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Does anyone even use Solidworks in this board or are you all a bunch of horny posers?
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The real posers are those who literally can't shut their fucking ass up about software while getting absolutely nothing done
Never seen anything from these kind of posters besides tutorial level stuff.
But why would I post my professional stuff here? Im simply talking about the lack of discussion about technical 3D CAD. All i see are furfags and horny idiots who watch tutorials and call themselves 3d modellers.
>getting absolutely nothing done
I think you're projecting, furfag.
Most people who take 3D seriously do it for a living. And im not talking about your gay patreon cartoons, do you even know how to model a working can opener?
Watch out guys, we have an industry badass here!
yep I created a few injection molds.
>injection molds
Is that how you call your DIY fleshlights?
I made the the molds for a vibrator too.
because there are not nearly as many people who can do it. i attribute it largely to a lack of available training. there is not a lot of quality tutorials for cheap or free out there that will get you up to production level for programs like solidworks/catia/alias etc.

it's also, in my experience, more difficult, faster paced, and more highly scrutinized work as well. the pay is fantastic, but it can be very stressful work in a production pipeline, doubly so when working with a difficult designer or choppy scan you have to stick to.

the software is also some of the least user friendly 3D software out there, as well as the most expensive. those, in combination with the lack of available training, make it so much more difficult to get into, even at an entry level
Oh look another CAD kiddie feeling superior.
Don't you have a parking lot to design or something?
Come back when you create something with meaning
Stop promoting your fucking shitty products!

We need some fucking janitors to ban these software advertisement threads.

KYS shill!

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