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File: gentlemen.jpg (76 KB, 480x293)
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Gentlemen, I like GETs.
Gentlemen, I like GETs.
Gentlemen, I love GETs.

I like posting frenzy.
I like storm of threads.
I like the MySql errors.
I like the "File deleted" glitch.
I like the "Thumbnail unavailable" message.
I like way the post number sores.
I like waiting to strike.
I like witnessing the potential birth of a meme.
I like war.
File: 1204569111624.png (15 KB, 723x395)
15 KB
File: 1204569400162.jpg (71 KB, 482x294)
71 KB
and yet...

And yet I find myself in despair right now.

There is no thread for this GEt.
There are mere screen caps who's reputation is in question.
If they show the truth then I am even more in despair.
It was unfunny.
It was unoriginal.
It was generic.
It lacked spark and charm and any qualities worthy of remembering.

Gentlemen, we had ourselves a fail GET.
Gentlemen, we had our selves a fail GET and this saddens me.
File: 1204569743982.jpg (64 KB, 480x301)
64 KB
My friends,
My comrades,
My followers,
My rivals and my haters.
To all of you I have a proposition.

Lucky Star has fagged things up for us for the last time.
This cannot be tolerated.
This will not go unpunished.

Let forth the legions of Anonymous.
Unleash the Sage bombs.
Send forth the image flooders, the spammers and the trolls.
Do not rest until every Lucky Star thread is a shambling wreck and the LSfags are scattered to /c/ where they belong. Even then you should hound them and beat them and never let them forget their crimes.
It's painful to say, but kagamisip.jpg is a better GET than desu or makoto faggotry.

It was the lesser of combined evils.
I'm going to have to call fail on this one, too many blatant newfag mistakes.
I'll concede the Makoto but a Desu would have been fine.
The problem with this GET was it lacked anything note worthy. It was just another kagami thread. It could have atleast had a funny message to try and make it stand out more.

I just woke up. Still this is another failGET by LSfags. Since when has /a/ been so tolerant?
FailGET was fail, life goes on, we realize that an arbitrary series of numbers has no actual impact on our lives in or out of 4chan.
no thread, No Proof, NO GET
I'll take any excuse to get that shit off of /a/.

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