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Can I use images exported from Google Earth for commercial archviz?

>export picture from Google Earth
>use perspective match in 3ds Max to create a camera matching Google Earths "camera"
>render my building
>photoshop building into Google Earth image

This is very useful to create images of large projects, where clients might want to see the surrounding area, check if the building will be visible from certain vantage points, etc. It also obviously saves a shitload of time when you can just use an image instead of modeling all of the surrounding landscape and buildings.
But I can not figure out if it would be legal to sell such an image to a client.
I've searched the web for hours but I could not find a conclusive answer, especially none relating to archviz in particular. I've read the google permissions and license agreements but I still don't know if I can use the images as long as I attribute google, if I may only use them unaltered, or not use them at all.

Does anyone have any insight or info on this? I don't even know who I should ask.

Pic is an example of an image exported from GE, perfect for photoshopping in a rendering of an archviz project.
Yes, we do it all the time.

Is it your first project? It's essential in architecture to show the surroundings accurately to ensure your design works.
A meme building that works in the open will not always work nestled amongst high-rises.
Many things to consider, most importantly being sunlight.

You shouldn't be 'just' perspective matching. You need to at least boxmodel the surroundings to show off yours properly.
This is equally important for signage visibility.

You wouldn't be 'selling' the image to a client so I don't know what the fuck you are talking about there.
I'm not talking about how to do it, I'm worried about legal issues.

>You wouldn't be 'selling' the image to a client so I don't know what the fuck you are talking about there.

What else am I doing with the image? Selling permission to use it?
>all that matching hassle
>not actually snatching the mesh right out of Google Earth using RenderDoc so you can have the full 3D mesh in your 3D software of choice.

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