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File: 1360495430237.jpg (121.31 KB, 591x921)
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last thread got pruned due to GET flood : https://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/99978273

Host: Blue (search him up in archives for contact info and explanations)

Willing to Send Internationally?:
Bonus Cards:
Additional Info:
Price Range Options: [Cards Only / $10 - 25 / $25 - 50 / $50+]

Deadline: Sunday - 23:59
Is laser-card bro still around?
And just to avoid the ridiculousness


>Bonus Cards - Just as they say, they are extra cards that you send out to people. If you feel like going all out on arts and crafts, by all means, go ahead! IMPORTANT: If you put yourself in cards only, it is assumed you will be sending a card to your assigned. You don't need to write in 1 card for bonus cards. Whatever you write into Bonus Cards will be in addition to that card you're sending. i.e. If you choose Cards Only, and write 1 under Bonus cards, you will be assigned two people to send cards to. If you only want to send a single card, then just choose cards only and write zero under bonus cards.

>Wishes - think of it like the Secret Santa wishlist. You don't have to be specific but writing "Anything is fine" is one of the worst tortures in life. Especially against people who know very little about you.

>Additional Info - This is for general information that would prove useful for your giftee or for me as your organizer. Can include, but not limited to: Appreciation of lewd gifts, Your three sizes, allergies, long paragraphs of information about yourself that you like sharing.
anyone know if scarf-san if participating in v/a/lentines?
>would love a scarf sent "from my waifu"
I'm participating.
I may have to delay the current one I'm working on for the couple that I've signed up for.
File: Spoiler Image (550.30 KB, 1336x1092)
550.30 KB
550.30 KB JPG
Goddamn it moot, what happened to my image?
I need to start knitting again.
I also need to learn pattern and colour mixing
can you recommend anything that helped you learn?
Sent my info in. I hope this goes as well as Christm/a/s did.

Jebus CD's are now up for pre-order for V-day
What will happen if someone signs up and mentions multiple waifus? Do we have a designated cabbage to send?
I got my mother to teach me.
Start with simple things, start with thick yarn, and start with large-ish needles. It'll make your work a bit faster and a bit fluffier. Figure out how to undo your mistakes as soon as possible.
If you're doing patterns at all, design it out on graph paper first, don't try to wing it. I wasted hours on the Marrissa one because I didn't pre-plan and tried to wing it.
If you're looking for books, Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book is pretty good for stuff like this. You can find it on amazon used for under $10.

I hope they get ignored. After getting two different haremfags for Christmas, I'm sending cabbage to anyone I get for V/a/lentines with more than one.
If I got someone like that I'd sent multiple letters, each containing divorce documents from each of the waifus/husbandos
and maybe a cabbage too
File: Miyuclione - Peace2.png (89.42 KB, 313x366)
89.42 KB
89.42 KB PNG
There are a number of people who are not married participating in V/a/lentine's. Some people have crushes. others have life partners. There's one person who even has a "fiance", so he's not married yet.

Regardless of their relationship status, please make whoever you're assigned to smile and let love flourish.
I'm about to be engaged but I will treat every anon with love and respect.
File: blushingvirgin.jpg (4.59 KB, 100x95)
4.59 KB
4.59 KB JPG
If anyone does this to me I'm going to request their waifu from Blue and send them a nice card in return so they feel momentary guilt for their actions.
>implying that would make me feel bad.
Well as long as you like the card.
are you posting the details for laser applications?
File: 1387014043427.jpg (408.52 KB, 1920x1200)
408.52 KB
408.52 KB JPG
Yup. Here we go:

12 spaces only.
Hope the .svg is fine, didn't know how detailed it could be.
The SVG is perfect.
File: 1388987850987.jpg (279.76 KB, 1920x1080)
279.76 KB
279.76 KB JPG
already excited
Whelp that took longer than I thought. I had to go edit out the background and re-save the file as a PNG instead of GIF.

I wanted to write that you can insert your default message below the name of the character (which I provided), but the form told me that was too many characters. How much room do you have to work with on the laser card?
File: laserprint_card.jpg (770.28 KB, 1530x2048)
770.28 KB
770.28 KB JPG
40 characters

It's basically where the 'Miyako is the sunshine in sunshine sketch' is gonna go

Thanks for the chance laser card dude.
Ah, I see.
Well, if I made the cut, you may insert some sort of default V/a/lentine message beneath the character name. Please don't make it addressed to my name, however.
They won't include names unless you specify them to, just a generic message under the personal message.
Thanks for the chance laser-card bro!

I couldn't find a non-complicated image of my crush so I put his alter ego instead. Hope it works.
Well, fuck, that works too. Want me to remove the background?
Sure, you could do. The K.Kazuma pic works a lot better though, he's cooler.
W-what if I ask for love? Will my wish come true?
Are you a guy or girl?
Ok, let's go with King K. Thanks anon!
Maybe you'll find you're waifu on Valentine's Day or receive absolutely nothing and be crushed by the crippling reality again. Can't hurt to wish, at any rate!
Aren't all anons deserving of love?
Well I need to know what kind of love I will need to give him/her.
File: 1383862209000.gif (947.11 KB, 400x300)
947.11 KB
947.11 KB GIF

Why do you ask that?

Congratulations, you filthy 3DPG lover.
Refer to
further bump
So how do I sign up to send three cards, and then one gift?
>bonus cards:3
>Price Range:Anything that isn't Cards Only
File: Merry - Pajamas.png (341.09 KB, 524x1014)
341.09 KB
341.09 KB PNG
Everyone should have gotten an email about whether or not, they did everything properly.
I think only a few people need to send me better address details. For everyone else, welcome to the V/a/lentine's event.

It's time for bed.

Merry nightmares, /a/.
Oh, am I too late then?
I though the dead line was today at 23:59...
Oh well, it can't be helped.
File: Bai bai~.png (24.19 KB, 130x177)
24.19 KB
24.19 KB PNG
You're not late at all. I've just finally caught up with everyone who has sent an application.

Deadline is SUNDAY 23:59 EST (same timezone as 4chan), so you've got at least a whole day, almost a full two days.
Do I just post here to join this, or is there a google thing for it? I could use these two extra Hidamari keyrings I got to give someone some sunshine...
Are we going to go though this like we did for the Secret Santa one too?
Of course. These simultaneously attract the kindest and most functionally retarded people.
It's okay to make card instead of buying one?
I think that making something by yourself suit Valentine's day.
Making a card is much better than a store bought one.
I think that's encouraged.
There's more love in a home-made one.

GaoGaiCard is the greatest thing ever made.
File: Spoiler Image (81.09 KB, 565x480)
81.09 KB
81.09 KB JPG
I've started making one as well. Just need to wait for my assignment to personalize it.
The more love you put into your card the better!
File: 1375057693762.jpg (17.50 KB, 232x197)
17.50 KB
17.50 KB JPG
>Still haven't received my christmas gift
>Already preparing for V/a/lentines

I...i don't feel like participating anymore...
I know your feel, still didn't received mine as well.
But at least I've made one /a/non happy, that's what count.
even if losing over 100$ still hurt a bit
That's why I didn't enter the 100$ bracket, because last year I also got nothing and even worse last year's anon didn't post the gift at all.
I would do this but I'm nervous to give out my address.
Let me hug you.
I'm trying to figure out what I want to put for wishes and additional info...

Also, what do you suggest for those with limited artistic abilities. I was thinking of trying to Photoshop something and getting it printed, but I have limited PS experience as well.
File: 1356487361420.jpg (63.89 KB, 400x400)
63.89 KB
63.89 KB JPG
We can mourn together
File: thumbbig-396953.png (101.88 KB, 400x250)
101.88 KB
101.88 KB PNG
what is this. you guys send each other cards? doesn't that hurt even more than it already does?
I hope by making another anon happy that it would make me happy as well.
Chuunibyo demo Koi ga Shitai! Also Haruhi.
I'd join if I had more artistic talent than a monkey with a lobotomy, I really enjoy Christmas with /a/.
I'll just keep watch, safe in the knowledge I won't be ruining someone's V/a/lentine's.
Don't be a pussy!
Just pretend to be your anon waifu and put some effort into it.
Just imagine that your waifu have no artistic skills, yet still tried her best to make card!
That's cute enough to make up for no skills!
I don't have any artistic abilities either but I'm going to try my hand at printing out pictures and then cutting and pasting.
I've got a vague idea of what it will look like. The theme will be yandere and guillotines.
But what if your anon's waifu isn't Yuno?
I can always skew the contents depending on what's on my anon's list.
I, the sender, for example could be jealous of his waifu and when he opens the card up it's just filled with pictures of her with her head cut off.
I hope you'll get mine.
It's my fetish
File: 1388506072565.gif (959.99 KB, 640x360)
959.99 KB
959.99 KB GIF
Love Hype.
File: Spoiler Image (99.12 KB, 1000x750)
99.12 KB
99.12 KB JPG
Scarfanon, do not look. Thing for you I am working on.

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