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Is it just me being a sperg with poor social skills, or are industryfags the most insufferable communities in art? Whenever they're giving feedback, they sprinkle in this smug attitude but not be direct with it. I wouldn't mind so much if they were just to the point and honest or called me a fag directly.

Another gripe I have is how them and the industry in general doesn't encourage interesting ideas or being creative. I don't mean the extremes like feminists shitting paint out of her ass to state some bullshit metephor about psychology; I mean like the healthy balance of making something new, but also keeping the art fundamentals in check, or make something with genuine passion. Everything feels like it has the same bland art style.

I was trying to watch video tutorials like FlippedNormals to learn, and like I said in the first part it was hard to listen to because of the normalfag smugness (as well as general things like not being specific, or padding the video with irrelevant stories). Like I said, I prefer harsh honest criticisms the most but the way these normalfags act passive aggressive is really obnoxious.

Fuck I don't know try to help me sort this through, and hopefully other anons can find something useful out of this. Maybe its my bias against hollywood shilling and the western industry structure in general.
You have to have some level of autism to succeed in this industry.
I'm glad you said it.
This reminds me of how closed-minded the CG communities can be towards new tech, while keeping with some absolute shit workflows like Zbrush Dynamesh for highpoly (horrible banding and other artifacts) or tangent space normal maps for non-deformable props (object space aren't paintable and can't deform but you don't have to play around with the low poly normals, plus they're lighter according to the Polycount Wiki).
I know all papers won't be implemented in DCC software but we're missing out on some pretty cool technology (alternatives to texture mapping, booleans that won't break on coplanar faces, vector textures - just think how smaller games would get, NURBS as a mesh representation that's easily manipulable).
CG education sucks in general too, if you aren't driven to discover things on your own and question inefficient stuff that's still plaguing the 3D even as a hobby, you're bound to make the same cookie-cutter assets.

People being asses doesn't help too. I recall a case of some guy "devaluing" the "How the fuck do I model this?" thread on the Polycount forums just because he disagreed kindly with an industry vet.

also why the fuck does one need to use moi to create assets with workable custom normals? poly modellers break easily while booleaning curved surfaces, in der blendie you need to play around with the data transfer modifier per each panel/surface and it's a pain
File: B04_a.jpg (385 KB, 997x917)
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Pic related is completely right. As are Flipped Normals. How is it any way passive aggressive? Telling someone that autotopo isn't good enough for deforming models is just a fact, it's not an attack on you.

You sound like a butthurt failed artist who is too lzy to learn retopo. Zremesher is NOT enough, autoretopo is NOT good enough. The edgeflow is extremely important for animation, and no autoretopo as of now is going to give you that.
^^^ this guy is right about the retopo stuff. However, I do agree that there are tons of people in the industry on their high horse about how "great" they are. I went to siggraph this year and there were some real assholes, mostly the Pixar people. They immediately act like they're better than you until they hear what you do and suddenly they want to be all nice and friendly and shit
File: 1566626952974.jpg (43 KB, 982x200)
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But the thing is that I completely agree, and I never touched or used any auto-retopo tool seriously; my peeve is that pros act too passive aggressive. Like in the OP pic I posted, he could of ended his whole post without "Anyway. Just being a topo-evangelist ;-) lol", I don't frequent facebook or know normalfag speak but he sounds like an ass.

like I said, maybe I'm just too autismo or paranoid and the guy didn't mean any harm- but I'm so cynical about today's society and how there's no longer a separation of art made for money vs art made for passion; and how bad the sales/income distribution is.
>Like I said, I prefer harsh honest criticisms the most but the way these normalfags act passive aggressive is really obnoxious.
I'm almost sure he would be happy to call you a faggot and give harsh feedback, but he has to uphold the masquerade.
in fact, I think any sane person would prefer harsh and honest criticisms when its really warranted - at least in our(initially) nerdy field.
the problem is "le industry" is currently infested with trigger happy people who DO NOT BELONG HERE and delivering honest feedback is like inviting trouble.
people live in constant fear of being laid off and walk on eggshells around their colleagues.
they have to cover up their real opinions with pointless sugar just so it won't backfire on them.
but humans in general are bad liars, they can't really keep this fake friendly mask always and it slips up in some form of another, that's where this passive aggressiveness comes from.
I treat them as sad victims of their environment.
one might even say, the environment they work in is... highly toxic.
Can you explain what exactly you find insufferable or passive aggressive?

>Anyway just being a topo-evangilist ;-) lol
This is in no way insulting or something. In fact it's intended to reduce the severity of the comment and the comment can be paraphrased as:
"This is a good idea. It's not perfect: Some studios have high standards regarding technical things. To achieve those, you'll have to do more work in the end. But don't let this demoralize you, cause I might be too focused on these specific technical details."

Smiley and lol are meant to coney a friendly, helpful tone instead of serious, cold criticism.
coney -> convey
>Smiley and lol are meant to coney a friendly, helpful tone instead of serious, cold criticism.
it conveys more of a "please don't write a complaint about what I said and ruin my life I am funny helpful guy h-haa".
there is also this part:
>If you were to turn in a ZRemeshed piece of geometry at a big studio, your supervisors would question your knowledge
...meaning of this phrase condense into: "unlike you I work in a big studio, listen what I say and don't question".
possibly not what he wanted to say, but my human nature reads it like this.
you even rephrased it, but the main problem is still present.
while technically being correct, it does not explain why it is correct.
if he did that, pulling big studio card would be unnecessary. consequentially, nice guy card would not be required.
>while technically being correct, it does not explain why it is correct
But he does, just read the rest of the comment: auto retopo -> bad edge flow, issues at rigging and surfacing.

I don't find anything condescending in his comment, and I'm not the only one. It must be a (You) problem -- learn to take technical criticism for what it is, not as a personal attack or an attempt to appear better-than-you.
as someone who used to have similar thoughts when i was younger, i'd encourage you drop that attitude asap.

that comment is neutral, informed and just an assertion of the reality of things.

there are places to question conventional wisdom, but for the most part you should keep your mouth shut and listen to industry professional because they literally do this for thousands of hours every year.
I personally do not find anything wrong with this statement. It did not come off as smug either. Take the advice or move on.

Because normies do not understand what 3D artists do, nor do they care, the professionals have to sing their own phrase in order to get that sweet, sweet, societal approval.

>Another gripe I have is how them and the industry in general doesn't encourage interesting ideas or being creative.

If you need that sweet, sweet societal approval in order to come up with interesting ideas or to be creative then this line of work isn't for you. You sound like the kind of person who goes to medschool because they want respect, money, and a nice car.

>Everything feels like it has the same bland art style.

It's observably not. You just wish to be part of the popular kids' clique therefore you're only watching what the popular kids are doing.

>hollywood shilling

There's no such thing as Hollywood creativity or innovation therefore your worldview is severely skewed which is why you're so confused. The jews just see something that might make them money some day, buy it, then trick others into doing all the work while they reap most of the profits.

For example (((they))) buy scripts en gros not because they see something of value (they can only subvert) but because they're afraid that someone else might own the rights to it.

Look at what happened to Activision. You once had an incredibly popular franchise, CoD, which not only had at some point a russian protagonist in MW but also had you fighting for the liberation of Stalingrad in the first title in the series. Noew it's just subversive crap. This is a shame because a lot of work of a lot of artists went into making that game. Too bad the jews had to ruin it with their bullshit.
One of the problems is that tech is moving so fast now. It takes a long time to truly master a certain technique, and many of the primary programs are very complex and require a lot of effort to master. Then some new program/method comes along and you have to redo all of it, or learn some other thing you're no longer used to.

You tend to get stuck with what you've been used for a long time, refusing to move on. It's dangerous, but also understandable to a degree. It feels like every year there's some new big advancement that requires yet another new piece of complex software etc. Sometimes it feels like you have no time to just work because everything moves so fast. If you try to force against it you just end up as a boomer who clings to his out-dated tech.
yeah, but this has nothing to do with proper mesh topology.
The rules for that haven't changed.

He is right about retopology.
File: bigstudio.jpg (73 KB, 806x454)
73 KB
There is no easier way to become a hater and ruin your life than interpreting bad intent and motivation into everything.
Take the practical knowledge and ignore everything else.
If you are so hung up about the smileys, remember that the commenter might live in some hipster bubble, where you don't say "it sucks" instead you say "This is perfect. I love the way you subvert cultural expectations and use a personal style."

>big studio
Big studios DO have more advanced knowledge.
A big studio employee might be doing just materials all day every day and get send to training courses regularly so he can keep doing materials all day every day.

In a small game studio an artist might be responsible for concept art, modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, game level aesthetics, render post processing, font selection for UI, 2D sprites, creating marketing material and communicating with players.

There is no way the indie game artist with such generalized knowledge can have the in-depth knowledge of a competent, big studio specialist.

pic related: motivated big studio drone, ready for the next crunch month.

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