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>freelance job
>100 applicants
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Okay, I'm just going to put it out there because I was in a similar position before many years ago when I was still a freshie; Yes, there is obvious competition out there who are trying to get a job like you, especially made obvious if you just finished your course and are now looking for the job, just like everyone else in your batch. But just remember that as long as you're not an entitled dipshit or complete imbecile, you have as much chance as anyone else at getting the job, especially if the bare minimum technical ability is generally already achieved (the industry, cares more about potential and learning capability more than raw skill if the minimum criteria is met, and yes this especially goes for sweatshop studios too since they just need manpower).

There will be people who are all around worse than you in both skill and personality that could get the job if you don't apply, so just apply anyways. This is of course, assuming you're not absolute garbage.
I just realised OP said freelance. If you're freelancing within the industry my previous post is still valid. If not, meaning clients outside the 3D, vidya, or even advertising; good luck, especially if they're not aesthetically conscious. They're always a mixed bag ranging from cool chill clients that know what they want with reasonable expectations, to absolute shitshow self-contradicting imbeciles who blame you for not being able to read their mind or to do what is way beyond the budget.

Also, if you're on some freelancer website, you will be outpriced by people who do trash work for cheap, obviously; but if you get a feeling the client actually wants real work done, they more often than not will look more at good promising work and consider them more than the cheap and trash work. Always charge what you honestly expect and don't let the low offers sway that. Clients that want real work rather pay for a competent artist at a reasonable price than garbage at a 1/4 of it.
Thank you, I will take your advice. It seems so hopeless going on any freelance website and seeing 100s of people competing for every single job. But I agree quality beats high quantity garbage.
>only 100
Lucky fuck
yeah 100 applicants but usually 99 of them are garbage. just get gud

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