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was a good time, that party on friday was super extravagant. what the hell happened with the questions on the final day though? that round table went off the rails.

No I wasn't there. Give us detailed breakdown of everything that happened tho.
Italy is communist again and will be runover by orcs
That would be a very long post so i'll just give you some highlights.

Most of the talks where essentially "this is what my company made in the last 12 months, cool right?" but there where some very cool talks including a guy named andrew who revealed this: https://www.prometheanai.com currently just for unreal but said it was coming to max.

One hilariously bad presentation by Jakub Cech who made a mini documentary about himself that gave the impression this 20 something year old guy believes he invented arcvis, truly awful and hilariously pretentious.

On the last day some guy asked one of the guys from The Boundary, Henry I believe something along the lines "could you give us your thought on why this one project you did really sucked?" in broken english, completely unrelated to his talk. hilarious.

The end of the conference had a hour long Q&A "round table" that started as just all the presenters discussing the others presented topics, fairly mundane but interesting, then the questions was opened up to the public and some guy in the crowd asked "its really shocking that there are no women on the stage, you guys should try harder to be more gender diverse in the future" you've seen the type before. but out of nowhere the guy passing out the mic, not one of the presenters goes on a huge illegible rant compering things like blind people to women and talking about gay and black people, it was so fucking bad. the presenters tried to kill the conversation but just ended adding more fuel to the fire so this one stupid question took almost the entire hour, most of the crowd is just loosing it at this point and leaving mid talk. But hey venice was nice.

Was it filmed.
there were a lot of cameras, but as for a video not sure. they'd probably not include it. you might find a video of it if you know who went and looked at their personal feed
why were you there?
I went with work. Free trip expenses paid, not going to refuse.

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