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Library war thread.

So i picker up this show after seeing the pic to the left. To be honest i dont really see the resemblance to nodame cantabile but i did enjoy the show.

The characters in the squad and their relationships was the best part of the show. They were all like-able in the own way and the relationships didnt feel forced.

The character designs was also pretty great.

The central plot of the whole show is a bit silly though. I was a bit unsure what to expect from the synopsis but the show does take its own story quite seriously. However i still felt that it felt a bit forced since they never really explore the society as a whole and explained why such a silly and dumb solution was the most logical choice.

I still enjoyed the show though. Thoughts on the show? Most enjoyable character? etc.
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The main couple was also pretty cute. Their appearance did remind me somewhat of planetes main couple but that is where the resemblance stops.
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The show did push anti-censorship pretty hard though and even though i agree with the points they were making they didnt really give any screentime for the counter argument.
The combat/legality mechanic was fucking retarded
It's premise was fucking stupid, it's execution was poor and the author clearly thought himself to be actually making some sort of well thought out critique.
dude, shit like that can happen in some countries.

Japans legal system and how the explained the situation and how it arouse based on some really silly laws they passed could actually happen.
The books are pretty mediocre, I really enjoyed the adaption, since the acting was great.
I think there was a movie scheduled to come out a year or two ago, whatever happened to it?
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If the internet is to be believed then the movie came out in the middle of 2012.

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