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I just needed to say this and I didn’t know where to post it since I’ve never been on 4chan but my dog passed away tonight and my god I never realized how much he meant to me, I haven’t cried in a couple years and I just could not stop I’m almost crying as I type this out I’ve had to leave my room twice now and go pet his corpse Fuck Jesus fuck I’m crying right now but I never realized how much you remember when you lose something and what you regret not doing I just really needed to say that sorry if this isn’t the right place to post it but I really needed to say it goodnight. I was going to add a photo of him to the post but I couldn’t find onne fuck oh my god fucking shit I can’t discribe how I feel right now just absolutely horrid so fucking disappointed my god Oscar I’m so sorry Rest In Peace You were a Good Boy.
Hes at peace now and would want you to move on anon, maybe go make a model of him in his honor
RIP doggo, but now you can UV unwrap him.

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