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Maya thread, post stuff about maya.

I'm trying to move from blender to maya and it's going pretty well but normally I would use only blender to make everything (uv texturing, sculpting, rigging and animating).

is Maya good enough to do most of those things alone? or I must have tools because maya is only good at certain things and it needs tools for other things.

>inb4 tools matter image
>is Maya good enough to do most of those things alone?
Yes, and most of them (or all) can be done better in Maya than in Blender.

Regardless, there's no need to make a Maya safe space. That's just a Blender thing that no one elsewhere ever asked for. So back with you to the general/wip thread.
Holy fuck that was cringy to read. Big yikes!
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>Wants to talk about Maya
>Posts a gun

Go back to /pol/ with that shit dude. Not everyone here is some evangelist standardlet.

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>Uhh hello?
>Yikes department?
>I'd like to make a report of cringe and oof
>Thanks big guy
Get lost, retard.
Is that a trend in America now?
Sadly it fucking is
XD yikes watch it guy lmao rofl
thanks, I'll be using maya for everything now

UVs and especially rigging and animating are much better in Maya. Maya has always been an animation program first. Everything else is secondary.

Maya doesn't really have much in the way of sculpting. If you want to level up your sculpting you should learn Zbrush. Otherwise you can stick with Blender.

Poly modeling and hard surface is a trickier question. Blender's defaults are better out of the box in terms of raw speed. Maya can be improved quite a lot with plugins and customization. In fact, the second defining characteristic of Maya is its deep scripting ability. You can change nearly everything about the program through scripting.

Get Redshift (extremely high capability, more difficult) or Octane (easy to get good results) if you want to do GPU rendering. Unfortunately Arnold GPU is not very good right now. But you're only rendering still frames and not animations so 20min or so for a render is acceptable, then Arnold is probably the most beautiful and high quality engine on the market right now.
If you have an old version of maya (or new as well) you can still buy plugins like X-Frog for procedurally making plants and trees.

Then there's all the new stuff too like hair, fur, etc.

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