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How do I fix the wireframe mode and make it look like in 2.7? Help me Blender cult, you're getting paid for my pleasure so get to work and tell me how.
Also I don't get an outline when selecting stuff, how do I fix that?
Also, how do I see faces, when in texture paint?
I can only see the new horrible wireframe mode and not the faces,
how do I fix this and make it not suck?
Ah, yes. Those are easy to fix, what you need is a rope, a stool, and a strong, load-bearing beam. If you can't find any of that, a belt and shower curtain rod or even a doorknob can work in a pinch.
Hope it helps!
just switch back to the old version, 2.8 is overhyped garbage
File: noose[1].jpg (22 KB, 922x675)
22 KB
Calm down big boy. It's not my fault you and your cult friends who worked on 2.8 are complete morons.
In 2.7 you would eventually find what you were looking for.
Now everything is invisible so I spent my time googleing because stupid ass art school morons like you decided that everything should be like that.
This will just create a massive learning gap for the newcomers and you don't even know the half of it.
Why not just kill yourself?
>no u
Great comeback, retard.
Blender 2.8 is the best software I ever used. It's new sleak design and all purpose built menu structure is one to touch the taste buds of user from all ages and backgrounds. It is truly a masterpiece of software design and architecture leaving no words to describe, only experiences to be had.

How is that for a comeback, you asswipe momma's boy incest piece of bull testicles?
Do you gurgle BlenderGuru testicles daily or weekly?
Calm down blendie, I don't even use blender.
i want to like blender but 2.8 is hard to get into and I'm used to maya shortcuts..... I lost my maya subscription so I just pirated LT instead of learning 2.8.....
Why don't you get an education license for Maya?
>pirated Maya LT
If you are already pirating, why not the full version?
I had an education license for Maya but it expired, I've been out of school for a year so I'd have to call them. I have no idea if they can renew my license or not.
I shouldnt have said pirate, I downloaded the trial and what I mean is I'm going to keep doing the trial with dummy emails and cheat the system.

I really should just learn blender but I don't want to relearn everything I already know in Maya, and most blender tutorial videos are either painfully slow or way too fast.
>I have no idea if they can renew my license or not.
Just make a new education account with a different email, and you'll have another three years of Maya. Autodesk doesn't care.

>Pre 2.8 Blender
>WAAAH The fucking UI sucks balls, it's not my fault, it's just a fuckin uncompatible piece of shit with horrendous fucking learning cuve!!
>2.8 Blender with redesigned UI
>WAAAAH How do I fix all of this shit, It's not my fault, it's the fucking cult of moron art majors fucking everything up!!

Happy blending, motherfucker
Only mongoloids with room temperature IQ complained about the UI before 2.8
Pre 2.8 UI complainers could probably say the same about you. And they'd be right, because you're both in the same tier. You're just a part of the same unsatisfied buzz as them, complaining about shit that doesn't even matter. Serious user would be more concerned about the stock render fireflies or rigging pipeline, while you're going on a crusade against fucking aesthetics of wireframe or select outline.
>complaining about shit that doesn't even matter
Pretty sure it matters to the dev team, seeing the amount of publicity they gave to the new UI and all the efforts behind it.
>Oh no, look at this wireframe! This completely destroys our workflow! Sorry boys, I'm gonna have to scrap the project and close the company, we're into too much risk now!
Yeah it doesn't matter because I'm just going to stick with 2.7 lmao

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