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Can anyone explain me why UV master in zbrush doesnt work correctly in this head?
I have several polygroups, I even used the control painting for avoiding seams in the middle of the face but, no matter how many different things I try I always end up getting one huge seam in the middle of the face.

Any tips or solutions? Im only using zbrush, so I cant do the uv mapping in other software at this moment
>Any tips or solutions?

Use any other program. I personally use Unfold.

The time you've spent trying to get UV Master to work and then, searc forums for solutions, and post here, you would've be done with the UV already 3 times over had you used an UV program.
I cant install any other program in this computer, for me it would be easier to use maya or 3dsmax, but Im forced to zbrush and substance.

I dont really know whats causing this issue
>I cant install any other program in this computer,
Not my computer/not at home
Is that red the maximum value?
Get blender, Blender is shit but its free and the uv mapping tools are retard proof.
Mark seams and press unfold.
If you wanna fuck around you can roatate and move the uv island arounds.

Nothing in zbrush works right.
Why are you still using uv?

Just switch over to ptex.
i'm curious to know what version of zbrush is this
Yes, painting in red means there wont be any stitchs in that area, so you cant protect it. It obviously doesnt work.

I will used 3dsmax next week if I cant fix this, Im currently abroad so my only solution is using zbrush right now

Still 2018
Why is not Ptex more known/widely used, if it's so easy to use? (i only read 3 sentences about it storing face textures without UV cordinates)
File: 2019-12-12 12_01_01-.jpg (293 KB, 1440x900)
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I just put red blob on the face and it worked
your problem are most likely eye area, you're trying to punch hole there, try without that
File: HOLLYWOOD SONICHU.jpg (51 KB, 687x1076)
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Sometimes Zbrush doesn´t like your model.
I´m sorry, it JUST happens sometimes - you have to roll back to the heavy sculpt subtool of the body (and this is WHY you never delete it), make a copy, zremesh and then Uvmaster it all over again - and carefull with zremesher as it might do some unsettling things with the eyelids and lips. Don´t forget to only do the subtool projection to your z-remeshed body when you solved the UV and temporarily subdivided it to a factor of at least 5.
Ptex is basically redundant and dead. Nobody gives a shit about Ptex anymore.
Imagine not being able to add or remove a single polygon from your mesh without destroying all your textures because the file layout is topology-dependent.

Disney keeps the ptex meme alive by making their entire texturing pipeline revolve around it.
It kinda makes some sense if you are in an big pipeline where meshes are locked in before surfacing and if you do everything procedurally anyway.
But who else beside Disney/Pixar is using this tech? My guess is nobody.
I use RizomUV in half an hour or less I can have a model change re UVed through substance painter. (with a bit more time for bakes and map touchups due to the UV changes) then the asset is ready to go, hour, hour and a half tops if there is a lot of 4k maps to redo.

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