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Has anyone here used Gravity Sketch? If so what are your thoughts and impressions? I know it's a niche software but just testing my luck.

>Artwork related
That's absolute trash modeling. Are you trolling?
I've only seen people using it for concepting on Instagram (which, I'm assuming you have too which is why you're asking).
I've got a Vive and have tried to do the 3d concepting thing on there, but I can tell you it's neither faster, nor better than just drawing something.
The whole point of doing all that is to get something down for your mind to associate with and keep consistent to. If you're going as far as to put something down on concept, you already have a decent idea in your head about how everything is supposed to look. Drawing it or doing it in 3d is just a good way to keep it in your head and have it as a physical thing.

Don't get me wrong, it's fun to play around with but that's about it. You're not going to have something finished from the program that doesn't essentially require re-making everything from scratch in a proper program. Not to mention it's a fair bit slower than just drawing something.
I'll admit though, if something like Zbrush found out how to work in VR without shitting the bed, that'd be something.
Yeah I view it as a VR equivalent to ZBrush, and I've seen a workflow that involves taking the models into either modo or Alias Speedform to refine the surfaces and have it be a presentable model.

I've used ZBrush and it's simply not the most intuitive program. I'm much quicker at getting an idea out in 3D with GS.

Is the modelling really trash as mentioned above to you btw?

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