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Anyone here works in Houdini? I work in c4d and xparticles, realflow, FD, but im thinking about trying Houdini because of simulations. Is it possible for mathlet to learn it? Also i never coded in my life and that python window scares me

Why would you wanna spend time learning particle simulations and programmer art if you're not into maths and programming?

Not asking to be a dick, just seems like a poor investment of your time since your skills will become outdated once the software switches if you're not into motion graphics on a more conceptual level.
Well generally speaking python is pretty beginners friendly so if you're motivated everything is possible.

You should be aware that the python you use outside of Houdini is exactly the same as inside it so you're better of learning python in general.

The udemy masterclass is a excellent way to do so, but there are also alot of free tutorials on the web.

First and foremost you should consider what you want to achieve and choose you 3d software according to that, houdini makes not alot of sense if you're creating alot of characters/organic stuff on the other side its excellent for VFX.

Autodesk is also stepping up their game recently so you could also consider that.
Thats why i mentioned XP, RF or FD. Its pretty easy and fun to make shit in these but im not sure how far i can got withouth math or programing in Houdini

Also i make my living with motion graphics, just thinking to push my skills further in my free time
As for understanding it in my experience you will grasp a hell of a lot more math if you get to do something with that maths that's interesting to you.
I personally struggled to pass maths in highschool because I can't focus at all at things that bore me, however after my formal education and getting into unity and physics as a hobbyist
I managed to pick up a lot of univeristy level calculus on my own over the course of a year or two.
Going back and looking at the math I once struggled with in my teens and early twenties is like ABC 123 type stuff for me now.
Well practical math to make shit is alot different from theoretical math that you have during your traditional education
Traditional education is a lot like 'shut up and do as your told'. There is so much focus on applying the mechanics and blindly memorizing steps and so little effort put into actually understanding it.
School taught me to really despise maths, but turns out it wasn't the subject i hated at all, just the way I was forced to approach it.

I feel this is prob the case for scores of more aesthetic/creative types out there, only they never come across any reason to give it another go.

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