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>couldn't get /3/ job
>transitioned into web dev
>its so fucking easy in comparison
>make more money
>shortcuts, frameworks and plugins for everything
>it gets even easier
>make MORE money

it's unfair that I'd spend a week grinding a character only for it to not reach perfection like employers want for minimum salary.

webdev on the other hand in a few nights work I can produce something which gives me more money than I need

What kind of studios have you been applying to? That tends to factor their assessment of you.

First world problems.
Worthless faggots like you are why this board is dead.
I am so fucking tired of people just coming here because they want to make money like a little poor fag bitch.

Every other board has the hobbyist mentality to it but not /3/, nooooo, because porn exists, because some people make mega bucks selling and animating with blender and daz...
Fuck. Drawfags aren't close to this bad.
My dream is to coom.
>live off money from webdev
>improve in 3dcg as hobby
>get good enough to get hired in your dream job
I see no fucking problem.
Then be happy and don't cry, fgt. Some of us are brainlets and stuck with 3D.
Is this supposed to be a subtle bragging thread? You just name dropped 3D at one point so you could keep the thread here. This isn't your personal journal.

Fuck off.
>want to make money like a little poor fag bitch.
Yeah, just be rich and buy this overpriced software garbage every year.
Can't use free software, cause you get hated on.
Can't share work unless you want to be insulted.
And don't do money.
People like you are what's killing /3/.
if you want to make money 3D is a terrible way to go about it
Wow, 1st world problems much?
I think it's the same everywhere.
That’s not what people mean when they say that. Sure, the value of web development versus 3d modelling may be universal thing, but pouting about having an easier job that pays you more seems like the person is a bit spoiled.

To OP, just keep practicing 3D and maybe more opportunities to do what you love will come jn the future. Maybe there could even be a job opening that requires both 3D and web development and you could keep a good pay check.
are you doing full stack or just front or back?

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