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Anyone here use C4D? I'm coming from an after effects and premiere background. I've been dabbling in blender for a few months but was told that I should be exploring c4d more. Can anyone give me any tips?
A thread died for this
C4d tips:
1. GSG is your best tutorial resource.
2. Pick a third party render engine because even Maxon gave up on theirs.
3. Experiment, the software was built for motion graphics, so it can do some weird shit if you start slapping things together.
whatever you want to do in C4D, there's a tutorial on youtube
Thanks! I really appreciate the advice! GSG seems to be the big guys to follow. What would be a good third party render? Arnold looks nice.
Arnold for photorealism, Redshift for speed. Octane for a e s t h e t i c bullshit.
Any recommendations specifically for NPR? Something that at least has decent customizable cell shading and edge outline options out of the box.
Haven't personally tried it, but from what I heard Arnold has a pretty good toon shader. Some examples: https://docs.arnoldrenderer.com/display/A5AFMUG/Toon
and what about Corona or Radeon?
We use Corona at our office. It's a fairly simple, straight forward engine that works pretty well with its presets. Material creation is pretty simple, it also offers a node based material editor. We don't use that though, because it causes problems with the library.
Speed is good for a CPU engine, the integration in C4D is alright. I personally don't like the fact that they only offer subscriptions, but it's apparently what everyone's doing nowadays..
The Corona forum is recommendable!
whats it like for aimple character animations?

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