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The end is soon.
I watch GX for the deep story.
The story is to deep for me. I dont watch it
Wait a minute...

Shortstack is in the blue class now?

I thought he was supposed to be the eternal idiot of the show.
he story is Jaden battling some monster from one of the cards, harpie or something
PREPARE FOR MOTORBIKES. Seriously Yugi better make a cameo or I am seriously going to be pissed that I wasted time watching this horrible shit.
what is the final "arc"
File: 1204571544874.jpg (124 KB, 630x709)
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This thing.
harpies have feathers, that's a succubus or something
I think the point we are trying to make here is that it isn't on a motorbike.
I would live again if Atem would come back with his millenium blings on, glowing and everything and starting going on a mad mind-crushing spree through GX's faggot camp. Then Kaiba would parachute in, summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (in one turn) which would wail on a guitar, and every time it wailed on the guitar everyone watching would shit themselves. Then Atem would call out all three God Cards (in one turn) and everyone will fall to their knees in praise of the King.
...holy shit dude.
What's wrong with the shota being in Blue?

Trying to fill season 1 plot holes while creating more plot holes.
Saying Yugioh is better than GX is like saying Elephant shit is better than human shit. It is all still shit.
It is also like saying cancer is way cooler than Ebola. Actually, Ebola is cooler than cancer, you can't vomit up your stomach lining when you have cancer. Elephant shit is also way cooler than human shit, what with being bigger, and it could probably be used to start fires if you are lost in the African wastes...look I'm missing my point here, both these animes blow, and no amount of Yugi showing up, or motorbikes can save that.
Hey you know what isn't shit. Kaiba by Madhouse. Let's talk about that.
When people talk about Yugioh, they end up talking about how fuckwin awesome Kaiba, Yugi, Bakura and Malek were. But a subject that often gets overlooked in how sexy the show was. It's kind of like Code Geass; no matter if you're a fangirl or a fanboy, there's plenty to get off on. Everyone wanted to bang Shizuka (except for Yugi who is too manly to to look at women -- except when around the middle of the series he started summoning Black Magician Girl every single time, probably because he was trying to prove he wasn't gay. And also kaiba who is completely disinterested in women because he has Blue-Eyes).

And Isis? I'd tap that. I would indeed.
Hey /a/ let's talk about how Kaiba, Yugi, Marik, and Bakura were fuck win and how sexy the show was.
File: 1204574162773.jpg (438 KB, 1672x1437)
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this thread is now about card games on motorbikes.
File: 1204574297328.jpg (64 KB, 400x520)
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I want to feel what it is like to have Seto Kaiba inside of me.
Bring back dark Bakura. ;_;

Hell, bring back Rica Matsumoto in some dark form or another.
He's passed on.
File: 1204575254035.jpg (27 KB, 400x540)
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flood this thread with nothing but Kaiba.
I just mentioned why.

I was under the impression that he was supposed to be one of those standards of shounen: "I'll never be any good to this team except for moral support." and yet now he's in the highest ranked class?
File: 1204575359199.jpg (60 KB, 640x480)
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i don't know why, but i lol'd
File: 1204575664030.jpg (1024 KB, 1024x768)
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1. Kaiba is a mammal.
2. Kaiba's purpose is flip out and kick ass.
3. Kaiba duels ALL the time.
He has a dragon fetish.
His voice was dubbed by the actor who did Brock from pokemon.
File: 1204576355344.jpg (61 KB, 485x700)
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Are you sure he is a mammal? I mean really sure?

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