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When I'm collecting reference images for my next project, I'm usually wasting lots of time on google images/pinterest/blueprint pages etc. just to end up with mediocre reference images (blurry, too small, wrong version of the object). Is there maybe some sort of website with hq reference images for hardsurface objects? I already found something like this for human posing. Don't matter if it costs something.

Where do you guys find proper reference images?
that's how I currently do it. It takes a shitton of time to find references which aren't even that good. There has to be a more efficient way
Google and pinterest usually suffice, it's more a game about finding out the correct search terms to find pictures
or figure out situations that are likely to depict the aspect of something that you are attempting to find.

Lot's of time one simply lack the terminology to find what you search so it's helpful to do some research into the vocabulary connected
to the thing you are interested in since people 'in the know' who document it will often use specific names and tags to mark images that an outsider would never know to look for.

Like for example the difference of searching for 'medieval neckguard' vs doing a search for 'bevor'.
you're right, I really could improve my terminology..thanks for the hint!

3dsk or environment-textures.com
Pinterest, then Bing cuz Google images has actually gone to shit with censorship. Also artstation to see if anyone has done the model before and how they pulled it off
>blurry, too small,

FFS lern2google.
Tools, Size, Large
I've had to convert webp or whatever to jpg way fucking more than should ever be needed lately. I only have that shit happen with Google. And it's only started happening this year. It's fucking retarded.

In any case like >>701419 said,
Artstation has been pretty helpful to supplement real references. Especially when texturing. It's good to see how it's been done already, and where you can pick up and improve.
Other than that, Pinterest like everyone else. I honestly used to think it was for girls who want to save a bunch of those "live laugh love" type shit, so I avoided it for the longest time. Now I use it a ton for references. Most of it sucks, but sometimes you get images you need, though sometimes you have to go to the source.

One that I haven't seen in this thread is Flickr. I use it a TON. Most people just use it as an image dump, so you have a ton of photos at full quality straight from the camera (sometimes 4k and up). Searches are a little touchy, but you can get by well enough if you know what to search for. You might get lucky too if that same person spent a day out and took a bunch of photos of similar stuff, so you wouldn't really see that unless you went through their photos manually. But it's a huge wealth of images going back all the way to like 2005 or some shit, so there's a fuck ton there if you look hard enough. Pay attention for any groups too if you're looking for specific stuff.

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