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Hey guys
Does anyone know much about designing a plug in for sketchup?
Basically I want something that I can feed a 2D image to (just black and white and all straight lines) and have it trace the lines for me automatically - so I don't have to repeatedly do it.
Thanks for any help,
OG Mudbone
PS does anyone else find it funny that when you get sktchup pro the little man turns into a hipster FAGGOT?
bemp :c
File: derrick.jpg (42 KB, 600x480)
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What? They got rid of Derrick?
Yep, no joke once you become a corporate prick who can afford sketchup pro, Derrick becomes a barista.

How the mighty have fallen,
Is it not possible to import svg/vectors into Sketchup? That seems like an extremely basic thing to have. If so, just convert the images to a vector in something like illustrator and do that. It might come out a bit messy, but it'd be just as messy as if you did your plugin.

If not, depending on how it works, you could just import them into another 3d program and export it in whatever Sketchup uses. Blender for sure can import svg files.
It is possible.

OP can you post an example of the kind of picture you want to import? I have used all for years for work.
If what you want to do is what I think then you don't need a plugin for it.
But you might need pro.
Pro does give more export import options and I think importing a svg is one of them. I'm not home so I can't check.
File: picard_2.png (208 KB, 329x445)
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>Jewgle Kvetchup

Come back when you learned a non-shit CAD tool
File: EXPO_Render_Flat_JPG.jpg (812 KB, 2028x1453)
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>have designed dozens of built projects using only Sketchup, Pencil, Paper & CAD.

lol faggot
That's really nice anon. Do you have more?
File: picard.jpg (187 KB, 640x640)
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Again, come back when you learned a non-shit CAD tool

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