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so im slow as fuck regarding my pipeline and i need some help to reduce time or work to be able to be profitable.

>concept study and reference gathering: 4 to 5 hours
>blocking in concept in maya and zbrush: 1 to 2 days
>sculpting mid to high poly model: 2 to 3 days
>retopologize decimated mesh: 4 to 5 days
>make uvs: 4 to 8 hours
>detailing high poly with uvs in zbrush: 2 to 3 days
>polypainting base: 1 to 3 days
>exporting painted maps: 2 to 3 hours
>painting in substance painter: 2 to 3 days
>rigging in maya for pose: 3 to 4 days
>lighting and rendering in vray: 1 to 2 days

almost a month to create a ready to animate character.
as you can see i take to much time, and have been trying to get faster but looks like im failing to do it, can you guys gib some tips that dont require mind altering drugs. thanks.
At least you're doing stuff and not sitting on your ass lamenting the days going by.

2nd: So long as the character is done properly, 2 months, 6, a year, doesn't matter as it's a fixed asset once complete within the range of what you'll be using it for.
Once you finish the character i doubt you say "ohh i want that month back~"
No you'll move on, so get shit done and don't mind the time.
If it's realy your work the result is good despite I would like to see the face of the woman and her facial expression.

3D takes a lot of time, it took me couple of days just to model a handgun but my pc it's very old so everything it's 4 times slower.

I think you can speed up some phase but not this one : CONCEPT STUDY.

If you fail this one, all you efforts would be vain.

Despite that I am not advanced enough to provide you good advices.

Share your portfolio if you have one I am curious to see your work.
Def you need to cut down on your retopo time. Are you trying for God teir topology on irrelevant parts of the mesh?

I'm not sure why poly painting is taking you so long when it's also taking you so long in substance.
I'm curious as to what exactly you are doing.
Rigging should be much faster
Thanks [OP]!
>>make uvs: 4 to 8 hours

RizomUV it takes all the pain out of it, I can have a topo change on a model to having new UVs in less than half an hour (that's if the UVs were completely trashed, minor touch ups it's far shorter)
Retopology takes you a full work week. Make better base meshes and don't rely on zbrush so much. Poly painting...why? Totally unnecessary. Just go to substance painter. In fact you should get familiar with substances non destructive workflow and use that. You can make model and UV changes and substance painter rolls with it. Also consider doing high frequency detail in substance painter.

I take two months so that's good. the bottlenecks seem to be the retopologizing. For this I tend to start with a low poly model and work upwards I then might export the second level sub d as the final low mesh. Do you uv the mesh for displacements in zbush. Could you not just try and detail using other methods. Polypainting is destructive I stopped doing it and now I do everything in substance I can even save materials I have used before as a base.
but clients and studios do mind, i just did a mid tier game studio high poly exam where a 2 week limit is set, i barely had a working model at the end with little to no sleep, i literally was sleeping 4 hours the first week just to keep up.
yeah you're probably right and maybe i should increase this one, its pretty hard finding good reference sometimes.
not really, i know i have to keep everything huge at first but i think my issue is lack of knowledge where i end up debating myself if i need to do topology for certain detail, i always end up with to much detail on the mesh.
with the polypainting i try to do an albedo map on zbrush, then paint in some ambient occlusion and high lights. i also export some color, id and masking maps then i go in substance to paint in materials and roughness, i guess i should try and do some smart materials.
hey i just searched for some videos on this app, thanks so much, looks really good, i think i might even buy it.
yeah 8 hours for something organic like monsters :(
then the real reason i do polypainting first is that my computer is not that good and gets really chuggy dealing with substance painter, im still using the 2017 version because when they changed to a new faster engine, my cpu couldn't handle the work load, so i dont "paint" in substance at most i can stamp with some some brushes because the cpu cant handle it.
yeah some models do take that long because of complexity, but as i stated before some studios want 2 week limit.
i started doing uvs on zbrush so i could export a displacement map for vray but in reality i know i need to dable more in to patterns and displacements and stuff. but i haven't found a good tutorial on that yet.
>retopologize decimated mesh: 4 to 5 days
what the actual fuck

>polypainting base: 1 to 3 days
>1 to 3 days
what the actual fuck

>rigging in maya for pose: 3 to 4 days
what the actual fuck
>retopologize decimated mesh: 4 to 5 days
Zbrush does that in 1 hour, with weight painting work and control lines included. UV is also an automatic process. Polypainting comes from the modelling process, its a second step from sculpting and shouldn´t consume more than 3 hours even with a heavily detailed model.
Get your shit together.
so you sculpt with rgb on?
>not really, i know i have to keep everything huge at first but i think my issue is lack of knowledge where i end up debating myself if i need to do topology for certain detail, i always end up with to much detail on the mesh.
>with the polypainting i try to do an albedo map on zbrush, then paint in some ambient occlusion and high lights. i also export some color, id and masking maps then i go in substance to paint in materials and roughness, i guess i should try and do some smart materials.

Is there a reason you don't bake in the AO instead of painting it?
I don't suggest just slapping smart materials all over it but I'm just wondering what it is exactly that's taking so long with the polypaint. Usually if I polypaint it's a very quick blocking out of areas. But again I don't really do any stylized characters for personal projects so maybe that's character dependent for you. If you have SP but are still quite new to it, I'd really really suggest watching some advanced tutorials. It's just so powerful, knowing how to use it well will not only transform your final result to something far above average but also speed things up for you I'm sure.

building rigs and retopo is incredibly time consuming, he's not wrong

What an ignorant fool. Auto-retopo is not a viable solution for animated characters. Like, not at all.
>building rigs
slap on an autorig, an hour or so (Advanced Skeleton)
if it's just for posing and post working is being done in a sculpt environment skinning is quick with a bit of ngSkinTools smooth to make it nicer.
Yes, it is.
You will fix the eyelids and mouth, together with a few minor stuff, but the control lines are there to speed the process up.
Only a moron would spent days in an automated process.

Why autotopo when shrink wrapping a base mesh +relax will give much better results
Takes as much time to set up as all the guide curves, running, rerunning, refining.
01:Concept Mind Internet .XXX 0D 01H 00M >
02:Illustrate Affinity Photoshop .psd 0D 02H 00M >
03:Base Metaseq Maya .obj 0D 08H 00M >
04:Detail Zbrush Mudbox .zpr 0D 04H 00M >
05:Retopo Topogun Maya .tps 0D 08H 00M >
06:UV RizomUV Maya .obj 0D 02H 00M >
07:Texture Substance 3Dcoat .psd 0D 08H 00M >
08:Rig Blender Maya .fbx 0D 01H 00M >
09:Weight Blender Maya .fbx 0D 02H 00M >
10:Animate Blender Maya .fbx 0D 01H 00M >
11:Light Keyshot Arnold .bip 0D 02H 00M >
12:Render Keyshot Arnold .png 1D 00H 00M >
13:Composite Affinity Photoshop .png 0D 04H 00M >
[version: 1.214] Steps:1-9 TOTAL TIME: 36Hours
Have fun sculpting blendshapes on your random zig zag topology you fucking headass. Post your animations
Is this real life?
>08:Rig Blender Maya .fbx 0D 01H 00M >
what? what autorigger do you use?
I think that anon is following this format:
Step# Task Software1 Software2 ExportFormat TimeTaken
>8h base
>8h retopo
>8h substance

aw shit nigga what are you doing? they would throw me if took me that long
File: Capture.png (50 KB, 1598x266)
50 KB
That´s what control lines are for, moron.
They guide the mesh face flux.
Morphs are created by altering the final mesh just fine.
>post animations
you first, jackass.
I don't specialize in 3D, so take my suggestions with that in mind.


Take your first step, pick a random character concept, build first step. Do it slowly and methodically.


Pick another random character design and slowly and methodically do step 1 again.

Keep repeating the step over and over. By doing this, you get used to the parts that are the same in every build.

Once you are bored, or feel satisfied with some progress, move on to step 2.

Do step 2 slowly and methodically for each character, over and over.
Im courious about what you ure saying, ive search youtube but get only poos trying to speak bad english, can you mean elaborate more ok your autoretopo process pls
Not "mine"... Zbrush´s.
Zremesher can follow retopology guidelines and weight paint - more dense mesh around eyes and mouth andother parts, followin a circle, etc. Check out the questions thread and Zbrush tutorials for more info.
you know you might be on to something, i found this video >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kSaJ1b4QZU where danny mac does an auto retopo with some control lines done with polygroup it, but still warns that it might not be suitable for animation, but looks promising, maybe it can bring you one step from having nice topology. was this the point you were making, or can you point me to something more specific?
Instant Meshes might be of interest to you as well:
Dosnt sound bad, i get 1,5 months at my studio for animation ready character.
Made only 6 the entire year. And still i wish i had more time to work on them.

Even simple shit like small simple creatures takes me a bit over a week.

Still, depends on quality, you could slap something together including a simple rig and crappy retopo in 2 days, but it wouldnt exactly stack up to current standards.

Anyway, you seem to take way too long on retopo and rigging.
I spend 2-3 weeks on sculpt 1-2 weeks on texture and a week on retopo,uvs and everything else.
Sometimes i menage to do the retopo in half a day by reusing topo form my other models, i like to import an obj into zbrush, and use its tools to match mesh and project my topo. I also do another topo pass after texturing, cleaning shit up, optimizing, rebaking if needed. Shit i could never bake before is acceptable with some distortions when cut down and i dont have to fix normal map errors by hand.

Overall i want to spend as much time as possible of my time in ether zbrush or texturing, dunno what you can get done in 2 days in zbrush, i can take a shit in that time and not make a complex model with accesories clothing and stuff. I spend 2 days in marvelous if i use it and then i sculpt over the result for twice that time.
I gonna be frank with you guys: eyelids are ALWAYS modelled in max - everything else is in Zbrush.
I rarely have to fix the mouth, tought - funny, that part always cames out right.
Instant Meshes is flat out inferior to Zremesher. there is no reason to use it if your geometry is already loaded in Zbrush.
Look up Zwrap. Make 1 good base mesh with UV's then you can just Zwrap that 1 mesh to any model you want and skip retoping and UVing.
OP I hope you are sitting down because I am about to tell you the secret to 3dcg life.
Are you ready?

I hope so. I really do.

Screw using all these individual specialized programs and whatnot in truth they are all worthless garbage.

The only program, and I fear to call it even that for it is SO much more, that you should ever need is

All your 3D and CG problems are but naught to the great and powerful Zbrush.
Workflow? Time? Reality? Standards? etc.
To the divine Zbrush be it all not a problem.

You may be under the impression that Zbrush was developed by a group of ordinary people but this is just
not reality. In reality those developers where actually created in Zbrush by Zbrush for Zbrush.

Have a problem? Worry not fallible one. Simply seek it of Zbrush. All will become clear.

Having been able to harness a fraction of the power of the great lord Zbrush
And only using the greatness of Zbrush alone,
OP should be able to develop an animation ready 3D character of impeccable standard in under 2 minutes.

To gain the favor and attention of the holy Zbrush
You must live and breathe Zbrush.
You must become Zbrush.
You must name your first child Z and your second child Brush.
You must become the Z in the axis of your life.
The life that Zbrush has so generously and caringly sculpted for you.

OP, meet floor.
You are welcome.

Bow down to the greatest and all-powerful Zbrush. God of all that is 3dcg and life.
All praise cometh and goeth to the divine Brush of Z.

I pray may be it Zbrush find you worthy of bestowment a fragment of a sliver of its power upon you.
Be well OP my you find your way in Zbrush.

Believe in the Zbrush, and the Zbrush will believe in you.
Life is Zbrush, Zbrush is Life.
I am buying, but give solid arguments pls.
File: earthquake.jpg (625 KB, 2100x1259)
625 KB
625 KB JPG
Most unfortunate, Anon.
Over the past hours within my rest did the spirit of the Great Zbrush visit me.
We have come to understand that you are as of yet not ready for the Zbrush.

Buying? Zbrush is not some... THING to be purchased with ill monetary holding.
Solid arguments? TRIVIAL.

You seem to currently lack the proper level of mutual understanding and belief
necessary to channel the AWESOME powers of the Zbrush.

This is NOT something so BASE and MATERIAL. How dare you question the perfection
That is Zbrush by none the less seeking of me SOLID ARGUMENTS of all things??

These are things only Zbrush may deem lay upon you’re understanding.
It is a miraculous relationship between you and Zbrush and ONLY You and Zbrush.

When will you learn?

Repent by renaming your HDD to Zbrush and commit Sudoku in the utmost shame and disgrace.
Perhaps in another lifetime or several, may you have hope in the forgiveness of the Zbrush.

May Zbrush have mercy on you.

Z-speed to your brush, Anon.
Based and sculptpilled
File: OneWithZbrush.jpg (135 KB, 668x446)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Praised be DynaMesh!
File: OnlyRealWorkflow.png (26 KB, 859x263)
26 KB
>Look up Zwrap. Make 1 good base mesh with UV's then you can just Zwrap that 1 mesh to any model you want and skip retoping and UVing.
wrap still requires you to manually do any sensitive areas. it's horrible at hands, feet, ears, and extra terrible at faces. i haven't had it match eyes or ears once. not a single time.
hey, whats that program, a pipeline time counter?
File: 637.gif (881 KB, 350x350)
881 KB
881 KB GIF
ALL HAIL ZBRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This but unironically.
File: Zapproved.jpg (20 KB, 138x173)
20 KB



I've not had problems with any of those.
Spend time getting the mirrored guide numbers in at major landmarks, as the frequency of the sculpt increases so to does the guide numbers,

Take hands for example, target highs and lows make sure to put guide points on tips of fingers. sides of fingers between the fingers.
The more given to the plugin the better it works.
only thing I ever have problems on is doing thin edges so you will need to do a bit of repointing around the eye sockets, at the very worst I might need to delete and redraw a handful of faces with quad draw if it's really got scrunched up.

zwrap, maya quad draw with live surface, back to zbrush for touchups around eyes, add extra edge loops as needed to support topology. before back into zbrush to subdivid and project the high res data back.

takes maybe half a day, certainly faster than complete manual retopo.
File: Zjesus.jpg (171 KB, 590x582)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
File: Zmedicine.jpg (161 KB, 768x511)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
File: F.png (116 KB, 510x287)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
Just something quickly thrown together in notepad for others to replicate/improve.
Intended to try to help gather and illustrate information to help us better help OP,
But it doesn't seem to have caught on. Instead all OP gets is Zbrush Zbrush Zbrush.
Fuck it, I tried. Sorry to have disappointed. Guess I'll just kms.

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