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critique my socks but more importantly why are these so complicated to do in MD
my patterns a mess cos i was fiddling endlessly, i copied various patterns etc

>inb4 just use the mesh and extrude

im trying to learn MD and am doing a whole suit in MD so i preferred to keep them the same more but this was excruciating
Marvelous Designer is intended for more lose fitting clothes and making folds no? If you're doing skin tight stuff isn't it better if you just model/sculpt it so you can place the folds exactly where you need?

A sock fitting around a foot and toes is stretched under tension in tiny local clusters, It's a very messy thing to attempt to simulate.
Yeh in the future I will do that.. I just wanted it to be consistent. I suppose I will retopo anyway so I can do it there.

Any good stockings/leggings/sock sculpt videos around?
For skintight shit I just make it elastic as fuck and that usually irons out the loose bits. Sometimes I'll make the material rubber if that's not enough.
What sort of benefits do you get by using MD instead of copies of the base mesh for skintight clothes? I tried it once but I'm not sure it's worth the effort.
Could be for simulation purposes, if your doing more than one item and you want to simulate them all at once, its probably gonna save you time in the longrun if you just do it all in MD.
Also some clothing items may have skintight bits and loose bits mixed in..
But, you are right for the most part i think, if its just a single skin tight asset its probably better to use the base mesh and model/sculpt it.
For OP, check out this video and heres the links for the people who dun wanna watch it.


1 - Pinterest (Personal Favorite) 0:27


3 - Mood Fabrics/Sewciety 6:17

4 - So Sew Easy 7:21

5- Instagram - Andrea Lopez 8:39

6 - Historical Costumes (costumingdiary) 10:38

7- 83,500 Vintage Sewing Patterns 12:05
Is this the power of the almighty industry modelling softwares?
3d cloth weaving software isn't really meant for hobbyist. they're meant for people for designing real clothing. which is why software like opitex or clo3d are expensive and vsticher can't be bought at all.
MD is used now in pipelines for games but it wasn't originally designed for it nor was it optimized for such. It's a really powerful tool though for realistic cloth weaving.
You can say just sculpt it bro but if your doing real clothing, starting with an accurate pattern created in MD then adding extra detail then retopoing is an invaluable tool.

There's also the ability to reuse complicated clothing items on different characters with absolute ease because of the way you use the patterns.
To do the equivalent in another software your pushing, stretching and CooMing on verticies for literal hours to get some kinda jacket to fit nicely on a different character.
Why? Seriously why are you doing this? For one it doesn't actually look like a sock, you also have self intersections all over the place. You would have been better off making this with retopo tools.
>Implying I won't retopo after anyway
Op is just shit then? Giving a good program a bad name?
Not really. He's clearly learning but as everyone has said, doing something like socks is a difficult and tedius process in MD compared to just using be base mesh to model them.

I personally use Marvelous for 50% of a character and do some custom folds myself. Pants is a big one but I tend to do boots and gloves myself as it's shit at them.
Never used it, but I've seen socks and used them before. The seam choice is very strange.
Modern socks are not made of cutout pieces of fabric like typical garments, they're woven by the machines to actually have a built in angles to the fabric.
Or not woven but knitted rather.
Op here, my patterns started off more uniform but it took a lot of tweaking to get something that fits.

I'd love to see a pattern for socks that just works in MD cos this was a waste of time. Too fidly for poor results.

Unironically I think it would be better if I turned my model upside down and did it
Maybe I'm remembering incorrectly, but I swear you can reverse gravity in MD. No need to invert the model
There's a thread for this
File: SOCK.jpg (341 KB, 1936x1991)
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Tube socks are a single piece of fabric sown into a "tube" with the end sown shut. There really isn't much of a visible seam on modern socks except for the seam at the tip of the toes, on cheaper socks. Other than that it's all fabric and elactics giving the shape and looks.

Pic related, some sock I grabbed from a model and unwrapped
File: sok.jpg (92 KB, 512x512)
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Another done by a game studio
Neck yourself faggot this has brought up fine discussion about MD
File: darts1.jpg (107 KB, 1491x1538)
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Since this is the only MD thread I could find.

Anyone have any experience on dealing with darts when trying to retopo MD imports?
As you can see here, iv opted to go for using a single vert at the tip, because after i deform it in place i will just merge them together, but can anyone offer tips for this?
am i on the right track, at least?
Yeah, that's the right approach. Darts are sewn close, so basically you want them to disappear in the sim'd mesh.

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