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Homura glanced down beneath her feet at the destroyed ruins of Earth below. As she looked back up at the city lights, the memories of her precious Madoka filled her mind. Those days were long gone now: what she thought would be an unending romance ended in disappointment and pain once she turned against her and fought her, only to be destroyed in all corporeal and spiritual forms forever. The blissful memories and dreams that Homura held so dear were now locked away in the past, swallowed up by the pain and hardships of life. Homura no longer could look forward to finally being able to take her beloved in her arms and give herself to her. Her life now consisted of forever presiding above the smashed, burned-out rubble of a ruined planet, and she only made enough money to barely pay her rent. A few tears rolled down Homura's cheeks as she realized how foolish her thoughts were, but were quickly swept away by the cold night wind. Homura took in a deep breath, her last one in this miserable life, crushed her Soul Gem, and awaited the final darkness that would swallow her pain and misery forever.
Can't believe there hasn't been a Madoka version of this pasta yet.
That's why degeneracy shouldn't be allowed.
Lesbians always turn into some kind of supernatural demonic entity.

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