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Alright, so to start off, there are a fuckton of spoilers for both SnK and FMA:B (I never watched the first one so I don't know about that)

Reading through the SnK manga I've noticed a decent amount of similarities between the two animes/mangas.

>Dead mother, missing father
I didn't think I have to explain much but:
Eren's mom is killed, and his dad just sorta disapeared afterwards.
Edward and Alphonse lost their mother to disease sometime after their father left to go do someshit(I forgot, it was a long time ago)

>The german theme
Edward and Alphonse are both germanic names. Their military leader is a fucking fuhrer. That whole Aryan thing with the blond eyes and blue hair. Also, apparently they end up in WW2 in one of the movies. The other characters in FMA have some not-so-germanic names, so maybe I'm wrong.(Hint: I'm not)
If I have to explain why SnK has german themes to you, you are fucking retarded.

>Power Trio
This is not something that big a deal because many anime/manga does this but its a similarity no less.
For FMA we have: Edward, Alphonse and Winrey.
For SnK we have: Eren, Armin, and Mikasa.

>Main character with Forbidden Power:
In FMA the main characters Edward and Alphonse did the taboo and can now transmute without the circles.
Eren can transform into a titan.

>Other guys with that forbidden power
In FMA we got the seven deadly sins and a few others. Each of those 7 have some sort of specialization.

In SnK we got the BRA and friends(or enemy)
Annie specializes in hardening her skin and crystallization.
Bertholdt is good at being huge.
Reiner is a fucking tank that doesn't need to harden but has reduced dexterity because of all that armor.
Ape Escape is a monkey who can use turncoat(maybe, because you fuckers can't see the obvious).

>Military Consiracy
Pretty much in both of them, the higher up in the military you go the more and more corruption there is.

>Other thoughts

At the end of FMA:B what does Alphonse do?
He travels the world. What do you think Eren and Armin will do at the end of the series(if they survive).

There some theories that Titans were a product of science. Could be compared to the homunculus stuff(Father was the first homunculus).
Maybe Ape Escape was the first titan(would explain it being an ape, usually the first things that get experimented with are animals)

Good guys are bad guys, and bad guys are good guys.
Some theories suggest that BRA are actually good guys, and that something else is threatening humanity.
Also again, the higher military ranks have enemies to the main cast. We don't know who those enemies are yet,
(some of them may be just under our noses, like Selim from FMA) but they are there.
FMA had King Bradley and Selim and up being bad guys(a few more I think), and then we had Greed and the Ishvallan join up with the good guys.

I think I had some other shit to point out, but I forgot.

So there you have it, want to write a good anime/manga steal all those common factors.
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But I like FMA.
Never said it was bad.
But I don't like SnK.
But SnK is shit.

Also, who the fuck wants to read that shit? lurk more.
This is what I get for writing essays. You're right I should lurk more.
You didn't need to make a thread for your special snowflake idea when there are already SnK threads up. Now kindly go die in a fire.
yeah i agree they're both horribly overrated garbage
Or maybe just straight up kill yourself.
I appreciate the effort you put into writing all that shit, but I don't care about any of it.
But Full Metal Alchemist is good
Congratulations! You've figured out the shounen formula.
File: FMA remake.jpg (41.04 KB, 450x698)
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41.04 KB JPG
Did you seriously just figure that out?
It's Claymore, too.
It's also Naruto.



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