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Studio Ghibli thread? I just watched pic related and it was one of the first love stories that I really got attached to. Also watched Princess Mononoke and was very surprised by the violence when Ashitaka shot an arrow and de-armed a samurai horseman. Made the whole experience so much better
That's somewhat of a clumsy way to start a Ghibli thread.
Watch Only Yesterday and Grave of the Fireflies if you want to educate yourself. Ghibli isn't only Miyazaki.
Sorry, newfag here. Enlighten me.
Really loved the feeling I got from From up on Poppy Hill. Felt so calming. Just warm and cozy. Very nice visuals as always.
It just seemed a bit random. The most memorable thing you got out of Mononoke Hime was a 10-second action shot 15 minutes into the film?
it was a birthday present to my gf and we watched it together. I felt the same way about Poppy hill when I watched Totoro. And I had no idea Ghibli wasn't just Miyazaki.
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Woah nice thread. You're probably a attention whoring 15 year old grrrl. Go watch real anime like Dragonball Z.
Well I wast expecting it. It sort of set the stage for the rest of the fighting. And the ones I saw earlier had Disney stars as the voice actors so there weren't any violence in Ponyo. It was all cutesy and shit and I didn't expect beheading and slicing Mononoke.
Saw Poppy Hill a pretty long time ago and I can still remember the story pretty much, it was a nice watch. I missed my chance to watch the showing of it so now I'm waiting for The Wind Rises to come out on BDs.

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