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Hi /3/, recently I've examined a lot of facial topology used in games and other projects. Most of models I opened had quads perfectly looped around the mouth and eyes with them becoming denser on parts with creases (e.g. the areas between cheeks and orbicularis oris). It looked like a perfect net that no online tutorials I saw could achieve. There is no way that it was hand modeled or sculpted, I have no idea how they got their topology like this, if anyone knows please help ktnx
>No way that it was hand modeled or sculpted

Yes they are done on the computer you fucking idiot
Isn't that just a smooth shaded manual retopo that has been subdivided a couple times? I don't actually know, just guessing.
>There is no way that it was hand modeled or sculpted

Of course they were done by hand, you sub humunculoid. You're just not good enough to do it yourself.
Never post again.

It actually isn't that hard, anon, if you can model well you can retopo well

The trick with faces is to retopo each main feature separately (eyes, nose, mouth and ears) and join them later. Here are some good videos about it:

https://youtu.be/HbeI3hkYzIY (this one isn't about retopology but you can get the idea)
modeled by hand - duplicating multiple verts and creating faces between them, sculpting - using zbrush, mudbox etc

im genuinely concerned about your intelligence if you cant assume that yourself, your one of those autistic people that has to have every detail explained to them in order to do basic tasks. because of you comprehensible things have to be stated that annoy the rest of the normal population, my best recommendation would be to poison yourself because it doesn't hurt as much as hanging or drowning
I'm genuinely concerned that you too the time to write a serious reply to an obvious shitpost

Blah blah Houdini fucking math nerd suck my dick
it took like 2 mins, people who r like "LoL n000b YOU responded to a St00pid comment now ur time is WASTED" are morons im surprised you kept this open and came back to it
Step 1: Sculpt the character in Zbrush
Step 1.5: If the topology is too high for your pc to handle, use decimation master to reduce it (but keep a copy of the original)
Step 2: Load it into preferred 3d modeling program
Step 3: Manually create vertex over your model and connect them creating loops around eyes and mouth.
Step 4: Subdivide your new topology. Use conform tool to stick the new vertex to the original model.
Step 5: Unwrap UVs
Step 6: Load your manual retopo and the original high poly mesh into substance painter and bake maps.
Step 7: Texture
Step 8: Profit
thank u
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ps made your pussy thanks to everyones help
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What the fuck is even this thread?

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