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File: Space-Brothers[1].jpg (129.16 KB, 1024x768)
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Which Space Bro would you fuck?
Somewhat unrelated, but I saw a guy at the ATM around two or three weeks ago with a custom T-shirt with a variation of that picture, I felt tempted to ask him where did he get it, but I thought it would be weird.
As for the answer I would a Serika.
Brian is best Space Brother.
>watching shitty shounen coming-of-age shit like some fucking teenager with high hopes for the future
>not being a slice-of-life mature anime connaisseur who gave up on life and dwells in a comfort zone made of little girls doing cute little girl
>not having high hopes for the future while enjoying cute little girls
File: 38122367_big_p11.jpg (150.35 KB, 600x800)
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My husbando of course.

It's probably from Uniqlo. They had a Space Bros line a while back. I've got one of them.
File: 33554630.jpg (678.90 KB, 1240x3507)
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>tfw you're husbando is an ephebophile and you're 5 years older than him
Muta is for cuddling.
>aerodynamics on the moon
Thanks, anon.
I'm still catching up on this, but why is ogla such a slut?
Just take up ballet and being determined as a hobby.
Why is this anime so good?
>That last episode

It's good to see why Mutta is still the big brother
Why is Butler-san so tsun?
File: moe_salaryman.jpg (182.05 KB, 1280x861)
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as expected of a salaryman
I love Space Bros. It's really a feel-good type anime, quite akin to shows like Aria, Hidamari Sketch or Tamayura. All people in this show are just so nice, even those who first appear to be dicks. I find it remarkable that they managed to achieve this with this sort of show, given the somewhat "serious" subject is about.

Also, Mutta is probably one of my favourite MCs of all time.

His permanently pissed of expression does wonders
I've got a goofy face and thick eyebrows and extremely curly hair and a narrow jaw and a silly nose
It's tough being Muta

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