychopath yandere. The latter two only exist in MC's imagination and he never learns until the final episodes.
And here I thought I had seen this before.
-MC is a beta faggot who can only laugh and scratch his head with a sweat drop every time someone confronts him.

-Tsundere girl falls on him from the sky for no logical reason. And soon after gets kidnapped by the enemy.

- MC tries to get her back even though she was a colossal bitch to him the entire time, but realizes he's even a bigger loser than he first appeared and fails.

-Then other chicks come to massage his ego because he's feeling down from being so useless and unable to save the tsundere girl (ignoring the fact that people usually stay away from losers.)

-Eventually the MC barely pulls through and saves the tsundere girl, with the help from all the blowjobs he got from other girls, for no other reason than him being the only 'good guy' male character in the story.

-In the end he graduates from beta to zeta and realizes he can't tell s single girl he loves here, even though they all want his cock, and transforming in to a permavirgin for the rest of his life.

The End
I would watch the fuck out of this
Would watch.
>implying a family means shit to a yakuza
Not sure if this is ironic, edgy and/or dumb.
>MC is a beta faggot
>Edgy Plotline
read the OP.
Six people are standing in a hospital room. They have been meeting in room 543 of that certain town's childrens hospital. They have been coming here for orders all for some time now. A child, wheelchair bound but still functionally able, has amassed each of these people for their skills, and also their crimes. The MC is one of these people, having commited some sort of terrible warcrime or rape, whatever, it doesnt matter. these people are shitty people. Though, the missions they go on are always locally based, the group end up going against rival crime groups, the police and prettty much dismantle the whole town by the end of the series. At the last episode, the MC has now disobeyed one of the kid's orders for some reason, so the kid has his family destroyed/firebombed/melted/iron otokojuku tub/ stoned to death. The MC, turns on the leader,killing most of his crew mates but not all. during the fighting the kids reveals that this is all his keikaku that he goes to different towns in the world and weeds out all the scum, by doing this to people. He also reveals where he gets all the money/ intel aswell in some exposition. During the fighting, he stands up and runs to his chauffeur

Second season is finding the next place. |With the s1 mc coming back. BUT NOW ITS PERSONAL
>Virus slowly turns people into razor sharp edges
>once they are completely edged they break apart and their parts go into 1 giant edge crystal
>Not everyone is affected in fact only a few of them
>Our main character is a cunt that just enjoys doing his job of being a sadistic police man
>well he's investigating the shit and ends up having to take care and protect someone who's turning into edges
>she claims a man keeps coming to talk to her
>eventually he saves her life by getting her to shoot him by pretending to be the man
>her edginess disappears
>the man suddenly sees Jesus from Saints Young Men
>Explains that it's his official second coming and the edgy pillar is actually a divine place where those that can overcome suffering with good deeds will be allowed to
>So the main character dies
>Time skip of the main character with the woman playing with a kid that it can be implied is theirs
>shot out to the outside of the edgy pillar which is now perfectly smooth
>the Earth is barren and devoid of life

This sounds as comfy as fuck, would love to watch
File: 1386048395563.png (198.03 KB, 372x528)
198.03 KB
198.03 KB PNG
>Your plot must be good.
would give season 2 a try so fucking hard.
File: 1387376675695.png (405.74 KB, 488x580)
405.74 KB
405.74 KB PNG
Write the worst romance story I possibly can, but make sure the LN has a high word count so that gaia-tier writers will say its a masterpiece.

Deliberately invoke every cliche I can think of (lead girl is generic tsundere, mc is generic emo bitch, etc) then pull an incest end so that edgyfags will hail it as the greatest love story ever told.
That is pretty fucking good
A Slice-of-Life anime set in somalia where all the characters are middle schoolers trying to be pirates.
File: Chuck E.jpg (64.97 KB, 1024x303)
64.97 KB
64.97 KB JPG
>In the far future, the declining economy has led to a revamp of how society works. Oddly enough, the model economy used for the new Japan is Chuck E. Cheeses.
>New Japan is a meritocracy, where people can only buy food, money, and supplies with credits won by Skee-ball, video games, basketball, and various gambling games, among others.
>Our MC is a girl who fails miserably at all of them. Homeless and often broke, she is about to commit suicide when she sees an old man clad in tickets.
>The Ticket Sage, as he calls himself, is a revolutionary intent on destroying the Chuckocracy. To this end, he requires a disciple.
>He makes an agreement with her - if she helps him out, he will teach her how to win against others in credit games and to ultimately win the top 999 billion credit prize: godhood.

So imagine Kill la Kill with arcade theme instead of a school uniform theme. And, yes, she eventually fights the anamatronic band too.
>Show is about a family that gets body-swapped
>Family consists of a working stiff dad, stay-at-home mom, highschool son, and loli daughter.
>Dad swaps with daughter
>Mom swaps with son
>General chaos and confusion with gender roles at the start
>They eventually settle into their new roles
>Son now has to learn house-keeping skills
>Mom creates highschool harem in her son's body because she knows what young girls like
>Daughter has to commute to and from her dad's work so he doesn't get fired.
>Dad is overall enjoying the situation as he now has the least responsibility
>Dad attends primary school in his daughter's body
>Dad is telling the daughter how to put together finance reports over the phone during arts-and-crafts time
>Teachers are astounded by the daughter's (dad's) newfound intelligence
>It'll be a running gag that the dad is skipped up a few grades every few episodes
>When they all finally get swapped back the dad will have graduated from highschool in his daughter's body
>Son will be able to maintain his harem with his new housekeeping skills and his now slightly more feminine outlook on life
>Mom and Dad return to their daily lives with some peace of mind, after having a nice little vacation from it all
>Daughter is relieved to finally be back in a position where she doesn't get strange looks for drinking from a juice-box
>And in the end, they all earn a deeper respect for one another
>The major theme discussed will obviously be gender roles
The MC is a normal guy with a dark secret: he secretly wants to be a rapper. However, he has possibly the worst voice for singing ever.

One day, he discovers that his childhood friend, who previously expressed her distaste for rap music, has a perfect voice for rapping. Together, the two set out to be the Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis of Japan.

Guest stars include Yeezus, Pharrell Williams, Juicy J, and Andre 3000.
I'd watch the fuck out of it.
Go away.
>Gods of all the religions gathers in a Valhalla kind of place
>they wonder if humankind is worth of keep living or if the should destroy the world
>as a way to judge the humankond, they send one of the most righteous gods to earth
>to do this, he must take the body of a person who is about to die
>since he doesn't know how humans work, he ends up killing his mortal vessel at the end of the episode
>the bodies he takes ranges from all the kind anime cliches (pervert, hikkikomori, fujoishi, tsundere, loli, mid 20's something)
>as the story progress, he becomes more and more attached to the way of living of the humans
>now he must decide if he wants to return to the world of gods or stay in the world of humans
>to make it more interesting, the final body he must take so he can stay is the body of a newborn girl who is about to die in 4 days
>Title: Subtle Imperfections
>Either explicit or subtext yuri with het on the side.

>Rich girl MC, home-schooled by tutors and essentially cut off from others of her age (except for the maids, which range anywhere from loli to middle-aged).
>The one thing her parents' money can't buy her is true human affection.
>MC is a huge playboy among the maids, who are all smitten by her perfection (beautiful, intelligent, romantic, well-mannered, athletic, plays several instruments, etc).
>Her only friend is an orphaned loli maid who she helps to feel loved.
>Despite everything else, MC is miserable.

>MC skips a lesson one day to stroll the mansion gardens.
>Runs into a strange girl hiding out on the property.
>They talk and MC finds out that the girl is homeless and has been living in the garden, sneaking food and living in the shed.
>Girl is an exceedingly cheerful person despite having nothing.
>MC takes a liking to her personality and tells her to come meet her parents.
>Hijinks ensue, homeless girl runs off thinking she'll get in trouble - cue search of the mansion.
>Finally brings girl to her parents, MC demands that she be allowed to live with them.
>All are surprised, parents hesitantly agree.
>The two grow closer as MC learns what it's like to have a friend and former-homeless girl learns what it's like to be cared for.

>Oblivious of their relationship, parents set up an arranged marriage for MC when she turns 19.
>MC obviously into girls, doesn't even know her fiance, drama etc.
>Meets fiance for the first time, he's actaully a really nice guy, but he doesn't want the marriage either.
>While at MC's mansion, fiance glimpses one of the maids and instantly falls head-over-heels.
>After much drama, marriage is called off and MC and former-homeless girl stay together.
>Former-fiance and loli maid are fully in love. He offers to take her with him, but she decided to stay with MC as a friend until she's old enough to marry him.
Damn, that sounds revolutionary and genre-breaking, while being cute and funny. Would watch, buy, recommend.
Go away.
Cute girls doing manly things
As a final detail, mc god is voiced by norio wakamoto, and everu perspn he takes over will inherite his voice
best maguka
Hey buddy! I think you've got the wrong door.

Little girls tea time is just down the corner. >>100052631
>MC's rival in love is a guy who can only walk on floors.
>He's an asshole.
I don't know why but I laughed.
Sounds good.
Fantasy version of The Giver?
>Unwilling harem victim
Would watch
He said 13 episodes, not two seasons.
The anime follows an unnamed, self-insert vagrant with intellectual leanings, probably in his late teens, who wanders the streets of Tokyo, in pursuit of nourishment. Over four episodes he meets a number of more or less mysterious persons, the most notable being a tsundere girl, with whom he engages in a mild degree of physical intimacy. intimacy. He exhibits a self-created code of chivalry, giving money and clothes to needy children and vagrants, not eating food given to him, and turning himself in for stealing. Essentially self-destructive, he thus falls into traps of his own making, and with a lack of food, warmth and basic comfort, his body turns slowly to ruin. Overwhelmed by hunger, he scrounges for meals. His social, physical and mental state are in constant decline. However, he has no antagonistic feelings towards 'society' as such, rather he blames his fate on 'Kami-sama' or a divine world order. He vows not to succumb to this order and remains 'a foreigner in life', haunted by 'nervousness, by irrational details'. Finally, as the anime comes to close, when his existence is at an absolute ebb, he signs on to the crew of a ship leaving the city.
Make him wear a fedora and die in the end and I'll buy it.
Done and done.
alternative history.Victorian age.Lots of chemical warfare.In battlefield you have to wear gasmasks because air is not breathable there.Constant and long trench battles fuck up every country.Glorious prussia funds new program to shorten wars.They put engine on soldiers which allow them to jump towards forward very fast.They produce 8 of this gear but because inventor dies in fire and plans are lost they stop it.They pick best soldiers in country and create special force.During battles they send them to strategic places or give specific objectives like kill the commander or destroy supply line.Special group disbands and gives back their gear back when the war is over.Commander of them starts private security company.During one of their jobs they meets with son of inventor.They ask him to make them engines instead of payment.Son of inventor agrees and joins the group.He produces new version of engine.It is technically inferior however it has more modern stuff on it.After goverment learns that there is new version of engine they try to get the guy.Ex-specials and newly created specials fight.Only commander survives.He burns every document about it and destroy both old and new engines.He takes his own engine however then starts to kill people from government.After he kills everyone responsible he destroys his own gear and he goes to russia and starts to live in small town.
This is like 1-2 season.First season for war parts.Second season for after war.I have ideas for 3 season too.
>Edgy tier

>Cute high-school girls decide to join the military so that they have enough money to go to foreign university
>Next couple of episodes are the typical cute girls doing cute things except with military trappings
>Halfway through, news comes in that war has broken out
>Next two episodes are the male cast getting smaller and smaller as men are sent to the front, never to return
>Eventually, the main cast is given cross-training in ATGM's and general infantry skills
>They're sent to the front
>Cute girls doing cute shit for a few more episodes
>Finally their trench is attacked
>First girl is killed by shrapnel from an enemy tank that they missed with the ATGM
>Second girl is killed by a 7,62 round to the throat, gurgling as she dies
>Third girl tells the last one to get back to base and tell them the line has fallen as she pulls out a grenade
>Last girl is captured as a POW on the way back to base
>Beaten savagely, rape is insinuated
>Last episode is her getting freed by US troops which are sent to retake Okinawa
>Title is Red Dragon Rising
Anyone wanna start doing mass reviews?
The MC is granted a wish by a genie or something. He wishes to be sugoi no matter what. Now he fights crime.

But then his allies realize he's the cause of all the larger disasters. He becomes an villain and beats the shit out of them.

Tons of self aware cliches.
A guy goes to the bathroom and the whole anime is literally just his thoughts and different scenarios of how his life could have been or could be.
Why not have an anime where the MC is a genie, writing down memoirs inside of his lamp, waiting for it to be rubbed again.
Which won't happen anytime soon because it's been tossed into the sea and rests under a rock.
>waiting for it to be rubbed again
Couldn't he just rub one out himself?
He does that from time to time.
>"oh well. wank break"
>"where was i... oh yes"
pedestrian harem rom-com

>every character except the plain MC is a tsundere
>his classmates, his younger sister, his older sister
>his parents
>his classmates
>his teacher
File: 1373682490291.png (11.55 KB, 1316x116)
11.55 KB
11.55 KB PNG
I liked this one from a while back.
>spiky white hair
>red eyes
>MC is an angel that turns into a demon at night time
>he falls in love with the angel queen AND demon queen
>power levels
>childhood friend dies
A group of friends playing a spaceship simulator one day are suddenly contracted by an interstellar nation to pilot their best and most advanced spaceship to do battle against another interstellar nation that they are at war with. They concede because the first group says that the other is trying to invade and capture Earth.

plot twist: They find out on the 12th episode that the nation they were contracted by is actually trying to destroy Earth.

plot twist 2: SPACE PIRATES!
>Not having their mascot be a dog
>childhood friend gets resurrected by being possessed by the queen of blades
>at this point, the MC is ridiculously powerful and practically unkillable
>queen of blades is tsundere and flays him instead of slapping/punching him
>childhood friend wins
pls yes
>transformers the anime

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