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I don't have a fucking clue what I'm doing.

I'm trying to import a SFM to Blender. So I used crowbar to decompile and vtfedit to convert the texture files to TGA. Imported the QC file, then all the individual SMD files. Cool. I hardly understand what I just typed. Then after a bunch of wasted time trying to figure out how to get the textures working, I find out I have to go to "Materials" then change the "base color" to image texture, choose the texture. Okay, cool. But the texture doesn't look right at all. (the model has more patterns that aren't showing up) There are also a bunch more textures (see image, "exponent" texture which is lime green for some reason, and "normal" which is blue). The fuck do I do? Thanks in advance
*dabs on shitrippers
learn to model
Yeah your board in-jokes and lingo are gonna be lost on me anon. You should know that.
Importing textures isn't as easy as in sfm, you need to import each different texture file from the bump to the diff as a node for it to look as supposed.

That's mostly all I can help, go watch some shit on how to use node editor in blender and you should be set.

Honestly best bet for your case is seek for the same Pervert ass model in another format like obj or fbx. Try looking at loverslab

Pd: don't coom
dumb coomer
>Pervert ass model
Thanks for the post. But it's just a character model. There's nothing porn related about it.
Well I hope then.

In case you couldn't find shit, I see that your character is named midna, I googled that and found these on https://www.deviantart.com/junk-hoes/art/The-Big-Hyrule-Warriors-Pack-FINALIZED-622333250

From the desc. It seems they have basic rigs and are in mmd format which should be easier to import.

learn to use your tool (blender)
get a handle on the basics.
box model, apply textures/node work, lighting, etc... (do the fucking doughnut tutorial)
Then you'll at least have enough knowlage to understand the tutorials you'll then need to achieve something with that model.

At the moment you know fuck all and are attempting to get through a wall by repeatedly bashing your head on it. As amusing as this is to watch the first time it's fucking boring all the rest.
>The fuck do I do?

Look at models on smutbase, and any guides there.
And a mountain of Blender tutorials/guides/documentation.

You need to learn the tools you are using, and you need to learn to problem solve.

If you just want to make porn, use SFM. Nobody's going to spoonfeed you on your way to making pocket money on Patreon.
>lime green for some reason, and "normal" which is blue
Because sometimes color channels (red, blue, green) are broken into individual monochrome files to be used as a mask for specific data
It's probably a normal map that's been split into RGB and can be recombined using the "CombineRGB" node but sometimes a certain channel might actually be height data or something (as an optimization trick)

TL;DR as others said, learn your software you're a super novice and don't understand anything, honestly you should be hitting the general knowledge tutorials and then come back to importing smut into Blender

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