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>tfw buyfags will never get a NA release
It might be wrong in some way, but since YnS is so obscure in comparison to countless other mainstream series it'll never become tainted with absolute filth.

That's definitely a good thing, just in a tragic way right?
You worded it well, I would agree, although i am still sad that I now have to pay $400 for the lurays.
Why bother buying hard copy to begin with?

/a/ are professionals at torrenting after all.
>implying i don't own the .flvs
I collect anime. Considering this is my favorite anime, even after seeing it multitudes of times, I feel like I do need to add it to my collection.
Well that does make sense.

Importing is the reason it's so expensive isn't it?
File: 1296508579468.jpg (158.85 KB, 698x392)
158.85 KB
158.85 KB JPG
>multiple endings
You guys don't need to download as flv?

I must have a shit computer.
I think the author confirmed Sora as canon, but I can't remember.

She's the most likely anyways.
File: sora.png (673.96 KB, 794x595)
673.96 KB
673.96 KB PNG
Why is Sora such a cutie
She just is.

Some things just can't be explained no matter what.
She's just so perfect, god I fucking love her.

It's not romantic, but it's not platonic either I can't really explain it.

All I know is if I actually did have the chance to be with Sora I wouldn't stop until I could finally somehow reunite her with Haru, that's where she belongs.
There's too much shit on the catalog, we can't just let a YnS thread die.

We could talk about favorite moments from the show or what we thought was really well done considering it was far outperformed by the source material.

Alternatively we could just post Sora.
File: sora2.jpg (1.67 MB, 1600x1200)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
I'm still on the fence on whether I liked the anime version more or the VN version more of the 2 girls finding out they were fucking. They were both really good for different ways I thought
Same here.

My all time favorite part was Haru crying at the end of Episode 10.

I wonder how many people can possibly understand how satisfying that scene was?
File: 1334576474653.jpg (21.68 KB, 480x360)
21.68 KB
21.68 KB JPG
One more thing murica will never truly have.

Hey /v/ remember Final Mix?
Post more Sora.
Well, I wanted to ask the other sorafag on /c/ (I assume he's here), but does he have a larger version of this picture? Seems like a common picture but I couldn't find it.
How can we draw him out?
There aren't larger sizes according to google
File: 1349736946560.jpg (456.08 KB, 960x660)
456.08 KB
456.08 KB JPG
He probably has a filter for Yns/Yosuga/Kasugano on the catalog like I do so he would just need to see the thread. I assume it was him that posted the VN pic.
Yes, that's what I tried, disappointing only having a small image.
I wonder if the artists knew people would be fapping to their art
Probably, yeah.
What a cute butt.
Also is the dfc arc translated yet? What about the maid arc?
I think they knew what they were getting into when they drew art based on an eroge.
File: 1347650773875_with_mouth.jpg (799.96 KB, 1883x1357)
799.96 KB
799.96 KB JPG
Well, YnS is an eroge, and the artist draw some pretty good suggestive art of Sora outside of that.
Piece of shit show
Good thing it's a VN.
>Yosuga no Sora - Translation status is Common route 100%, Sora route 100%, Nao 41.53%, Kazuha 100%, Akira 66.14% Motoka 24.82%, Common and Kazuha fully edited

If you don't remember the name, it's probably Akira you're referring to.
Yeah it is. I kind of thought that was her name but I wasn't sure. I can't wait till it's completely translated
File: 40520097.png (568.91 KB, 700x700)
568.91 KB
568.91 KB PNG
I'd be surprised if he finishes to be honest, but I'd especially like if he can somehow finish Sora route on Haruka na Sora.
Yeah I would prefer that to Motoka or Akira, that would be real nice.
File: dbbdcd54.jpg (147.61 KB, 1238x1024)
147.61 KB
147.61 KB JPG
Did some googling.
File: 557.jpg (296.36 KB, 1920x1200)
296.36 KB
296.36 KB JPG
Thanks, seems like I have to improve my google skills.
Looks like I left this unattended for too long.
I don't know if I'm happy or sad to never see Sora in ass threads.

Haru you son of a bitch.
File: 035.jpg (75.86 KB, 800x600)
75.86 KB
75.86 KB JPG
Sora doesn't have a big ass though, it's just well defined, especially considering how she lived all of her childhood in a hospital bed.
File: sorachinaalter_resize.jpg (2.50 MB, 1728x2592)
2.50 MB
2.50 MB JPG
Also pretty excited for the new Alter figure.
Is meido route translated yet? I'm not picking it up until then
File: EA09b_trans.png (461.55 KB, 800x600)
461.55 KB
461.55 KB PNG
Motoka route is not translated.
Anyone wanna talk about their favorite scenes?
File: shot0091.jpg (423.51 KB, 1920x1080)
423.51 KB
423.51 KB JPG
Normally you'd start saying yours and start a discussion instead of bumping the thread with nothing but I enjoy the happy couple moments (they were more common on the VN, though Sora going overboard was also more common there).
File: 1339675772028.jpg (190.26 KB, 1322x1600)
190.26 KB
190.26 KB JPG

I'm here now, I am playing Metal Gear Rising on PC and only half-assedly browsing 4chan.

Here's a version of it that is larger, albeit flipped 90 degrees.
File: Perfect.jpg (284.07 KB, 940x1500)
284.07 KB
284.07 KB JPG

Why are you mad at Haru?

And yes, Sora has a great butt.
File: 33342481.jpg (1.12 MB, 1100x1400)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
I might have it already, it's just that I really have to organize the images (a folder for all Hashimoto art would be an obvious start)
File: 21065296.gif (78.91 KB, 891x852)
78.91 KB
78.91 KB GIF

I should do the same, a folder for anime screenshots, one for VN screenshots, and one for Hashimoto with the fanart being loose in the prime folder.

My CGs for both HnS and YnS are already in their own folder alongside my transparent sprites.

Oh and you're right, I extensively use filters to pin certain threads for all the boards I visit.

Sora, YnS, and Yosuga are all pin filters for /a/ and /c/ alongside loli, vampire, DxD (yes I am a DxD fag, deal with it) and imouto.
File: 38104902.jpg (54.90 KB, 450x606)
54.90 KB
54.90 KB JPG

Maybe a folder for lineart too...

I love lineart.
File: 1383262268772.jpg (93.22 KB, 1280x720)
93.22 KB
93.22 KB JPG
I just don't use Sora as a filter since it's such a common name.
File: 20979516.jpg (81.46 KB, 480x640)
81.46 KB
81.46 KB JPG

Yea but plenty of people start Sora threads without putting Kasugano, YnS, or any of that in it. I want to make sure I see them all so I will just deal with the occasional Sora no Woto or whatever threads being pinned.
File: 31428522.jpg (180.89 KB, 771x363)
180.89 KB
180.89 KB JPG
I'm not much a fan of line art, except when it's very simple in style. Like this one.
Next season No Game No Life main character is also Sora (I really wish they switched the names though, having the sister Sora).
Which sub group is best?
Is there an uncensored version of the CGs? I really want them

Simple line art is good too, I really like all of it other than the stuff that is too dark.

Also /a/ rarely talks about male characters so I'm not particularly worried about my pinned threads being chock full of NGNL threads, and if so I'll just set that as a hide filter.


UTW man. Always UTW.

Do you want me to explain why UTW is the best?


Supposedly someone was working on them for the translators, no clue if that is still going on or not since that post was made like 3 months ago.
File: 1344795005210.jpg (1.64 MB, 2105x2500)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB JPG
I don't think there is, outside of the masturbation one (at least I remember one decensored gif of it).
Oh shit I want that gif now

Thanks for the info
This stuff is like porn get this shit out of here.
File: You nigger.jpg (57.59 KB, 388x410)
57.59 KB
57.59 KB JPG

Awesome troll man, good job.
I don't recall this line
File: Sora Santa hat.jpg (52.63 KB, 474x584)
52.63 KB
52.63 KB JPG

Because it isn't in the VN anywhere, that was made by some anon in a random YnS thread and I saved it because it made me laugh.
File: 1339437164721.jpg (1008.28 KB, 1360x1927)
1008.28 KB
1008.28 KB JPG
Just search on gelbooru for kasugano_sora and uncensored
File: 546321879.jpg (61.46 KB, 800x600)
61.46 KB
61.46 KB JPG
Akira is so pure. I hate how she has H scenes.. it seriously pisses me off.
Hot damn thanks anon
File: 1388725839469.jpg (117.27 KB, 600x800)
117.27 KB
117.27 KB JPG

That one is not a gif and it's pretty shit.
File: 22362097.jpg (36.07 KB, 649x479)
36.07 KB
36.07 KB JPG
True, I didn't check if it was the correct one.

Have some red eyed Sora.
File: Spoiler Image (1.33 MB, 800x600)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB GIF

Damn those are some red eyes.

Regardless, this is the gif you were looking for and it isn't uncensored since it is just over her panties.
No it was based on that non gif on gelbooru (very slightly modified), I know because I have it (just don't want to post and get banned).
File: 021.jpg (483.93 KB, 1240x1754)
483.93 KB
483.93 KB JPG

Hmmm, it isn't on either booru...

Put it up on imgur or somewhere like that and link?
Shit, now I want to read Sora's route again. Thanks OP.
File: soraicecream.gif (223.41 KB, 450x253)
223.41 KB
223.41 KB GIF
File: EA09d_trans.png (462.30 KB, 800x600)
462.30 KB
462.30 KB PNG

That one is a lot better than the one on gelbooru.
My dick. Thanks anon
File: Do it for her hardest..jpg (1.14 MB, 3602x1082)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
But she's a slut.
File: 1389239031576.jpg (466.44 KB, 1134x1600)
466.44 KB
466.44 KB JPG
I'll punch you inside the nose fag

I want to touch Sora's butt
File: soraharu2.jpg (223.95 KB, 700x700)
223.95 KB
223.95 KB JPG
Yes, loving only one person above everyone and every society preconception and wanting to make love with that single person for the rest of her life are defining traces of a slut.

I'm going to sleep now, good night sorafag, enjoy MGR (I already finished it, including all DLC)
File: Neither can I love.jpg (123.28 KB, 1275x1440)
123.28 KB
123.28 KB JPG

Just ignore him man.
File: 1388165774828.jpg (161.98 KB, 469x663)
161.98 KB
161.98 KB JPG
File: Haru and Sora Hires.jpg (232.05 KB, 1920x1080)
232.05 KB
232.05 KB JPG
Good, it's garbage as most eroge are.
File: ED2 stitch.jpg (743.07 KB, 3104x1072)
743.07 KB
743.07 KB JPG
File: 1386457695945.jpg (514.73 KB, 648x800)
514.73 KB
514.73 KB JPG
File: Maid Sora 7.jpg (528.94 KB, 857x1200)
528.94 KB
528.94 KB JPG

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