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It's coming

What the fuck is USD? Explain.
It's the future anon.

Basically a 3D exchange framework that allows the exchange of 3D Assets, Shaders and other 3D Data
'Universal Scene Description (USD) is open source software designed to make it easier to "interchange and augment arbitrary 3D scenes that may be composed from many elemental assets."'

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"We don't need it, we don't need it, we dont... What?! Everybody else has integrated USD? Uh... Happy Announcement, idiots... uh... consumers. Now you can work without compensation to add a feature to the software you are paying for."

The retarded: "What?! Awesome! Take my free labor AND my money! It's coming!"
What is the difference between USD and glTF?
Stop promoting your fucking shitty products!

We need some fucking janitors to ban these Houdini, Modo and other threads.

KYS shill!
you really think a big corporation like autodesk gives two fucks what a bunch of incomeless NEETS use to play 3d-porno-dollhouse?
take your meds, fuckface.
This is /3/ not /FOSS3/
We can talk about any proprietary and open source software here.
You don't like it, then GTFO.

I agree with
/3/ is becoming more and more a space for companies to push free ads and corporate announcements.
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>REEEEE stop talking about software that isn't Blender REEEEE
File: implied_facepalm.jpg (59 KB, 640x483)
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>REEEEE stop disliking ads. I want companies to tell me what to think. REEEEE
glTF is kinda like open source FBX

USD is like a scene format kinda like .blend, .ma, .max, etc. It lets you share whole scene hierarchies and is also set up so that it can be quickly ingested for rendering or fast viewport display.
Forgot to add: USD does not contain any rigging/evaluation data like joint weighting or constraints, while glTF and FBX do support those.

>Shills for blender
>Gets mad when people shill for software that they torrented and works 1000% better than blender.

Go suck reddit cock elsewhere.
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496 KB GIF
Everything okay at home anon?
Went to Blenderartists.org
After some looking around i found a thread about ZBrush 2020, Houdini 18, Quixel and Cinema 4d.
Nobody seems to have a problem with it.
Went to Foundry. com
There is a giant Blender thread and a lively Houdini thread and they are both always at the top of the list.
One could come to the conclusion that 3D artists like to discuss the tools of the trade....

Noooooo, it's freeeeeeee advertising and corporate astroturfing.
>a thread
Nobody has a problem with "a" thread per software.
This thread could have easily gone into the autodesk general. Instead it's a thread for some random company tweet announcing that they've implemented some feature which their competitors already have.

inb4 "why so butthurt about just one, single thread?"
cause everyone is adding and adding just one, single thread and then just another one, single thread.
Half the threads here are just software bashing, company announcements or shilling.
You also forgot to mention that USD is more than a mere scene format. It's an pipeline tool and can be used for asset management as it allows nondestructive overrides. A bunch of people can all work on the same files simultaneously without messing stuff up.
Also it loads data up to 50x faster than alembic.
but its ok when blendlets do it
No. It's not okay. wtf.
Maybe you are new around here, but usually, when a thread reaches 300 replies people open the next one and link to the previous. That's why you have multiple "Blender General" threads.

The other "blender" threads are mostly these useless "blender sucks blendlets stupid" threads (=software bashing = bad).
Solution. Wipe all threads and rename /3/ to /daz/
Nah. We just need some mods, who remove all "new tweet", "new update", "new feature" threads.
If we were lucky they'd permaban everybody who starts a software war thread and we're golden.
>The other "blender" threads are mostly these useless "blender sucks blendlets stupid" threads
Nah, that's fucking bullshit and you know it. You completely destroy your own point when you spew obviously false crap like that.
Like these for example?

Yeah... I count stuff like "blender can't produce professional results" with a deliberately bad render of some random, simple character a software war thread.
stop whining and pyw, faggot
File: 1562681354122.gif (2.34 MB, 1336x1358)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB GIF
you are an incompetent hypocrite
The first one is literally an anti blender meme i.e. "blender can only do donuts"

The other two are valid points.

Not sure what you mean with "hypocrite", when someone said:
>but its ok when blendlets do it
and I responded with:
>No. It's not okay. wtf.

Not sure why people even believe that someone being against corporate spamming and endless software bashing is somehow for corporate spamming and software bashing coming from a specific source.

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