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File: lotsa bones about it.png (184 KB, 800x500)
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Here's what I did, step by step:

>downloaded a heartless model from Kingdom Hearts off of Models-Resource
>imported the rigged .dae file into blender.
>manually applied to the texture (that worked fine)
>exported the the model as a .dae file
>loaded the new model into daz3d

The model loads and is both textured and rigged. The problem is that the bone / joint placement is completely fucked up. I don't know if this is this particular model's fault or something I did wrong. Any help as to how to fix this situation would be appreciated.
Why the fuck would you port shit into Daz?
Because I find daz to be easy to use and I'd rather use that for rendering still images than blender.
Link file I'll check it for you
You unironically might have better luck if you put it in a t-pose in blender, delete all the armature and put it in mixamo to rig it then bring that into Daz.
Daz likes mixamo.

That's.my advice having no idea how the model is rigged or what changes you may have made in blender or knowingn all you import export settings

There's many tutorials from going blender to mixamo and many tutorials going mixamo to Daz also so,if you follow thatworkflow you might find it easier
I use the .dae file for the default shadow (as opposed to the Halloween Town or Timeless River variants) as well as the equivalent texture. I say that just to reiterate that the model looks as its supposed to, the problem is just with the rigging.
As for the mixamo idea, I'll try that but I'm familiar with that program nor rigging things manually. I gotta run some errands so I can't do anything at this moment. If find any luck with the model (or other ones from the site) then let me know and thanks for the help.
*not familiar
you know what I mean
Mixamo isn't a program, it's just an autorigger via website from.adobe. it's all free an perfect for this kinda stuff if you have no knowledge on rigging yourself or just want some quick animation's
You upload your model, it will rig it, then you download their fbx with whatever animations you want.
But it's good with custom models into daz because Daz can be really finicky, but it reads mixamo fbx's great.
File: my beautiful baby boy.png (203 KB, 728x550)
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203 KB PNG
I tried it and... welp.
File: non-fucked shadow.png (69 KB, 300x460)
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And the thing is, he looked fine on the site. What happened to him?
>What happened to him?
Blender happened.
But I imported him straight from mixamo to daz3d.
The effect of Blender is not usually to be found on the model, but on its soul. It's slowly, but surely destroyed, bit by bit, every time it goes again through Blender. This is why you don't want Blender in your pipeline; although you might be tempted to use it in a pinch for some small change, it will corrupt your assets, and endanger your business, your own sanity, and even the safety of your family.
But I must use it this time! For you see, I can't put models directly from Models-Resource into DAZ3D; they simply do not work! Sure, .obj models work, but they're static and unmovable. If I want something with moving parts, like a character or a heartless from Kingdom Hearts (just as a random example cough cough), then I need to have a working rigged model. I've tried putting .dae files directly from from MR into daz, and they end up similar to >>699472 or the mesh is intact but the skeleton is elsewhere and not affecting the model's skin when moved. The closest I've gotten to getting a model with moving parts working from MR into daz was >>699450. That was at least usable, it was just janky enough to be nigh unusable. I hope I can do better than nigh unusable, but I might just have to either hope different models work better or find a different way to rig this one.
Someone should make a repository for daz3d friendly models from Models Resource.
File: 129475b.jpg (13 KB, 243x109)
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In case you didn't know: You are not supposed to import rigs into Studio, you're supposed to do your rigs inside it.
Studio does not work with rigs made outside of it.
How do I do that? I'm not very bright with these sorts of things.
is the skeleton exploded in mixamo? when the rigger says "left elbow" they mean left relative to you, not the model.

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