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I just installed blender 2.8 and have no idea what the fuck im doing, i managed to make this creeper ass looking peice of shit. Can yall link me some tutorials so i can not be as shitty with blender?
>(rotated) phone photo to take a screenshot
>wants spoonfeeding
You've reached zoomer levels that shouldn't be possible
I don't even know you but I want you to know I hate you and everything about you.
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A thread died for this.
Kill yourself and never come back to this board
i jump back to 2.49b- the only thing it cant do is penicil and toon lines not so great. can just jump to later build for those- going back will loose face surfaces! dumb ass reactor particles never got replaced during 2.5+ and now 2.8 killed the game engine! they're chucking out the fun toys and turning it into a corporate soft- maybe it will turn out best for commercial stuff but sad its reducing its bag of tricks to get there.
Great work, keep it up, proud of you.
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Yeah a duplicate blender general with two more blender threads to go. Sorry for your loss.
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Hey guys so to not make a new thread I usually draw and I'm trying to learn blender for bases for digital paintings. so I'm used to sketchup and there you have a very simple rectangle modelling tool, I'm trying to figure out how to do it in blender.
Like just simple selection on a cube, extend that out, that sort of thing. Like building greyboxes. if you could point me somewhere that'd be nice, thank you (i already learned basic controls)

pic related is what I'm looking for

Just fucking read the sticky. Go on youtube, cgpeers, whatever the fuck. Just don't start a thread for this type of bullshit.
Literally the best thread right now

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