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RIP your job and /3/ job market/freelance
/3/ has become so mainstream, /v/ has started making frequent threads that reach bump limit 400+ replies talking about professional tools like zbrush, mari etc. Interest in vidya and cgi movies is declining and now everyone and their grandma uses zbrush, mari, 3dsmax etc. How are you gonna prepare for homelessnesss?

Here's one of the threads you'll find a bunch more with tons of replies in archives.

I realised that the only thing separating you from everyone else is productivity. It doesn't matter how much access to tools there is. Chinks, Pajeets and Slavs are churning out decent enough models at a consistent basis that they are taking over anyway.
>now everyone and their grandma uses zbrush, mari, 3dsmax etc
Coming form chan fags that can't even use Blunder to it's potential.
Glad I made a career change in 2003. Now I can do 3D for recreation, not because I want to eat the next day.
did you link the wrong thread by accident?
and still no good VR experiences have emerged. Kind of makes you think
File: 1535885169188.jpg (49 KB, 1004x524)
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>Interest in vidya and cgi movies is declining
As long as you cater to the right public at the right time you can stay on top making good bucks anon.
Just think about all the smut that needs to be done asap as soon as a new waifu is released.
Better get on making some thighfucking scenes for Atelier Ryza and make some mad bank on Patreon.
File: 1542940893990.jpg (34 KB, 600x600)
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>Atelier Ryza
damn she hot
coom coom
File: fuckyou.png (714 KB, 888x894)
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Houdini Chads rise up

fuck the /v/lendlets and fuck Maya
>to many people are talking about 3d so we're going to be jobless
Oh god people are gonna talk my job away... Oh wait that's literally impossible, you retarded mongoloid. OP, are you even a 3D artist or are you one of these 30 year old absolute failures who tried every IT job so they could see if they can work at their basement for their whole life? Because you gotta be pretty fucking useless at anything remotely art related if you felt agitated by any works from that thread. Holy shit why am I even asking this, you used some incel weeb shit as your op pic...
File: superior_software.png (412 KB, 485x662)
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Maya and Houdini are best used together
There aren't a finite number of 3D jobs, infact as more people become interested in the field, more job opportunities will arise. Some studios for mainstream cinema and game production have 2 - 3 thousand employees on just one project. The more people in 3D the better. That being said, take your anime avatar and fuck off. Thanks.

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