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Anyone know of any online sites similar to Codementor where I can find a coach for online sessions with 3D art and animation? I am prepared to pay.

I'm using 3DS max and there isn't much support for it outside of the designated Autodesk forum, and I hate the stop-and-go workflow whenever I have a question and have to wait a week for an answer.
>whenever I have a question and have to wait a week for an answer
wut. go on polycount, or join some of the discord servers focused on modeling. there may be some specific to max, even. autodesk forums are trash. fuck autodesk too.
Yeah the thing is that I get really paranoid about sharing my meshes online because it's for a speshul proyect, and I feel better sharing it one on one with a trainer than uploading it for everyone if that makes sense.

What do you need to know how to do. There must be a tutorial online.
I'm having issues with editing the envelopes on my mesh. I've searched high and low for a solution but it seems to be a specific problem that I am having, that either hasn't been answered or hasn't been asked before. The one guy that did respond didn't really give me a working solution.
can you show the problem by using a project-unrelated mesh?
Do you have an email or page I can send a message with a link to the file to that would probably be easiest

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