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File: is she fucking serious.png (92.35 KB, 824x498)
92.35 KB
92.35 KB PNG
Is this bitch for real?
She just tickled her brother, I actually think she touched his dick, they were on the floor and looked as if they were fucking.
What the fuck is wrong with Seiko? Is she a retard? Does she have downs?

And why is Yuya so bishonen? I don't know if I hate him or if I want to hold hands with him
Sharin no Kuni
She just asked if he wanted "some of momma's (her) milk"
I swear I heard "oppai" somewhere.
This bitch
And Corpse Party thread I guess.
File: 1385536065767.jpg (60.42 KB, 728x1111)
60.42 KB
60.42 KB JPG
She's what an ideal onee-chan should be.
What /ss/ is this?
She is fucking crazy. If my sister suddenly offered me her titty milk I would tell her to fuck off.
Corpse Party.
The girl is a lesbian or some sex-crazy genki downie
File: 1387600233518.jpg (178.64 KB, 1000x900)
178.64 KB
178.64 KB JPG
so what would anon do if your trapped with you're waifu in this goddam school?
i would die in her arms i think
File: henry townsheld.jpg (743.19 KB, 1280x1024)
743.19 KB
743.19 KB JPG

Hack and slash my way to fortune
And why in the flying fuck of Sachiko was Mayu so lovey dovey with the fucking dead kids?
Is she also some retard?
"Why does stress always give me indigestion?"
Oh great, no she's going to shit herself. Just perfect.
I have a loli who needs to pee and then a beautiful murderer approaches her and guides her to a toilet, I can see where that is going.
And then the megane who takes pictures all the time, he is looking for Mayu but guess fucking what? She is that corpse you like
Fucking retards all over the place.

I would not go crazy but if I saw some ghost I would shit my pants and hide.
Or I would go outside, maybe climb the school and drink some rain. They all complain about being thristy but it's fucking raining outside
Seiko is sex.
>sticking your dick in crazy
no way, jose.
most of them didnt ever get the chance to get out, remember, windows shut, doors closed, and the second wing isnt accessible for everyone....
Are you getting Mayu and Yuka confused?

Yuka is Satoshi's imouto and the one bladder issues. Mayu was the one befriending the dead kids. She's not Morishiage's imouto they're just really close.
I'm not Jose.
Oh hell I find a fucking phone now.
That voice again "Help me, help me"
Is it someone I know?

Mayu is the bitch who is moving away and got killed against the wall
And Yuka is the baby who needs to pee.

I'll keep you updated.
BoS made me feel for Mayu. Like, real bad.
And now I hear Naomi's mom again and when Satoshi finally speaks the ghost asks for help again.
And these retards keep throwing the phone on the fucking floor. Are they mental?
I would protect that phone with my fucking life, you can tell the time and maybe leave a message since it seems to travel through universes.
>Seiko hangs herself
>I try to help her
>She dies

>Be Satoshi
>Hear Seiko and Naomi takl about my dick in the toilet stalls
>Open door
>Naomi hanged herself
>Go outside to look for the bucket
>No bucket
>Go inside
>She shit herself

I swear this game is getting ridiculous.
It's also incredible how the game doesn't even mention the fact that she shit her skirt.
File: lol.png (16.26 KB, 259x253)
16.26 KB
16.26 KB PNG
I go inside and I find this.
I can't fucking believe it at least Yuka didn't piss herself.
And now the door to the other building disappeared.
Fuck fuck fuck
This game is messing with me.
>another earthquake
I hope that girl in the red dress comes for me and then takes me out of this missery
Oh she'll come for you all right, mmm mmm mmm.
File: frodo.png (213.79 KB, 400x399)
213.79 KB
213.79 KB PNG
Ok now I found a note next to a corpse that says something like "he drank the tap water but threw up, it's raining but we can't get out, lol destiny you card"

Why didn't they just drink each other's tears?
>Another cellphone
Fuck off

And it is Seiko's.
>inb4 I find nudes inside.
Ok I found a crazy girl missing a tooth inside the Infirmary and she is saying that Yuuya went fucking crazy. I already knew that but fuck
>pushed friend down the stairs
>stabbed a dude and pushed him
He is with my fucking sister

>"...With a smile on his face he started playing with the body!"
Ok now I don't know what to do.
Don't tlel me if he kills my sister I won't be able to handle it.
>Don't tlel me if he kills my sister I won't be able to handle it.
Don't watch the OVAs then.
I'll watch them after the game.
I only have one chapter left after this one.

Are the OVAs different or does it follow the game to the letter?
I really need a timeline for all this shit.
>Are the OVAs different or does it follow the game to the letter?
Very different, to the point that people who shouldn't ever die, do.
Then I'll begin torrenting them.

And I've been playing this game without a walkthrough but whenever I'm stuck I really want to punch something because this game is so repetitive.
Now I need the girl from the infirmary to help me grab something from this one class and she doesn't want to trust me.
Do I have to give her the dick or something? Do I have to find her missing tooth?
File: 1386175191390.gif (681.33 KB, 800x800)
681.33 KB
681.33 KB GIF
Ok fuck I'm sorry Seiko.
Her cellphone just saved me because the toothless girl tried to stabbed me but she hit the cellphone in my breast pocket.
Lesbian saves the day.
I owe the bitch and apology.
Play the PSP rendition. It's extremely well voice acted, has improved art and gameplay, and a non-retarded conclusion.
I hated what they did to Ms. Yui in the OVA.
File: CP2 Drama CD1.jpg (215.01 KB, 500x506)
215.01 KB
215.01 KB JPG
So, guys, did you see this?
It looks like the project is not completely halted, and they are remaking chapter 1 (thank god).
I want to pat Yuuya's head and tell him everything will be alright.
Yuuya best boy.
That's why you root for Kishinuma and no one else. Because while everyone was fucking around, he dragged Ayumi's deranged ass around getting shit done.
So are they actually going to pick up Dead Patient again for translating? I mean, some of the fan games were nice and all, but that would be even better.
This is actually pretty fun.
When you get into the science room, fuck up on purpose okay?
File: Ayumi and Yoshiki.png (235 KB, 854x475)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
They finished translating Dead Patient. The problem is that they can't patch it. I don't know the details, but there seems to be a problem with the size of the script (I guess it's too long, and the system doesn't accept it). So it's unfortunate, but they probably won't be able to do anything until the release of chapter 2 (and remake of chapter 1), where the problem may not be there anymore. Otherwise, they'll need a good hacker to put his skills to work on it.
>That Book of Shadows ending

Dumb cunts doing dumb things and getting others involved.
File: Blood Drive.jpg (107.35 KB, 640x452)
107.35 KB
107.35 KB JPG
Don't worry. Blood Drive will come out this year... for Vita. I need a vita.
Also, the 3D model of Ayumi is already out:
File: 1389095729609.jpg (14.57 KB, 177x278)
14.57 KB
14.57 KB JPG
God damn I'm excited.
File: cparty_bd.jpg (68.67 KB, 419x592)
68.67 KB
68.67 KB JPG

Sweet. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for a localization.

I like that this is official artwork. Sill Ayumi.
File: Spoiler Image (460.75 KB, 800x1066)
460.75 KB
460.75 KB JPG
You can read the prologue here:
It's full of hopes and dreams that will be crushed like pic related... Poor Mayu...
I wanna fuck Sachiko
My heart sank when those bruises started appearing.
I hope she and Shiggy Diggeru have a little better luck this time around.

Are they using the same recording system this time around?
I can't bring myself to finish Book of Shadows because of it's VN format. It's tortue.

Also Ayumi going batshit insane and killing Naomi was hot.

Do it for the ending. Our just look it up.
File: Ayumi among cushions.png (920.85 KB, 1200x1324)
920.85 KB
920.85 KB PNG
It seems like Ayumi will be the central character, so it's to be expected. Maybe she finally learned something and she won't put anyone else in danger anymore... that being said, how does she plan to get back on the school without anyone to do the Sachiko Ever After with?
I tried to kiss her once. She ripped off my tongue with her teeth. No, seriously, that's a bad end in 2U.
I know what you mean. But after playing chapter 1, it's not like I really had any hope.
>Are they using the same recording system this time around?
Nothing has been said, but I guess they will. They used it for 2U at least.

>Or I would go outside, maybe climb the school and drink some rain. They all complain about being thristy but it's fucking raining outside

I can't remember exactly, but I seem to recall someone mentioning that the rain water isn't safe to drink. Could be wrong since it's been a long time
Oh, Corpse Party. The only game that I couldn't play in daylight with my sister because it was so atmospheric and terrifying. I can't deal with Terror at all.
I'm pretty sure Ayumi drank some in the first game when she was sick.
The point is that to get outside, you have to either go between the buildings or get to the roof somehow, and the school is fickle as fuck. Most people just can't get outside.
Dammit, what were they thinking it just isn't enjoyable at all.
Is there any way to play a translated version of 2U?
File: Birthday Cake.jpg (187.61 KB, 724x1024)
187.61 KB
187.61 KB JPG
No, there isn't. I think there was some video translated in youtube, but I'm not sure.
That's a damn shame I just want more Sachiko ;_;
Don't we all? She's really cute in 2U too.
Where's the best place to get all these Sachiko pictures?
File: Cooking Sacchan.jpg (110.76 KB, 480x272)
110.76 KB
110.76 KB JPG
The games and random sites on the internets . You can also ask me to dump some. Pixiv a shit.
File: Jealous Sachiko.jpg (109.50 KB, 480x272)
109.50 KB
109.50 KB JPG
File: Learning to swim.jpg (125.50 KB, 480x272)
125.50 KB
125.50 KB JPG
File: Happy Sachiko.jpg (139.72 KB, 480x272)
139.72 KB
139.72 KB JPG
File: Hysteric Brithday.jpg (991.32 KB, 1536x2048)
991.32 KB
991.32 KB JPG
>shota oppai onee-chan incest

This is my fetish
File: Sachiko and Yoshie 02.jpg (107.97 KB, 480x272)
107.97 KB
107.97 KB JPG
Thanks anon. I have a soft spot for Sachiko even though she'd probably rip my dick off and laugh at me.
File: Sachiko criying 01.jpg (113.25 KB, 480x272)
113.25 KB
113.25 KB JPG
File: 1377364146220.gif (1.85 MB, 400x225)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB GIF
there's no probably to it
File: Sachiko flying.jpg (91.63 KB, 480x272)
91.63 KB
91.63 KB JPG
No problem.

She's a horrible undead loli, not your waifu
But she is.
File: Sachiko.jpg (66.77 KB, 480x272)
66.77 KB
66.77 KB JPG
The 'probably' comes from the fact that she has many more methods of humiliating murders.
File: 19049.jpg (138.93 KB, 513x300)
138.93 KB
138.93 KB JPG
She, along with Tokiko and Yuki, is my daughteru
File: Sachiko.jpg (147.98 KB, 1800x900)
147.98 KB
147.98 KB JPG
I never said she was. She's my daughteru, and if you dare to say something horrible like that about her again, I'll have to do the Sachiko Ever After with you so you see how adorable she actually is.
Why does Naomi look intrigued?
Shame that 2U doesn't have a translation. Those new characters look pretty neat.
It's a more worried look
File: Sachiko's two sides.jpg (462.21 KB, 707x1000)
462.21 KB
462.21 KB JPG
File: img000004.png (361.17 KB, 850x1200)
361.17 KB
361.17 KB PNG
The manga adaption of 2U is pretty funny
File: Sachiko translated.jpg (88.46 KB, 476x272)
88.46 KB
88.46 KB JPG
And that's more or less it. Almost anything else are fanarts poorly done and that show her being a psycho... I don't like those.
Anyone listen to those Whisper of the Nightmare albums?

There was an anon that was working on that. Is he still active?
Psycho Sachiko is fine too as long as the fanart doesn't look like shit.
Aiko and Inumaru are great characters. The other two girls are not that great imho. Unlike Aiko and Inumaru, they feel completely out of place. As if, they don't really add anything to the characters we know. But that's just my opinion. They have their good scenes too.
You're... right... hehe... I wish the translator did his work... yeah, dam him...
I'm sorry ;_;
Interesting that Yuka's friend Satsuki was originally meant to be the main character in a sequel to the first game.
File: screenshot_0004.jpg (68.85 KB, 480x272)
68.85 KB
68.85 KB JPG
Oh, right. I forgot about her. Satsuki is a great character too. Adds some background to Yuka, and her interactions with the others (specially Satoshi) are interesting enough. She's also quite... daring.
File: Naomi.jpg (34.71 KB, 550x700)
34.71 KB
34.71 KB JPG
File: yfwshenevergetsagoodending.jpg (193.37 KB, 1050x1111)
193.37 KB
193.37 KB JPG
Dear Diary

The ass was phat.
File: Naho.jpg (34.91 KB, 550x700)
34.91 KB
34.91 KB JPG
Now that's a bitch I would hatefuck till oblivion.
Her sanity slips got me hard.

I miss her friend...
File: Book of Shadows 1 094.jpg (729.34 KB, 1104x1600)
729.34 KB
729.34 KB JPG
She only wanted to save her master. And she really cared about her friend (it was her dead what lead her to darkening, and killing her master later). She doesn't deserve all the hate she gets. She deserves a lot of it though.
File: cem 0.jpg (306.35 KB, 1007x1432)
306.35 KB
306.35 KB JPG
Is Cemetery-0 going to be translated?
Good thing book of shadows turned me off of this series.
File: Naho and Sayaka.jpg (204.33 KB, 366x472)
204.33 KB
204.33 KB JPG
I thought bout picking it up, but it focuses too much on fanservice, and I can't find most chapters (I must admit that I didn't bother much with it).
You know they are using the old gameplay, right?
Looks Musume-tier. Even Blood Covered with its cutesy style is scarier.
I keep putting off finishing Corpse Party, who dies canonical and who stays alive? I've heard everyone dies but then there are sequels etc.
File: I want to play a game.jpg (75.28 KB, 640x382)
75.28 KB
75.28 KB JPG
File: 1319422795390.jpg (29.74 KB, 601x695)
29.74 KB
29.74 KB JPG
Its still not worth buying a shit console. Also book of shadow's gameplay is what turned me off. It was Seiko's chapter...
How has this not been a big budget porno?
File: Yui and Tsukasa.jpg (90.40 KB, 480x272)
90.40 KB
90.40 KB JPG
There are three relevant endings. The loop end (I'll let you guess this one), the not so good end where the only survivors are Yoshiki, Satoshi and Ayumi, and the true end, where the survivors are the same as above plus Naomi and Yuka.
Morisaw was a really scary guy. He would put Yui's ass on your face if you didn't answer his stupid questions on time... and that somehow lead to a bad end... I seriously don't understand...
I see. I guess me saying that she has a chance in Blood Drive isn't gonna change your mind either, right? Personally I agree with you. I don't want to buy a Vita only for this game... I hope that by the time it comes out I can get it cheap of second hand.
her butt would go into your face with such force that it just snapped your neck
Suffocated on ass
File: Spoiler Image (32.15 KB, 192x272)
32.15 KB
32.15 KB PNG
Not really. She starts moaning and being embarrassed, and Tsukasa doesn't know what's that soft, nice feeling thing on his face. And then, the Bad End screen would appear. It's not like Morisaw would kill you anyway. He's only having fun as the actor he is.
That's a possibility I won't deny.
I kind of liked Megane, too bad he dies like a bitch.
>Blood Covered scanlations still on 32

It's pain, I know
Fun Fact
Corpse Party PSP is registered on sony's database as the only PSP title to have a on screen sex scene
File: 14752654.jpg (395.75 KB, 874x620)
395.75 KB
395.75 KB JPG
Yuki was cute.
File: 3HM014mH_.png (29.55 KB, 520x390)
29.55 KB
29.55 KB PNG
File: 1376928868106.jpg (55.50 KB, 800x470)
55.50 KB
55.50 KB JPG
OP is a faggot!

Seiko is the best corpse!
>Or I would go outside, maybe climb the school and drink some rain.
Corpse tags:
Take Taiga - Drank rainwater outside school building; sudden death after onset of abdominal cramps.
I don't really see what's your problem.
I've been avoiding play these game because I was under the assumption that there is no way at all to give Seiko a happy ending with Naomi. At best they kiss during a dream, but then Naomi wakes up and still wants Satoshi's dick.

Does this change with any of the later games?
CP:BC - Seiko is kill
CP:BoS - Seiko is kill
CP:Sachiko's Birthday - Seiko is kill
CP:Blood Drive - Not released yet
Figured. Guess I should know better than to expect anything of Japan.

Thanks, though.
So I always get confused on the versions of this game. I emulated one for the psp awhile back when it was big on /a/, and I'm pretty sure that was Blood Covered.

Is Book of Shadows the sequel, and is it for the psp as well? Can I emulate that shit?

Thanks nignogs.
>Is Book of Shadows the sequel, and is it for the psp as well? Can I emulate that shit?
>Is Book of Shadows the sequel
Part of it is. There are also prequel parts (Yui sensei's past and Naho's past), shit that run parallel to CP:BC (Kizami's story).
Thank you, gentlemen.
Since Seiko buttered up her pooper before she died does that mean her ass will always feel amazing when she suffers through an eternity of pain from her death?
File: 1387146043937.jpg (664.18 KB, 800x1144)
664.18 KB
664.18 KB JPG
Fuck you for making me laugh, then feel bad.
>Death via auto-erotic asphyxiation
>Eternal pleasure for unlife.
>Win the game.

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