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Hey /3 I would like to ask a quick question to you all. Whats the best texturing method for you ? Im in search for the quickest way to make good textures with as few other software as possible.

My main problem that I can make good 3d models quick but texturing them is always a slow process for me. Can anyone share me his supefast workflow?
Why do you do this please answer me i cant take this anymore its just breaking my heart and eating me up from the inside out, why? Why? This is just too much enough is enough tell me why you do this
Use substance painter if you want speed + quality. The work flow couldn't be simpler.
Create your model, unwrap it, export obj to substance with high poly to bake if relevant, texture in SP, export the maps then plug them in inside blender.

Blenders bdsf is quite powerful on its own, but you gotta knows what you are doing and has a higher learning curve than SP to get close the the same quality and it will never be as fast.

If you want stylized, consider just texture painting in blender.
My favourite workflow is importing my UV-mapped model to ZBrush, increase the poly count, polypaint it, project it onto the UV map, export the UV map into Photoshop, and paint everything else and add texture there. Then bake in Blender.
>If you want stylized, consider just texture painting in blender.
not that guy
Is it good enough for hand painting? Last time I checked it didn't even have layers
Solid UV's that compliment whatever is going to be the final texture - RizomUV cannot be beat.
Substance Painter: painting masks/applying layered texture.
Designer if something bespoke is required.
Export masks, and whatever texture cannot easily be built in the shader itself.
Build shader node network utilizing all the above.
get used to building in the node editor with masks, alterations are quicker than having to open up substance and render out a sequence of 4K/8K textures again, then apply it back in the modeling app.
It has most of the same features but you have to use nodes, theres a $30 plugin that organizes a lot of those features into a couple nodes though.
Blender also natively supports cross UDIM painting, something substance STILL doesnt have. The painting itself still has a problem though where the paint doesnt wrap around edges occluded by the camera so sometimes you'll get artifacts when painting heavily creased areas or if you're not paying attention.
>ortho view
>uv project
>export layout
>paint in krita
>repeat for other views
>export that whole shit and clean up some seams.
Or unwrap the whole model with good seams which might require practice.
Or just go for solid-color materials, make up for it with good models.

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