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I find the old 3D (like in Myst for example) really nice and comfy. I know it looks this way because of the hardware/software limitations of the time. How one would replicate this aesthetic using modern tools ?
Use the search. We have a number of threads on this topic.
By observation and imitation?
Make some low poly shit,
use basic shading like phong,
export at 240x320 pixels,
save as a 256 color .gif.

There ya go OP.
Ok I've found another related thread
I don’t know, but good luck..
I loved Myst and Riven
Yeah it's like I love the style of alot of old Ps1 games, I'm glad that some games like devil daggers are bringing this art style back to life. Like a "Neo PS1" style.
low polys, no antialiasing, hard shadows, small textures with no resampling etc.
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For real time, yes. OP asked about the pre rendered stuff i.e. Myst and so on.

For stills I always used high AA back in the day and the highest shadow map resolution I could get away with. When image maps were used as textures I also looked for the best sources (commercial texture collection CDs).
Use Strata Vision 3d just like they did with Myst. Or Softimage 3D with Mental Ray used for Riven.
File: Softimage3D-3.7-NT.png (41 KB, 1024x768)
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Earlier StrataVision 3D versions need Classic Mac OS. The new Strata 3D is very different in how its output looks.

SI|3D is slightly buggy on anything beyond NT4.0 or 2K. Mental Ray even more so, it will crash most of the time even on XP.
I still have an 20+ years old installation on my old workstation, working flawlessly.

It's more stress free to learn how to mimic these old looks in your current gen tools.
Low poly.

No. Nurbs. You use nurbs like a champ.
Did you know that early versions of Alias and Softimage had no polygon modeling tools at all? Only NURBS curves and surfaces.
Is there a game engine that supports NURBS? I think not. All game engines are polygon only and thats why NURBS amlost died out except in Car design like AliasStudio and son on.
It's simply not needed for something like games. NURBS have their place in areas where precision and repeatability/reproducibility is essential, like automotive/industrial/product design.

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