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File: Caio bastard man.png (57 KB, 392x404)
57 KB
Some shitlord basement-dwelling hacker took over a non-profit Warhammer animation channel redirecting veiwers to a shitty asmr channel.
link nigger
Typical for a blendlet.
How the fuck does that even happen?

They answer an email and download something by clicking a link.
Nice shilling you absolute mongo
File: heretic.png (39 KB, 720x476)
39 KB
even tou the damage is done, the other channel owner claims he has nothing to do with it.
Lol blendlets btfo
>fixado por
>ocultar respostas
BR gonna BR
File: Seller_cunt.jpg (112 KB, 1782x902)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Hey updates on that situation !
Apparently a guy who went bu the name TheRealMicaro got in possession of it, but then the fans would have harassed him so much that he got refunded by the seller,
the seller goes by the name Samuel2000 on


Then an other buyer gave us hope but gave it back to seller

And the announce present at that link disappeared again.

So presumably an other person got its hands on the channel
Who is even remotely in Warhammer anymore?
They've teamed up with Marvel, so it's just a matter of a year or two until space marines are declared toxic and problematic and Slaanesh is considered a good activist, fighting for the visibility of special people.
This is all so retarded. First off why would anyone hack that account? It's borderline dead with four videos of 1-3 mins each in the course of around two years. Also if its non profitable subscribers, views and such shouldn't be a problel then, upload the original videos to another channel, make an announcement and move on with the next episode.

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